20 Interesting Facts About McDonald’s

The one word that can stop a toddler from crying like crazy is McDonald’s. Tell him that you will treat him with a McD burger and he will forget everything what he was crying about. It’s just that simple! So, what do we know about this life saver of ours? Not much, isn’t it? Let’s know more interesting facts about McDonald’s and you will say “I am loving it more”!!!

Mc Donalds

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1. When you are in Rome, be a Roman!

Mc Donalds worldwideMcD has taken this saying to the heart and is providing different menus in different countries, to cater the needs of local people.
Source: news.bbc.co.uk, image: bloomberg.com

2. Salad or burger, which one is more fattening?

Mcd ceasar saladYou gotta hear this one, you fitness freak!! Whenever your fitness trainer instructs you to take a salad instead of burger, ask him to check calorie count in McD. Because McD’s caesar salad is more fattening than an average ham burger.
Source: factslides.com, image: mcdonalds.pt

3. Royal McDonald’s

Do you know who is a fan of McD in the royal family of London? It’s not Prince William or Prince Harry folks!! It’s the highness herself! She owns a franchise of McDonald’s near the palace of England. Isn’t that handy??
Source: factslides.com

4. Hamburgerlogy-yummy degree!!

hamburger universityHave you heard about gerontology and anthropology? Sounds boring don’t they?? Have you heard about hamburgerology? Now that’s something that catches your eye (ok, maybe your tongue responded first ;)). Yes in McDonald’s Hamburger University, they teach you that. Now that’s the first time education sounded so yummy!!!
Source: factslides.com, image: mcdonaldsblog.in


5. McWoodPulp coming right away!!

Do you know that you are having wood pulp from several years? Yes! McD and some other fast food companies have listed ‘Powdered cellulose’ as an ingredient in some of their recipes and its nothing but wood pulp in the real sense. Now that’s an appetite killer..
Source: crazyfacts.com

6. Extra cheese…money please…

Do you know that McD would be very strict with their rules? The authority once fired a manager for not charging for an extra slice of cheese for a worker who bought a cheese burger after work. Here I am thinking that if I become an employee in McD, I would be given access to awesome free food. Seems like a dream.
Source: crazyfacts.com

7. McJob-ouch… the meaning really hurts

McD has a word in dictionary on its name. No guys, it’s not about its world famous Big Mac but it’s about their employees. The word is McJob and it describes the word as something which requires no skill and doesn’t show many opportunities in the future. Now that’s a shame. Who says there is no skill required in making those yummy yummy items???
Source: crazyfacts.com

8. Ham burgers? No, hot dogs!


If in a quiz they ask you what would have been the first item McD had sold. What would your answer be? Definitely not hot dogs, right? But that’s where the twist comes. The first item McDonald’s sold were hot dogs and not those yummy, heavy, mouth watering Big Macs. Ufff… quiz sucks, I say!!
Source: sunnyyq.wordpress.com

9. French fries-not easy!

mac friesOk, another quiz question. How many ingredients do they use in preparing French Fries in McDonald’s? 4? Nope. 5? Absolutely not. Its undoubtedly 17. Yes they use SEVENTEEN ingredients to make freaking fries!!! Is that the reason why I can’t get them right at home??? I am officially quitting taking quiz now!
Source: buzzfeed.com, image: tumblr

10. One McBeer please!

mac beerHave you ever been to Germany? I wish I had been born there merely for the reason that McDonalds sell beer in Germany in their outlets. Wouldn’t that be a great hangout to take kids? (okay!! Wouldn’t that be a great hangout to enjoy Big Mac and a beer or two? ;))
Source: buzzfeed.com, image: blackhairmedia.com

11. Working at McD? Who knows? You may be a star one day!!!

Have a good look at the good looking workers at McDonald’s. Wondering why?? Many celebrities worked in the McD before they had their big apple. Wanna have examples? How does Rachel McAdams, Shania Twain, Jeff Bezos sound?
Source: buzzfeed.com


12. Children, take your playthings along with McMeals!

Mc donalds toysOnce you start distributing happiness, it never ends. McDonald’s just doesn’t share happiness in the form of awesome food items but also by distributing toys. Yes. McD is the largest toy distributor in the whole world. (Of course now it gives two reasons for children to ask their parents to take them to McD, no doubt, but still!!)
Source: dailynewdig.com, image: thorndon.co.nz

13. Golden arches.. Designed and personalized!

mcd logoThere is an architect involved even in designing the logo of McD. The famous yellow arches were designed by Stanley Meston.
Source: yahoo.com, image: valuewalk.com

14. Food is yummier than devotion!

Mcdonalds foodMcD’s golden arches are more famous than the symbol of cross across the world. Oh god!!! Forgive us for our sins.
Source: buzzfeed.com. image: giphy.com

15. We love McD Santa Claus!

love Mcd hamburgersMcD is the mostly loved restaurant by the children. Be it the mouth watering items or the freebie toys, nobody can beat the king of fast food.
Source: huffingtonpost.com, image: giphy.com

16. Freebies… yess!!! Food… noooo!!!

Mcd's freebiesChildren just take what they want, don’t they. It is reported that most children reported in a survey that they threw away the food and just kept the free toys with them. Incorrigible little devils they are.
Source: huffingtonpost.com, image: giphy.com

17. French fries rock!

Mcd's french friesThe best selling item of McD is French fries. Okay. Now I get they take as much pain as using 17 ingredients in cooking French fries!!
Source: rd.com, image: giphy.com

18. No R please…

In Japan, Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald, since they do not have the sound R there. So accommodating (I am talking about McD)!
Source: rd.com

19. McRibs? Where is the rib then??

There is neither chicken nor rib in the ingredient list of McRibs. They use the pork shoulder meat.
Source: rd.com

20. McPizza.. We miss you!

McD used to sell pizzas in the 70’s. They stopped the production, since the pizza making takes more time than making any other item on the menu. Pcchh… we lost another game with the time.
Source: wisance.com