17 Interesting Facts About Bananas

One of our team mate is fond of bananas. So, before writing about bananas, we thought why not we take her logic of liking this very fruit. Besides taste she said it is easy to eat. She doesn’t have to work like cutting or peeling to eat it. Phew! We asked her for some more reasons but she was blank. However we can not ignore her point. Banana has this feature of convenience.
Apart from this, umpteen researches on banana already proved its healthful benefits. Well…here at Oh fact we entirely agree after carrying ourselves on intensive study about this fruit. We positively hope this would be a real exposure for you. And if you have some doubts or more inclusions to do, please do share! So here are some interesting facts about bananas.


1. Bananas are Radioactive

Don’t believe us? Let us tell you. Bananas contain relatively high amounts of Potassium and that too of a specific kind i.e Potassium-40 said to be radioactive isotope of Potassium. This point is not to scare you but get you aware about the in numerous debates taking place the world over. Debates concluded positively by saying the radioactivity in bananas is negligible and that can not even compete with the radioactivity present in our body.
So, keep enjoying bananas without any fear.
Source: boingboing.net

2. Bananas are Berries

Fruit SaladYou are used to calling it a fruit but it is a berry not a fruit. You must be feeling addled…. right? But, it is true. Scientifically berries are those that are formed by flower having one ovary and one seed and fruits are those that are formed by flowers having multiple ovaries and multiple seeds. The statement above placed confidence for the bananas to be called as berries.
Source: alumni.stanford.edu, image: wikimedia.org

3. ‘Tree’ here is misplaced

banyan treeLike bananas are berries, their trees are not trees but are known as herb in botanical language. To update you about this, we would like to tell you what herb is. A herb is a plant whose stem is without wood and a tree is having stem of wood. Therefore, banana tree is not tree but a banana herb. By heart this and let people flatter towards your knowledge.
Source: museumvictoris.com.au

4. Banana Republic

Once Central American economy was dependent majorly on this crop. So, the US fruit companies became the major driving force of the country’s government leading to favoritism for the tycoons in banana fruit industry. And obviously because of the very reason, government there started to be named as Banana Republic.
Source: qi.com

5. Rich Source of Water


Don’t get mislead by its texture and feel. Banana is in fact a rich source of water. So, it is helpful in maintaining water content of the body and make you feel full without gaining weight. According to a research, it is constituted of about 75% water.
Source: www2.ca.uky.edu

6. Banana-rich Country

bananasIndians are largest producers of banana followed by Ugandans and Chinese. Moreover, Indians are leading by a significant difference in production quantity in comparison to its peers. Consumption wise, Sweden is the largest consumer of bananas and now for many years, import demand of bananas has rose multitude of times in US also.
Source: whichcountry.co

7. Bananas for Kids

banana healthyBanana makes a yummy and healthy snack for your kids. This one is for you mothers who are always at their front fighting with their kids’ unpredictable temper tantrums. You can make one meal of your child perfect that appeals his taste and satisfies your wish to feed him healthy meal. It keeps your kid balanced with nutrients and vitamins.
Source: theprescriptionshop.org

8. Mood Booster

despairOh! You are feeling depressed and strained. Don’t you worry and take medications but take a banana, a natural mood booster. Depressed people are said to be low on Serotonin and bananas are a moderate source of Serotonin, amino acid, and Vitamin B6. Serotonin is synthesized in blood to reach brain with the help of Vitamin B6. Thus, banana provides material as well as tool to transform it in the human body to root out depression.
Source: todayifoundout.com


9. Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony of Banana was held by Arabs. Banana comes from word ‘Banan’ that is an Arabic word meaning finger. And of course you would also agree, they have given it a thoughtful name as the fruit resembles a finger and the bunch of fruits represent a hand.
Source: bananalink.org.uk

10. Amazing Skin

peeled bananaYou will just wow it coz’ you never knew! Apart from headache buster, banana peel is useful as repellent for itching caused due to bug biting, tight wrinkle free facial skin, and reliever of pain caused due to burns and scrapes.
Source: bitrebels.com, image: wikimedia.org

11. Most Popular Fruit

fruitsYou bet! Banana is the third most popular fruit in the world after apples and oranges. And in America, average Americans eat more bananas than apples or oranges. An American munches on around 25 pounds of banana per year that is more than apples which comes to around 16 pounds eaten on an average by an American.
Source: healthyeating.sfgate.com

12. Natural Healer


Richness of nutrients and vitamins in banana make it a natural healer in various kinds of body ailments. Monkeys know it and now you too. Heee…. ☻. It is one good digestive fruit and as immunity becomes weak during sickness, it boosts immunity also. It relieves of morning sickness and is a good stabilizer of blood sugar as well as blood pressure. So, before going on any medication, just have a look on banana and recover faster without any side effects.
Source: sweetsfood.com

13. How many Fingers does a Hand have?

bunch of bananasAnswer is 10. Oh.. You flighty mind! We are talking about bananas not humans………LOL! It is a fun fact about banana that its stem consists of what is commonly called as hands that again consists of 10 to 20 bananas each. The hand can be subdivided into clusters of 3 to 8 bananas each. Each stem contains 7 to 14 hands of bananas.
Source: bananalink.org.uk

14. Recommended for Low Carb Diet

weight loss bananaBanana is a boon for people who are on weight loss schedule and for gym goers as well. Banana with lot of water after gym is a cheap and healthy energy drink. Because of its richness in nutrients and scarcity in fat, it aids weight loss providing health without extra calories.
Source: caloriesecrets.net

15. Heart-Healthy

According to various researches on heart failure, it is concluded that risk of heart stroke is less for those who have ideal potassium intake in their body. And yes, you thought it right! By now, you have understood that banana is a rich source of potassium. Therefore, the fruit is heart-friendly.
Source: maturesources.org

16. Yummy Banana Recipes

banana desertHats off to our chefs! They are so creative that one can have several different dishes out of a simple banana. Banana bread, banana muffins, banana cake, banana smoothie, banana shake, banana split, banana chips and many more. So, foodies, what are you waiting for? Click on below link and find various recipes of banana.
Source: allrecipes.com

17. Have Bananas, Dear would be Mum!

diet mythsAll of the above benefits and those benefits which are very much required by the pregnant woman are possessed by banana. They are rich in Folic Acid, Calcium, iron, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. At the initial stage of pregnancy itself, doctors prescribe different types of vitamin supplements including Folic Acid, Iron, and Calcium. But if a lady munches on banana regularly, she can avert any kind of deficiency as well as side effects of medicines.
Source: momjunction.com, image: abbottnutrition.com