16 Interesting Facts About Papa John’s

Do you know which pizza selling restaurant has a football cup named after it? Can a world famous restaurant chain be started in a broom closet? Until what limit can a person go to get his favorite car? Come on folks! Let’s know more interesting facts about Papa John’s Pizza-

Papa John's pizza

Image: thomasahernandez.com

1. Papaw John!

Papa John's founderThe name Papa John’s indicates not only the owner’s name John, but also what John used to call his Grandpa. That is “Papaw”. Now… there isn’t rocket science involved in knowing why everyone thinks about food and grandparents, is it?
Source: blog.pjhouston.com, image: articleslatimes.com

2. Sell the car… get a business!

papa john & his carJohn started his company by selling his car and using that as his investment! To all those who has cars over there! You not only own a transportation means but also an investment material!
Source: en.wikipedia.org, image: entrepreneur.com

3. Dear car! Where are you?

There is an interesting story about the car of the owner of Papa John’s. He loved it so dearly that he went on a road trip to find it. If you are wondering what the final result of his quest was, then don’t worry! He finally got united with his dear car. Going after what we want is the secret of success, isn’t it?
Source: blog.pjhouston.com

4. Anything for my darling car!

john schnatter with his beloved carDo you know how much John paid to get back the above said car of his? It’s absolutely $250,000. Okay… may be simply going after what we want isn’t enough to get it!! That’s a bit depressing (or inspiring, depending upon the way you see it!)!
Source: blog.pjhouston.com, image: bizjournals.com


5. Want an outlet? Dust the broom closet!

Where do you think the first outlet of Papa John’s had started? Not in a posh sub urban shop or a neatly open city out skirts! It was first started in a broom closet in Indiana! So, if you want to do something novel, you know where to start!
Source: encyclopedia

6. Nobody can do it better than me!

John first got the idea of opening a pizza place, when he was 23, because he thought that he knew how to make better pizza than most of the companies in the field!
Source: encyclopedia

7. We got you, Peyton, we got you!

The NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning, is a spokesman for PJ! He also owns several
PJ outlets in Denver! Come on Peyton, now we know whose best interest you have in mind!
Source: phactual.com

8. Hava blast, vegans!


If you order a pizza from PJ without cheese, then you can consider the pizza as a perfect vegan pizza! Hear vegans, this may be one of the best news you have ever heard!

9. How could you do it to a pizza lover? A celebrity at that!

iggy azalea's favourite pizzaEven though Iggy Azalea’s favorite pizza is PJ’s, she got all riled up when her personal phone number was leaked by one of its employees! This is so cruel you, whoever-leaked-her-number!! Now she can’t even have pizza in peace!
Source:phactual.com, image: tumblr

10. Youthfulness in everything!

John seems to be a very youthful person and all, if we take into consideration his car debacle. May be that’s why most of the charities form PJ goes to Boy Scouts of America and junior achievement.

11. Football Football Football!

Papa_John's_Cardinal_Stadium_after_expansion_in_2010The football stadium of University of Louisville is called Papa John’s stadium!
Source:phactual.co, imaqge: wikipedia


12. PJ loves Football!

It seems that PJ and football has a special bond. The official pizza of NFL is Papa John’s.

13. Late comer…best results!

Even though PJ had been started in 1983, much later than most of the leading companies in the market, it stands in the third place in pizza selling chain restaurants.
Source: wikipedia

14. Football fan? Hava Papa John’s pizza!

The company has a personal football title called, ‘Papa John’s.com bowl’! Who buys pizza more than football lovers? Yes, PJ you have got the right target audience!
Source: wikipedia

15. “Crybaby”!
Once a franchise owner of Papa John’s distributed T-shirts mocking LeBron James, saying “crybaby”! This got a lot of attention and publicity to the outlet!
Source: wikipedia

16. Give some credit to other companies too!

Pizza hut in 1997 filed a case against PJ, saying that the advertisement factor of PJ saying, “fresher ingredients and better pizza” is insulting other pizza selling chains, and won the case! May be the ‘nobody-can-do-it-better-than-me’ attitude of John isn’t handy always.
Source: wikipedia