15 Interesting Facts About Dunkin’ Donuts

Do you know where Madonna worked at Dunkin’ for a day and had been fired for spilling coffee on a customer? Yeah! their standards are that great. Our famous dessert king, Dunkin’ Donuts has some amazing facts about it that we don’t know. Who doesn’t wanna know about their favorite donuts spot? I am here to do exactly that!! Here are some fun & interesting facts about Dunkin’ Donuts!

dunkin donuts

1. Tastiest enemies in the world!

fighting gifDunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks are enemies to the core of their existence. Happens when both are best in their fields (and the field happens to be the same)!
Source: thrillist.com, image: tumblr

2. Both are such cute names!

The first name of Dunkin’ Donuts was “Open Kettle”. Awwwe… now that too is so cute!
Source: largetype.squarespace.com

3. Weird tasted donuts!

bad tasteThere are donut flavors in different countries which could be somewhat weird to some people. Ever heard of chicken-and-chili-paste donut or pork and seaweed pastry?
Source: diet-blog.com, image: thefw.com

4. Hero employees!

hero emlpoyeeOnce an employee had thrown hot coffee on the face of a robber! Wow! Heroic, I say! So, Dunkin’ Donuts has some awesome (if you think catching-a-burglar-single-handedly awesome) employees in its kitty!
Source: youtube, image: giphy.com

5. Dream job!


dream jobThe job of a chief coffee-taste-tester in Dunkin’ Donuts is to make sure that a coffee at all stores taste the same. Wow… how much I wish I got something as awesome as that job (not that writing about these awesome jobs and restaurants is bad!).
Source: eater.com, image: giphy.com

6. Okay! May be not a dream job!

The above mentioned testers sometimes taste a hundred cups per day! That may take the fun out of that awesome job. It’s one of the world’s best coffees but drinking 100 cups may not exactly be fun! I am just saying.
Source: eater.com

7. Loads and loads of rejected coffee!

coffeeIf the tester finds a minor defect in the coffee he/she had tested, the entire load of coffee will be sent back! Where would it go from there? Please don’t say to the drainage! There may be something wrong with its taste but it’s still coffee. A Dunkin’ Donut coffee!
Source: eater.com, image: theexcomedy.com

8. I could buy loads of coffee for a dollar!

When the Dunkin’ Donuts was started, the coffee price was 10 cents per cup! I guarantee that people like me who do not have any idea about money value fluctuations would dream about being born during that period!
Source: thedailymeal.com


9. Representation for every nation!

DD has a special donut representing each and every country in the world! That’s so good to know!
Source: thedailymeal.com

10. Spanish DD!

‘Dunkin’ coffee’ is the name of Dunkin’ Donuts in Spain! Anyway, not matter the country, people who enter the outlet will have both donut and coffee!
Source: thedailymea.com

11. No munchkins!!

Until 1996, DD did not serve bagels! I mean why would someone take so much time in taking up a new concept? How much have the people of that era missed!! Don’t wanna imagine!
Source: buzzfeed.com

12. Coffee… decide among 15,000 combos!


DD says that we can order their coffee in 15k ways! That’s a lot of ways for coffee (I, for one, can’t decide from a simple menu!).
Source: buzzfeed.com

13. Loads of coffee again! But this time for consumption!

30 cups of coffee are being sold by DD every SECOND, which would amount to 1.7 billion cups every year.
Source: buzzfeed.com

14. No consideration for incompetency! Who freaking ever they are!

Madonna was appointed as a waitress by Dunkin’ Donuts and she was fired due to her incompetency as a waitress. How could anyone fire her? May be she’s not a world class waitress but she is freaking Madonna!
Source: youtube

15. Easter egg donuts! yayy!!

Ever heard about ‘Easter egg donuts’? Sounds yummy, don’t they? DD once sold them but then stopped!
Source: news.google.com