18 Interesting Facts About Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is counted as one of the 7 wonders of the world mainly because of its heritage and the scale on which it was made. It is the most perfect symbol of China and its vivid history. Let’s explore some interesting facts about this Great Wall:


image: airpano.ru

1. One of the oldest wonders of the world!

It is estimated to be incepted about 200 BC during the dynasty of Qin; this is why it is even referred as a medieval wonder.
Source: Wikipedia

2. The purpose behind its construction

It was made in order to protect civilians, expand defense system and border from foreign penetration.
Source: travelchinaguide.com

3. Person behind its idea!

Qin Shi Huangdi
Qin Shi Huangdi

Qin Shi Huangdi of China, an emperor wanted a long wall like structure to act as a shield to the border’s boundary and the structure was later continued by different dynasties.
Source, Image: Wikipedia

4. Millions are burried under the Wall!



It was a herculean task as is believed to be made by the Chinese soldiers, local people and criminals. During its construction, about 1/5 of the Chinese people were forced to built it. Since most people were unprofessional to do such a heavy work with a short deadline and difficult conditions, over a million of people died in the process and have been buried under the Wall.
Source: travelchinaguide.com, image: inspiremore.com

5. Materials used to construct it?


To make such a wide range of wall, basic material used were stone, brick, tamped earth and wood. Apart from that, rammed earth was used for making the plains and even rice flour was used as a brick binding agent.
Source: Wikipedia, image: chinahighlights.com

6. Want to know the dimensions of this wonder wall?

Interestingly it’s a breathtaking wall and only clouds have the sight to see it completely at once. With the 20 ft bottom and 16 ft top width, height of 16 to 26 ft and never ending like length of about 8,851 km, it’s an epic creativity.
Source: unmuseum.org

7. This wall can be easily seen from space….a myth!


For many years a myth has been created that the Great Wall of China can be easily seen from space with the naked eye. It’s not true. One needs to have some aid to see it.
Source: universetoday.com, image: twimg.com


8. Some parts of the Wall are eroded!


The north western area of The Great Wall of China is being badly affected by the continuous erosion and is estimated to disappear in about next 20 years.
Source: chinatravellers.com, image: flickr

9. You can even drive a car here!


Another interesting fact about the Great Wall of China is that it is not completely even in dimensions, thus some parts of it are so wide than you can even drive a car inside the wall.
Source: chinatravellers.com, image: lost-and-found-adventures.com

10. Every death in its making weeps a story

There was a lady called Men Jiangnu, whose husband died while building the wall. It is believed that as a result of her curse, that area of the wall collapsed.
Source: chinatravellers.com

11. One of the biggest tourist attractions in the world

With over 10 million visitors every year. the Great Wall of China is one of the biggets tourist attractions in the world.
Source: chinatravellers.com

12. Badaling is most visited part of the wall


To be the most visited part of such a long wall, the section has to be very special such as the Badaling area of the wall. It is highly visited due to easy accessibility, serene walking conditions, good facilities, restaurants and cable cars.
Source: wildgreatwall.com, image: images.china.cn

13. Wheelbarrow was made by Chinese

It is believed that the Chinese invented wheelbarrow during the construction of “The Great Wall of China”, it made it easier for them to draw heavy things easily.
Source: randomhistory.com

14. 20th century turned the fortunes of the wall

Before 20th century, the Great Wall of China was not that much popular and idealized art as it’s now. Due to the deifying and appreciation by the Europeans, its importance was realized.
Source: randomhistory.com

15. Genghis Khan once penetrated the wall

Genghis Khan, an emperor of the Mongol Empire invaded the Great Wall of China due to its fitful structure and conquered majority of northern China from 1211 to 1223.
Source: Wikipedia

16. It’s a World Heritage site

Because of its historic importance, UNESCO declared the Great Wall of China as a World Heritage site in 1987.
Source: Wikipedia

17. Lots of lookout towers around it

lookout-towers-great-wall-of-chinaThere are around over 7,000 lookout towers covering the Great Wall of China.
Source: ducksters.com, images: chinatourguide.com

18. Smoke waves were used as attack alarm

Yes, smoke waves were used by the soldiers on the wall as signals to soldiers as an external attack alarm. The amount of smoke signal was in proportion to the amount of attack.
Source: ducksters.com