17 Interesting Facts About Oprah Winfrey

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”
Dubbed as the “Queen of All Media”, Oprah Winfrey has been ranked as the richest African-American of the whole 20th century, the greatest black philanthropist and is presently North America’s only multi-billionaire black person.
Here are some interesting facts about the Queen:

oprah cover

1. O-P-R-A-H


Her production company is called Harpo, which is Oprah spelled backwards.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: wikimedia.org

2. Dog Lover


Oprah is a dog lover and has five dogs!
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: pinterest.com

3. Greatest Accomplishment

oprah school

Oprah considers opening a girl’s school as her greatest accomplishment.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: wikimedia.com

4. Kind Hearted


Oprah launched Dr. Phil’s, Gayle King’s, Nate Berkus’ and Dr. Oz’s Career.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: dialymail.co.uk

5. Together Till Death Do Them Apart

oprah winfrey and stedman

Oprah and Stedman Graham have been together since 1986, though they never got married even after the proposal.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: usatoday.com

6. Children

with kids

She doesn’t have children but she got pregnant at the age of fourteen and gave birth to a child who died.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: usatoday.com

7. Abused But Standing Strong

early childhood

She was abused sexually as a little child but now she helps bring up these issues to public through her shows.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: usatoday.com

8. European Cruise

oprah european cruise

She treated her staff with a European Cruise tour in 2009.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: pinterest.com

9. Deciding against giving birth


“Something [in my life] would have had to suffer and it probably would’ve been them.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: reddit.com

10. OWN

oprah winfrey

Launched in 2011 was her own network called, well, OWN.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: flickr.com

11. Misspelled Name

Her original name would have been Oparh had there been no mistake on the birth certificate
Source: abcnews.go.in

12. Vogue


She became the first African-American to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: vogue.com

13. Nothing To Lose

anna wintour

She was asked to lose weight for the magazine cover photo shoot by Anna Wintour.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: vogue.com

14. Courageous Task

oprah winfrey weight

Oprah revealed her new and svelte figure and wheeled out a wagon full of 67 pounds of fat to signify the weight she has lost.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: wordpress.com

15. Lindsay Lohan


Oprah documented documentary of Lindsay Lohan which got premiered in 2014.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: wordpress.com

16. The Name Game


50 Cent named his dog after Oprah and his cat after her best friend, Gayle king.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: abcnews.go.com

17. Happy Birthday!


She celebrated her 51st birthday by getting an ear pierced.
Source: abcnews.go.in, Image: wikimedia.com