15 Interesting Facts About China

China, the land of Red Dragon, is quirky in its own ways. If you think that liking Chinese cuisine makes you a China connoisseur, think again because China has its own ways and bouts. This queer place has so much mind-boggling facts to offer! Let us have a quick look:



1. Chinese New Year


Chinese celebrate New Year for 15 days.
Source: pulptastic.com, Image: chinamail.com

2. Bizarre Flavors

green tea

China is popular for having bizarre flavors. For example, it provides Popsicle of different (weird!?) flavors like green-bean, green tea, nattou, sea urchin, ramen and what not?
Source: lifebuzz.com, Image: dailymail.co.uk

3. Stick Rice Is Everywhere!

sticky rice


Can you imagine the Great Wall of China made up of sticky rice? Exactly! The mortar used to bind the stones of the wall is made up of sticky rice. Pretty sticky, huh?
Source: facts.randomhistory.com, Image: wikipedia

4. Chop-Chop


The chopsticks, said to have been invented 5,000 years ago, was used basically made for cooking and not eating.
Source: pulptastic.com, Image: japanware.com

5. Calligraphy


It was in China where the art of beautiful handwriting invented.
Source: lifebuzz.com, Image: writingbeautifully.com


6. Poverty


100 million people live on less than a dollar per day in China.
Source: lifebuzz.com, Image: wednews.com

7. Chopsticks


Chinese people use more than 4 billion of chopsticks every single year!
Source: facts.randomhistory.com, Image: japanwares.com

8. Paper Money



The world’s first paper money was invented in China about 1,400 years ago. Not quite surprising for the place which is also the inventor of paper.
Source: pulptastic.com, Image: currencychina.com

9. Sock City


Datang in Zhuji is a district is popular for making socks! Probably the one you’re wearing right now is made in the Sock City.
Source: facts.randomhistory.com, Image: flickr.com

10. No-Game Zone


Play station is outlawed in China.
Source: lifebuzz.com, Image: reddit.com

11. Censored


The word “Censorship” is censored in China to promote the establishment of a healthy news order.
Source: ngkids.co.uk, Image: blogspot.com

12. Dyeing Pets

panda dog

People have been quite fascinated about dyeing their pets to look like wild animals. It is rather a trend.
Source: factslides.com, Image: pinterest.com

13. Meal Out of Cats


About four million cats are consumed as a delicacy.
Source: factslides.com, Image: pinterest.com

14. Fakebook


Despite being blocked, Facebook has 95 million Chinese users. Other sites to join the list includes google, BBC, twitter, instagram and youtube.
Source: facts.randomhistory.com, Image: fbweb.com

15. Urine Eggs


Talk about bizarre foods in china is a never ending topic. Here is one more delicacy of China where the eggs are boiled in the urine of boys aged less than 10 years. Bon appétit!
Source:  pulptastic.com, Image: tumblr.com