20 Interesting Facts About Burger King

How long is the list of Burger King Owners? What made Sara Michelle Gellar famous? What are Burger wars? Why do McDonald’s hate Burger King? What’s a ‘suicide burger’? Yeah folks I know everything sounds so mysterious! Let’s unfold the mysteries! Come join me to know more interesting facts about Burger King (and the mysteries of course)!!

burger king

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1. You are my inspiration master (which means I can freely copy from you!)!

Who do you think is the inspiration for the founders of Burger King? The giant himself. The success story of McDonald’s prompted Keith G Cramer to start a restaurant with the name, “Insta-Burger-King”, along with his father-in-law.
Source: whatculture.com 

2. Life saving Whopper Burger!

life saving burgerBurger king got busted in its first year due to losses and had been sold out to a franchise, whose owners renamed it as “Burger King” and introduced its trade mark “Whopper burger” to the items in the menu. Obviously, we know what would have happened then. Who could resist the Whopper?                                                                                                            Source: whatculture.com, image: giphy.com

3. To take out a winner from a loser!

winners and loosersToday the company, which have been sold out due to losses stands third in the fastest growing fast food chain’s list! May be they have to attribute their success to the Whopper.    Source: whatculture.com, image: turnbacktogod.com

4. Who got the ultimate publicity here? Ans: the vampire slayer!

buffy-the vampire slayerSara Michelle Gellar (remember, Buff, the vampire slayer?) publicly claimed that Burger King’s burgers are more fluffy and tastier than McD’s and Burger King got sued for the alleged publicity stunt! Guess who got more publicity in the whole scenario? Not Burger King buddies, its Sara Michelle Gellar 😉
Source: thedailymeal.com, image: giphy.com


5.We know how to fight our wars!

burger warsBurger King was the first to team up with a movie to get publicized and the movie is “star wars”. Guess it can be called the “father of publicity stunts” then!
Source: thedailymeal.com , image: giphy.com

6. Dough boy-fluffy patty! Aweee… chooo chwwweet!

Pillsbury was once an owner of Burger King! Isn’t it a fluffy sight to see if the Pillsbury dough boy (I love him! and then who doesn’t?) holding a perfect burger?
Source: thedailymeal.com

7. No whoppers in the BK! Oh god! What am I gonna do now?

The name, Whopper was once not allowed to be used by the BK, in San Antonio, since there was another restaurant with the name, ‘Whopper Burgers’! Oops, how can a BK be imagined without a whopper burger? The problem was solved when the Pillsbury bought the Whopper burger to it and merged it into Burger King. Imagine the relief of San Antonio people then!
Source: thedailymeal.com

8. Chicken Condom burger! Yikes!!


Once a person by name, Van Miguel Hartless purchased a burger from the BK and can you guess what had been stuffed in the burger he had bought? A wrapped condom (Okay may be its safe to say that it’s better than an unwrapped one, but still.)
Source: slappedham.com

9. Lucky Burger!

lucky burgerEllen DeGeneres had a burger, fries and a shake from Burger King on her first stage show! Seems the whoppers are lucky not only for the sellers but also the consumers! Friendly tip: have something from BK and try a thing that you haven’t been successful at!
Source: creativefoodscorp.com, image: rap-up.com

10. Who owns Burger King now? Wait! Lemme check!

Burger King had been sold and resold ever since it got established. The list of its owners includes Pillsbury, Grand Metropolitan, Diageo, TPG capital, 3G capital. Ohh! The list is as long as the queues before the Whoppers’ counter!
Source: fool.com

11. Conspirator against the inspiration!

McD announced that Heinz would no longer be its sauce supplier, since McD couldn’t bear the fact that the current CEO of Heinz has a close association with the Burger King! It seems that McDonald’s haven’t forgiven BK for Sara’s debacle.
Source: fool.com


12. Franchise king!

Burger King can also be called as ‘Franchise King’, since most of its branches are being operated by individual franchises!
Source: fool.com

13. Burger wars again!!

burger king vs mcdonaldIf we observe the way the giants like McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King are behaving, we may safely assume that the burger wars are going to show their face again! Yayy!!! It means we can have cheaper prices and better quality! Why would we say no! Come on giants! Come on!
Source: fool.com, image: forums.webosnation.com

14. One minute burgers!

one minute burgerThe first name of BK was ‘Insta Burger King’ and the ‘insta’ stood for the fastness with which the burgers are delivered to the customers(the company with this name faced losses instantly but that’s another issue!).
Source: secretmenus.com, image: giphy.com

15. We are special… Australians!

hungry jackIn Australia, Burger King was called “Hungry Jack”! The owner of the franchise made the contract in such a way that the name change is possible! Okay! What’s in the name? We want our Whoppers, and that’s all!
Source: secretmenus.com, image: flickr

16. Suicide burger!

suicide burgerThere is a secret menu in the Burger King with which you can order a burger called, “suicide burger”. It has very high amount of calories, by the way. May be it’s not poison if we donot take it daily but it is irresistable and we’re helpless.
Source: secretmenus.com, image: giphy.com

17. Cruel against Facebook users!

In 2009, BK gave an offer to the Facebook users to unfriend 10 friends and to get a burger for free! If someone accepted the offer, the company would send to the friends who had been deleted that their friendship cannot stand a chance against a Whopper!! That’s cruel I say!
Source: thelistlove.com

18. What’s with perfumes and food chains?

BK has introduced a perfume range with the smell of meat! What’s with the food chain companies releasing perfume brands, I Would never get!
Source: thelistlove.com

19. Blackey blackey burgers!!

In Japan, Burger King sells burgers with the bun coated with charcoal and tomatoes treated to look black. Weird tastes!
Source: thelistlove.com

20. Free burgers for a life time!

Jennifer Hudson, Hugh Laurie and Jay Leno have something in common. Do you know what, buddies? Its lifetime free burger supply from the Burger King! Ahh, now that’s a real inspiration for aspiring actors!
Source: thelistlove.com