15 Facts To Know About Good Friday

Festivals commemorate significant moments in every religion’s calendar. Christian festivals are mainly involved with important events in the life of Jesus Christ. Christians mark these events with reverence, prayer, and joyful celebration. One such Christian festival is Good Friday. Isn’t it strange to call a day “good” when it represents Jesus’ death? Well, here are some facts about Good Friday, which may help you out to understand the festival in an interesting way:Good Friday
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1. Good Friday Is There; Because….

Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ

On this day, Jesus was crucified; leading to his demise at Calvary.
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2. Why The Day Is Called “Good?”

Most people mistakenly take Good Friday to be a happy day; as it has the word ‘good’ in it. While it’s a day of mourning.
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3. What’s “Good” About This Friday?

According to some beliefs, the contradictory word ‘good’ is used to describe this day because the eventual outcome was good.
Source: Christian Worship: Its Theology and Practice By Franklin M. Segler, Randall Bradley, GIF: Tenor

4. Black Friday = God’s Friday!

Good Friday is often referred to as Black Friday, which is observed before Resurrection Day. Some people believe the term Good Friday is probably the remainder of what was once called God’s Friday.
Source: Christian Worship: Its Theology and Practice By Franklin M. Segler, Randall Bradley

5. The Precursor Of A Three-Day Festival

Good Friday is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum (or the three days) on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday.
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6. No Meat On Good Friday

No Meat On Good Friday

Catholics are not supposed to consume meat on Good Friday. They can have one complete meal or two smaller ones on this day.
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7. The Significance Of Number 33

Bell Toll On Good Friday

Around the world, several traditions are followed on Good Friday. One such tradition is ending Good Friday service with tolling church’s bell 33 times.
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8. Much Older Than Christmas

Mention Of Good Friday In The Bible

The most fascinating thing about Good Friday is that it’s much older than the celebration of Christmas. Even in the Bible, there is no mention of the day of Jesus’ birth but it does specify crucifixion.
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9. The Most Somber Day

Grace Lutheran Church on Good Friday

Good Friday is considered the most somber day of the Christian Year, and it’s suggested that the worship room should be stripped of any adornment.
Source: Christian Worship: Its Theology and Practice By Franklin M. Segler, Randall Bradley, Image: Wikimedia

10. The Central Message Of Good Friday

The core message of the day is that when Jesus died on the cross, he atoned for the sin of mankind; the sin, which came after the consumption of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve.
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11. The Time When Jesus Died

Loop Spinning GIF

3 pm is the time that Jesus is thought to have died, after being agonized on the cross for six hours, and this is the reason why Roman Catholics start their service at 3 pm. In many churches, it takes the form of a meditation based on seven sayings, or last words of Jesus on the cross; with hymns, prayers, and short sermons.
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12. A Legal Holiday

Most western countries and 12 US states have instituted Good Friday as a legal holiday.
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13. Good Friday Music

The noted German Composer and Thater Director, Richard Wagner, gave a significant place to Good Friday in his music drama “Parsifal,” which has an orchestral interlude known as the “Good Friday Music.”
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14. Good Friday vs Passover

Passover Lamb

The Philadelphia Church of God, some Baptist congregations, and some non-denominational churches oppose the observance of Good Friday, instead, they observe the Crucifixion on Wednesday, which coincides with the Jewish sacrifice of the Passover Lamb (which some/many Christians believe is an Old Testament pointer to Jesus Christ).
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15. Candles Are Successively Extinguished

Good Fiday Candle

In a Tenebrae service, twelve candles (representing the disciples) and a central candle (representing Christ) are lit. As the Passion narrative is read, candles are successively extinguished one at a time until only the Christ candle remains. The Christ candle is blown out with harsh noises or harsh music as the reading is completed.
Source: Christian Worship: Its Theology and Practice By Franklin M. Segler, Randall Bradley, Image: Pixabay