21 Interesting Facts About California

Early Spanish explorers believed that California was an island ruled by Amazon women and hence, they named it California after Queen Califia, a black Amazon warrior queen. The present-day California is also a mysterious island with divergent and amazing assemblage of varied cultures, geographical segments and social clans that there is bound to be several exceptionally interesting and breathtaking aspects to explore… And Eureka! Here they are. Let’s dig out some interesting facts about California.

welcome to California

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1. The Grizzly Bear State

Brown bearCalifornia was formerly known as the Grizzly Bear State. When California witnessed a boom, the bear population was wiped out and it became “the Golden State”.
Source: wikipedia, image: wikimedia.org

2. Eureka

California’s state motto “Eureka” meaning I have found it dates back to the days of Gold rush and refers to the discovery of gold.
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3. Richest farming region

napa valley
Napa valley, California

California tops the list in agricultural and dairy produce. It has the world’s largest almond processing plant, refining 12 million pounds of the nutty treats a day. The state also has 5 million cows which generate more than $1bn per annum. The land is rich in fruit production too.
Source: kizaz.com

4. The tallest, largest and oldest trees in the world

General Sherman tree
General Sherman tree

California is a home to the world’s largest tree, General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park, also the tallest tree, a coastal redwood whose identity is not disclosed, and guess what, the oldest one too, Methuselah, a bristlecone pine tree from California’s White Mountains. It is the oldest continuously standing tree in the world, estimated to be 4,650 years old!
Source: wikipedia, image: wikimedia.org


5. California’s economy

dollarCalifornia is a trillion dollar economy in gross state product and also the first state ever to touch that mark. If only, California were a country, it would be the eighth largest economy in the world, with approximately the same GDP as Italy.
Source: raiseyourbrain.com

6. California Gold rush

Gold seeking river operations,California
Gold seeking river operations,California

On 24 January, 1848 James Marshall, a foreman working in Coloma, California, found a shiny lump of gold in the American River. The news triggered a massive rush of gold-seekers called “forty-niners”, hoping to make some fortune. This ‘Goldrush’ gave California its nickname, the Golden State.
Source: wikipedia, image: wikimedia.org

7. Largest mass migration in history

goldrush minersThe Gold Rush was one of the largest mass migrations documented in the world history, as during the Californian Gold Rush the population increased from 14 000 to 200 000.
Source: wikipedia, image: goldrushglimpses.com

8. Laundry crisis


During the boom years in California due to the gold rush of 1849, miners used to send their laundry to Honolulu for washing and pressing but it was deemed more feasible to send their shirts to Hawaii for servicing due to the extremely high costs in California.
Source: funtrivia.com

9. Silver rush ghost town

Calico Ghost Town
Calico, Ghost Town

California is most famous for its Gold Rush of 1848, but it also had a Silver Rush in the Calico Mountains from 1881 to 1896. The town of Calico was near the site of a major silver strike in 1881. The price of silver dropped in the mid 1890’s and by the early 1900’s Calico had become a deserted ghost town
Source: wikipedia, image: wikimedia.org

10. Hollywood city

HollywoodThere is an interesting story behind the movie industry to be based in Hollywood. The movie makers were trying to get away from Thomas Edison, who was based in New Jersey and had patents virtually covering the entire movie making process, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California was against patent claims and hence, the movie makers migrated here.
Source: kickassfacts.com, image: flickr

11. Olympic host city

Olympic Torch Tower of the Los Angeles Coliseum
Olympic Torch Tower of the Los Angeles Coliseum

California is the only state that has the honor of hosting both the summer and Winter Olympic Games.
Source: olympics.mu, image: wikimedia.org


12. Death Valley

Death Valley Zabriskie Point
Death Valley, Zabriskie Point

Death Valley is known as the hottest and driest place in America. It is quite common for the summer temperatures to go above 115 degrees here.
Source: wikipedia, image: wikimedia.org

13. Californian drought

Lake Hume, California
Lake Hume, California

It’s true. Water is so scarce that the farmers make more money selling their water supply, than by planting food. Rice farmers of northern California sell their water supplies to thirsty Southern Californians at high rates.
Source: breitbart.com, image: wikimedia.org

14. California’s wine trail

purple grapesRemember all the grapes? Well, from them, 17 million gallons of exotic wine is produced every year. California has become the largest wine producing state in the US and the 4th leading wine producer of the world after Italy, France and Spain. California is North America’s Mecca for wine enthusiasts.
Source: kizaz.com

15. Green snowfall

Californians experienced a unique weather phenomenon in 1955, when the snowfall was green with a phosphorescent effect. Residents who decided to try the language of its cereals, soon died, and the people who took the snow in their hands got rashes and intense itching.
Source: aarticles.net

16. The Watermelon snow at Sierra Nevada

watermelon snowYou can observe “watermelon snow” while hiking across the slopes of California’s Sierra Nevada foothills in summer. It’s pink-colored and has a scent and taste like watermelon. The microscopic algae known as Chlamydomonas nivalis, brought about this phenomenon.
Source: brainberries.co, image: bizlifes.net

17. Invention of Denims

LevisLevi Strauss a 44-year-old German immigrant invented the first blue jeans in San Francisco on May 20, 1873.
Source: brainberries.co, image flickr

18. Birthplace of McDonald’s

1st mcdonaldCalifornians are the luckiest people on this planet as they were the first to taste McDonald’s mouth watering burgers. World’s first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in 1940, by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California
Source: wikipedia, image: amusingplanet.com

19. Kid’s wonderland

DisneylandCalifornia is the birthplace of Fortune cookie, Apple computer, theme park (Disneyland), Frisbee, the Barbie dolls, skateboards, and video arcade games.
Source: raiseyourbrain.com, image: flickr

20. Artichoke queen to Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe
Marilyn Monroe

Castroville, California is considered the Artichoke Capital of the World. In 1947, a young woman named Norma Jean started her journey here by becoming Castroville’s first Artichoke Queen and later became world-famous actress by her screen name, Marilyn Monroe.
Source: wikipedia

21. Weird laws of California

You may only throw a Frisbee at the beach in Los Angeles County with the lifeguard’s permission, Bathhouses are against the law and Women may not drive in a house coat.
Source: dumblaws.com