16 Interesting Facts About April Fool’s Day

The all fools day, I mean the April fool’s day is the most light-hearted day of the year. How could it not be, it is all about making fool of the people we love and making them look stupid with practical jokes. The best part is nobody is offended. It certainly celebrates foolishness. But when, where and how it all started? Let’s hunt some interesting facts about April fool’s Day.


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1. When did it start?

As much as we love to celebrate Fools day, we donno when and how it got started! There are several theories but none of them is a perfect or confirmed one. If human were that perfect, we would not have a fool’s day right? 😉
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2. Fools are the ones who donno about calendar change!

calendarThe most famous of all the theories is that, it got into our lives when Pope changed the calendar in France according to the Roman one. The people who knew nothing about the change continued celebrating New Year’s start on April 1st and the ones who knew about it started calling them fools and thus started April Fool’s Day! So if the ancient days had strong communication system like us and if Pope announced the change in a news channel, maybe we wouldn’t be able to fool our friends today!
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3. Celebration of laughter or celebration by making fools?

Laughing KidOther beliefs say that it came as a day of laughter and celebrating life by throwing away bad thoughts! Well this seems to be a good explanation but the foolish part of me is more convinced by the first one. Hee Hee!
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4. April Fishhh!

April Fool Fish prankThe most famous prank by the French, the originators of Fool’s day is to stick a paper fish on someone’s body without their knowledge and shouting “April Fish” if they didn’t notice. Sounds so childish and exciting and fun right?? These French people know how to make people look stupid!
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5. Too ancient to track!

When do you think the first Fool’s day got celebrated? I bet you cannot guess how long the roots of it run! The record of the first Fool’s day was found out to be in 1392, which means that the celebrations might have started then or before that! Wow!!
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6. Wicked sense of humor? Learn from the older times!

According to Scotland history, they used to call the April fool’s Day as ‘Hunt the Gowk Day’. Gawk means a fool. A person is sent to deliver a message to another by someone who wanna fool the messenger. The message used to convey the receiver to send another similar message to someone else by the foolish messenger. The game used to continue until the messenger realized that he is being fooled. Ohh! These ancient people definitely had a wicked sense of humor!
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7. BBC, you nailed it!

jumpIn 1976, BBC announced that on that day the gravity of earth would be reduced by a certain level and whoever jumped in the air would lightly float in the air! People who hadn’t noticed the date might have jumped to realize that mother earth cannot lose its attraction (okay, may be at the cost of their bones or teeth, but still!), not to mention the fact to check the date when such weird statements hit news:-P.
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8. Limited fun!


In some counties, the pranks should be played only until noon! Why so many limits to fun, I would never get!
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9. Again, nailed it!

penguinIn 2008, BBC again telecasted news saying penguins in Antarctica started flying. It’s not just that! It said that those penguins had flown to South America’s tropical rainforests. Dear BBC we love your sense of humor baby, but there is a limit!
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10. Tow APD’s!!! Yayyy!!!

Kick meIn Scotland, people celebrate two days as fools’ days! The second is called “Taily day”, in which people play pranks only using one’s back part. That is they stick papers saying, “Kick me” and so on to one’s back and enjoy! This drama is endless, isn’t it?
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11. A trip to mars!

A travel site once announced on April first that it’s offering a trip to mars for a certain period! A trip to the angry red planet is appealing but the announcement date would have been checked if not the authenticity!
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12. Tragic Fools day in history!

In 1945, the weather broadcast department announced a tsunami in Pacific island on April first and since the many thought that it was a prank, they didn’t mind the announcement and what to say next? The big tragedy hit!!
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13. Royal fool’s day!

royal familyThe Korean royal family is allowed to lie and play pranks on April first! Only April first? OMG!!!
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14. Fools mail!

Gmail logoGoogle launched Gmail on the eve of April fool’s day and everyone thought that it was a prank due to its unbelievably good features! But the company really launched the mail king of today!
Source: ibtimes.com, image: wikimedia.org

15. Non-April-First fool’s days!

april fools dayIn many traditions, people do not follow the fool’s day on the first of April, but they do follow it on a different day! What’s in the date? Fun and fooling is the flavor!!
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16. Flour-Throwing-Day!

flour eggs throwing festivalIn some countries, people throw flour on each other as the part of festivities! Quite messy fool’s day, I say! But still sounds a lot of fun!
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