16 Interesting Facts About Parrots

The colorful, clever and super entertaining birds are truly an experience to witness and also having as a pet. Parrots are known for their amazing colorful wings, their curved bill, and upright stance and not to forget their talking ability which makes them very dear to humans.
Did you know the following interesting facts about parrots? Well, read on then.

funny parrot

1. Know-it-all kind of bird

gray parrot
Gray parrot

Parrots are supposed to be one of the most intelligent birds. And it is not unusual for African Grey Parrot to learn up to 100 words and phrases. They not only speak but associate to situations. Scientists believe they have logic of four year old. Not bad!
Source: ipfactly.com

2. Use their feet to eat

araIt’s interesting to know that Parrots have zygodactyl feet, which means they have four toes on each feet, two facing backward and two facing forward. Their feet are somewhat similar to humans hand and hence they use it to pick food and put it in their mouth.
Source: ipfactly.com

3. Long Living companions

macawParrots have a long life span. Some of the parrots can live for 80 years making them very good companions to humans as pets.
Source: ipfactly.com

4. They believe in Love forever

coupleParrots mate for life. In order to find a mate, a male parrot puts up a courtship display and impresses female parrot. And once female chooses the male parrot, they stay together forever. They are monogamous. How Romantic!
Source: pets4homes.co.uk, image: flickr

5. Dominica Flag has Parrot


flag Dominica has a parrot in their flag. It features their national bird emblem, the sisserou parrot, which is endemic to Dominica and is an endangered species.
Source: Wikipedia, image: dominicanewsonline.com

6. Who needs a nest?

parrot in woodsAnother interesting fact about Parrots is that while most birds build up nest to live and lay their eggs, but not parrots. Mostly all kinds of parrots find some convenient abandoned space like a hole in a tree, cavities in the cliff or termite mounds which is good enough for them.
Source: apecsec.org, image: flickr

7. Parrots can feel the greatest joy, the music

birdStart up some peppy song and parrots would enjoy with you. Parrots are among very few animals who can feel the music. They can feel and understand the beat of the music and move with it. They like to move it! move it!
Source: quora

8. Omnivorous

Parrots eating lycheesMost parrots love to nibble on seeds, fruits and flowers but some parrots surely enjoy a little meat. They enjoy occasional insects.
Source: petparrots101.com, image: flickr


9. Parrots like their company

parrotsIn the wild, parrots live in flocks and communicate by making loud screeching and squawking sounds.
Source: healthypets.mercola.com

10. Cockatoo has moving feathers on head

cockatooA special kind of parrot, cockatoo has an impressive crest made up of feathers on the top of his head which can be raised and lowered at the bird’s will.
Source: healthypets.mercola.com

11. No to chocolates

Parrots cannot eat chocolates. It is very poisonous for their body. Well, we are glad to know we don’t have to share. Lol!
Source: interestingfunfacts.com

12. Don’t have Vocal chords


parrot clawEven though talking is one of the main characteristics of parrots, they actually don’t possess vocal chords. They “trumpet” the sound by pushing air out of their trachea. They don’t actually talk but make variations on whistling.
Source: interestingfunfacts.com

13. The world largest parrot cannot fly


The Kakapo, which is world’s largest parrot weighs about 9 pounds and grows over 2 feet long but ironically is a flightless bird. It is also the only parrot that is active during night.
Source: ipfactly.com, image: flickr

14. Same but different

love coupleIn parrots, one cannot easily distinguish between male and female parrot. They are identical and special blood tests are needed to know them apart.
Source: pets4homes.co.uk, image: flickr

15. Lay white eggs

Parrot eggsEven though parrots themselves retain colorful feathers, they lay absolutely white eggs.
Source: pets4homes.co.uk, image: atozcityads.com

16. Great mimics

blauarasLast but not the least, Parrots can imitate human voices. Parrots are great mimics and are amazing at imitating human voices and replicate their talk word to word.
Source: apecsec.org