17 Interesting Facts About Mangoes

I know your mouth would have started watering at the sheer name of this fruit. This is the popularity of this fruit. Oh! please, don’t hesitate to mention it as this fruit is a real treasure in terms of health, taste, and varieties. Because of its virtues, it is also bestowed as King of Fruits all over the world. Mangoes are said to be originated in Southeast Asia and India from where the seeds are taken to South America. Carry on yourself with the this awe for some more time as this article is going to unfold various other interesting facts about mangoes.


1. Caesar of Hearts

cut mangoMango is designated as king of fruits because it is reigning the hearts of people since long through its various attributes including heat beater, remedial measures, taste, ingredient to various other yummy recipes like pickle, mango salsa, mango desserts, mango cupcake and many more. Aam Panna, a recipe from India is a great digestive drink made from mango and it also exhibits considerable remedy for bashing heat.
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2. Mystery behind Naming

tree mangoThe word Mango for the fruit came after various transpositions. As it was originated in India-Burma border where Sanskrit language was predominant at that time, it’s first name was Aamra-Phalam. Its transformation in Hindi language became Aam-Phal. Synonym of Phal in Tamil is Kaay, so Tamils called it by the name Aam-Kaay which gradually became Maamkaay due to differences in pronunciation. Malayalam people from India changed it further to maanga. When Portuguese people came across this fruit, they told about it to Britishers who again due to pronunciation differences changed it to Mango. And now it is famous as Mango world over.
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3. Token of Love

Mango is also considered as a symbol of love because of the story it is associated with. Story goes as a princess got transformed into a mango tree by one enchantress because of her love affair with one prince. But as soon as ripe mango from the tree fell down on earth, it transformed into the princess again and prince and princess got married. Since then, mango is considered to be a fruit of love.
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4. Favorite of Gods too

green mangoA very interesting story is associated with mangoes from country India. Once upon a time, Hindu Gods Shiva and his wife Parvati got one mango that was to be eaten by a single person only. So they threw a challenge for their two sons who were squabbling for mango that whoever would take 3 rounds of the universe first would given the fruit. Witty Ganesha took 3 rounds of his parents assuming them to be his universe won the race to the surprise of his brother Kartikeya who came back after taking 3 rounds of universe in real.
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5. Recommended to Fight Deadly Diseases


delicious mangoThere are various reasons to include mango in your daily diet. It would be an overstatement if we would say that mango is a cancer and diabetes buster to prevent you from being carried away with the statement. But yes, mangoes are good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and other anti oxidants that aids in keeping your immune system strong, fights cancerous cells, cholesterol control, and vision care. Therefore, with your doctor’s advice, you can embrace this fruit as your regular diet to avert and fight these baneful diseases.
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6. Dirty Mango

Yes, dear man! You heard it right. It is a good source of Vitamin E that is known as sex vitamin. Therefore, herbal treatments prescribe mangoes for increase virility in man. Keeping heed of this reason only, mangoes are said to have aphrodisiac nature that boosts love life by driving sex hormones up to the level to enjoy manhood optimally.
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7. Remarkable Peel

mango peelThough mango peels are said to be dermatitis prone because of the latex and peep scattered on its surface but it contains healthy benefits also. They are related to its richness in phytonutrients namely carotenoids and polyphenols. Besides this, it also helps in preventing constipation, arthritis, dysentery, piles, and indigestion. So, next time, don’t just throw away the skin of mango but clean it properly so as to remove its peep and latex and then it either raw or after boiling.
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8. Healthy Leaf

Mango tree leavesNot only fruit, but leaf of the mango tree is also healthful. Mango leaves are filled with remedial and curative attributes. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. And therefore, drinking water boiled with mango tree leaves provides all these treasures of health that aids in treating or preventing diabetes, blood pressure, restlessness, gall and kidney stones, respiratory problems, and dysentery.
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9. Versatility

Mango ManiaMango also possess a property of versatility because of its numerous varieties being produced throughout the world. In India itself, different varieties namely Alphonso, Safeda, Kesariya, Chausa, Dashehari, Langra, and benisha are produced. In US, different varieties of mangoes are available in different stretches of time throughout the year. Ataulfo, Keitt, Francis, Tomy Atkins, Kent, and Haden are some of the popular mangoes in US.
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10. Mango-Rich Country

India is the largest producer of mangoes in comparison to other countries worldwide. It is followed by China, Thailand, and Pakistan but they are no where close to India. Mangoes are being produced in more than 90 countries across the globe with 77% contribution from Asian countries that includes 50% from India.
Source: countryranker.com

11. National Tree

Thotapuri Mango tree in KolarBased on the popularity and chastity attained by this very tree, recently in 2010, Bangladesh has bestowed mango tree as its national tree. Till then, Bangladesh was not having any national tree and with the thought of bringing awareness in people about ecological balance and role of trees in maintaining ecological balance, Government of country came up with the choice as mango tree seeing its influence and liking.
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12. Relatively Long Fertility

MANGO TREESome of the mango trees are said to produce fruits and flowers even after 300 years of its life. Because of this feature only, mango trees are said to be evergreen with long life and long fertility.
Source: gkfacts.in, image: wikimedia.org

13. Toxic Face of Mango

Burning mango leaves, wood, or debris is not advisable as they are toxic in nature and can infect eyes and lungs severely. Moreover, mango leaves are considered toxic for cattle feed as well. Earlier it was a practice to feed mango leaves to cattle so that their urine becomes dark yellow and that can be used in preparing dye. But later, it was banned seeing the repercussions in animals who are used in farming and all other cultivation processes.
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14. Cultural Face of Mango

ToranYou would be in awe to know that mango tree has got faith of Indians so much that they use to hang mango leaves threaded in a string on their doors at the outset of any festival or good news like marriage or new born baby welcome ceremonies.
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15. Shares Nationality with Three Nations

mango peeledMango Mango Mango………. So popular. It is its popularity only that three nations India, Pakistan, and Philippines have adopted it as their national fruit. Apart from nationality, it has also got state recognition as a state tree of Maharashtra, India.
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16. Strange and Funny Fact

mangoesDespite of India being largest producer of mangoes all over the world, it does not contribute much towards International mango trade and exports because of its high consumption in the country itself. Doesn’t it sound kooky! People out there are so fond of the fruit that the left over of production can not even make it to the other parts of the globe.
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17. Weight Loss yet Fuller Stomach

African Mango Weight LossWe bet, most of you have tried dieting at one or the other point of time. Tell us have you enjoyed that? Nah!…. We knew. Now just add mango to your diet schedule and you would lose weight vis-a-vis tempting taste buds and fuller stomach.
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