17 Interesting Facts About Oranges

Oranges are delicious, Isn’t it so?

To delight your taste buds, we searched about this juicy fruit and mentioned below is the compilation of some interesting facts about Oranges. Read on these healthy facts and feel proud to add oranges in your daily diet.


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1. Brazilian Orange Industry

fruits orange lemon wall of fruitsBrazil is the largest producer of this fruit followed by United States, Mexico, and China. It is surprising that one third of the orange production in the world comes alone from Brazil. Favorable climatic conditions and an above average number of producers in the country helps it to be a world leader in producing orange. Florida produces approximately 70% of total produce by United States.
Source: thebrazilbusiness.com, image:pexels.com

2. Ruler of Citrus Fruits

fruitOranges tops the list in terms of overall quantity of citrus fruits production. Its production quantity is followed by grapefruit, lemons, and tangerines. Its production is complimented by its consumption because consumption of oranges per person is highest than any other citrus fruit in US and likewise other countries also. More consumption of orange juice also leads to higher per capita consumption. It can be easily inferred from the fact that around 80% of orange production is used for juice.
Source: agmrc.org

3. Civilized Fruit

orange-treesShocked? Believe it or not but it is a civilized fruit in the sense that it is not found growing up wildly in forests or like places. Rather it is domesticated and cultivated in orangeries. Its origins are said to be in Southern China, North-Eastern India, and South-Eastern Asia. The fruit was not well known till the age of discovery but it gained popularity during this age only. Sailors planted citrus trees along their route so as to conveniently take the benefits of the fruit. Since then it has been cultivated and grown by people to include it in their regular diet.
Source: Wikipedia, image: flickr

4. Fountainhead of Vitamin C


healthy breakfastInclude it in your lunch or make it a share of your breakfast, it is going to benefit you in every way. Prominent reason is plentiful of vitamin C. One orange has the stamina to quench your requirement of vitamin C for entire day. Moreover, its sweetness gives you a feeling of fullness and satisfies your water requirement as well.
Source: nestle-family.com, image: pexels.com

5. Go Green

navel orangeOne of the varieties of orange i.e Valencia Orange has an exclamatory attribute to go green even after ripening because their peel has a tendency to re-absorb chlorophyll in warm climate. It goes green but its taste is same as that of ripe orange. Its other variety called by name Navel Orange is named so because it has a belly button kind of shape at its top center which is deep too. Funny enough! Na!
Source: eatbydate.com

6. Orange Blossom

orange blossomOrange flower is assigned as state flower of Florida because of its fragrance and high production in the state. It is one of the most fragrant flowers in Florida and scents the state during orange blossom season. Not only flower, orange as a fruit is also designated as state fruit and its juice as state beverage.
Source: statessymbolsusa.org, image: flickr

7. Parents of Orange

naturalOrange is one of the best known hybrid fruits. Sweet orange is originated from blend of citrus and sinensis while bitter orange is originated from citrus and aurantium. Sweet orange is hybrid of pomelo and mandarin with 25% and 75% genes approximately and respectively. So, we would be glad to call it the son of Pomelo and Mandarin because it contains their genes and is originated from them. ☺
Source: Wikipedia

8. Hold on! Save the Orange Peel

orange peelWe know you have been enjoying oranges a lot but what do you do with the peel? We have to write a whole article on this if we go deep in that. But no worries guys, we will give you some kooky ideas in short to use orange peel. It can be used in food e.g to make a candy and orange tea. It can be used at home as a natural cleanser. In Jamaica, people use orange peel to cut grease and oil. It can be used as a natural medicine for lowering blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. It can be used for your home gardens to keep the slug away.
Source: prevention.com, image: flickr


9. Youthful Tree

orange treeOne more reason to make you crazy pants! Did you know that orange tree comes under evergreen trees. Their foliage remains green throughout the year. Old leaves are replaced by new leaves which keep the plant green for always.
Source: Wikipedia, image: flickr

10. Stifles Inflammation

citrus fruitsOrange is source of antioxidants that aids in decreasing burns due to oxidation. It also enhances immune system by providing resistance power against infectious agents. Vitamin C found in oranges fights against inflammation caused due to the pro-inflammatory free radicals present in blood.
Source: Wikipedia

11. Hurrah! Ha! for Woman

orange peeledWoman, now, hiding age will be more true with both including orange in your diet and using its peel as an ingredient in your face pack. There are some good anti oxidants in orange that counter the effect of free radicals making the signs of aging fade away and allow you to carry yourself with sheen and confidence of your young looking skin.
Source: stylecraze.com

12. Cosmetic Products

CosmeticsBecause of its attribute of skin friendliness, all of its products including its peel is used in manufacturing of cosmetics. You can yourself see it on the ingredients section of your product. But, hold on! let me tell you here only, you will not find word “orange” written over there but its scientific name i.e. “Citrus Aurantium Dulcis” will be written. So, don’t get baffled. Along with skin, it is also used as hair conditioning agent.
Source: cosmeticsinfo.org, image: lipglossiping.com

13. Lose your Weight with Orange

orange and weight lossOrange is a fat-free fruit with rich source of fiber in it. Along with fibrous content, it is also rich in multiple vitamins like Thiamine, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Copper. Hence, when it is counted in daily diet, your stomach would feel full, your tongue would feel tempted and your weight losing regimen would not get aside.
Source: livestrong.com

14. Consummate Absorbent

drugsOne very good property of orange is its absorbing power of medicines. Stunned! Ya! don’t know but we got appalled by knowing this fact. Actually, these days, medicines are part of our life. For example, Vitamin D in the form of medicine is prescribed for pregnant ladies, old people, and kids. But, do you know absorbing it is very hard and sometimes stones are also formed in body due to its access. But, when orange is taken in while you are on Vitamin D supplements, it helps your body in digesting it without any side effects.
Source: cosmeticsinfo.org

15. Vitamin Supplement

orange slice88% of orange consists of vitamin C, rest of the part provides other vitamins and minerals. Other important vitamins and minerals found in orange are vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin-D , Folate, Potassium, and vitamin B-12. All these minerals and vitamins are required in body one way or the other. For example, vitamin A is essential for vision strength, vitamin B1 is essential for muscular and cardio Vascular system.
Source: vitamins.lovetoknow.com, image: flickr

16. Control various Diseases

Oranges and orange juiceBecause of its richness in vitamins and minerals, orange is recommended to include in diet for averting various harmful diseases such as cancer, heart attack, and blood pressure. It also contains flavonoid anti oxidants namely alpha and beta carotenes that help in preventing cancer. Minerals like Potassium and Calcium in orange takes care of the Sodium level and keeps track of blood pressure and heart beat.
Source: Wikipedia, image: wikimedia.org

17. Power of Rind

Zesting an orangeOrange peels affect positively blood sugar levels because of its low sugar percentage. This is one but there are many medicinal benefits of this waste. It relieves us of respiratory problems, bad breath, prevents constipation, heart friendly, and for that matter, it is also used a facial bleach.
Source: thehealthsite.com image: wikimedia.org