17 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

One of the most used and misused drugs known to humankind is Alcohol. You must be aware of Alcohol whether, in the form of Wine, Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, or Beer. People find many reasons to drink it whether, on the pretext of a family function, a painful situation, or to be sociable. Sometimes it’s easily forgotten that Alcohol is an addictive substance. An odd glass of wine, beer, or whiskey is socially acceptable. However, the problem occurs when it’s consumed in excess. Despite all the discourse about the ill effects of alcohol on human health, the existence of alcohol in the human society can’t be negated. Here are some interesting facts about Alcohol worth knowing:


1. An Ancient Beverage!

History of Alcohol

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not new to humans. The existence of fermented beverages has been reported in early Egyptian civilization. There are also pieces of evidence that alcoholic beverages existed in China around 7000 B.C. Several Native American civilizations have been reported to develop alcoholic beverages in pre-Columbian times.
Source: drugfreeworld.org, image: thephoenixnews.com

2. The God of Wine!


Osiris God of Wine

The consumption of alcoholic beverages reached its pinnacle in ancient Egypt. Although Egyptians were familiar with many local gods, Osiris, the God of Wine, was worshipped throughout the country.They believed that Osiris also invented Beer.
Source: alcoholproblemsandsolutions.org

3. The Presidential Drink!

John Adams Drinking Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages have had a close connection with some of the US Presidents. From John Adams to George W. Bush, alcohol was dearest to all of them. It’s said that John Adams started drinking beer in the form of his breakfast since he was 15, and he kept on the tradition till his death, at the age of 90.
Source: 11points.com, image: tumblr.com

4. Booze in Europe

mcdonald's beer

Booze in Europe is very common. It is so common that even a teenager can obtain an alcoholic beverage and guess what? They don’t even need to go to a bar. Booze is easily available at the cafeterias of many high schools in Europe. You can even find it on the menu at McDonald’s.
Source: flask.com, image: digicamreview.com

5. Who can drink in the US?

teen drinking

Contrary to Europe, United States has the strictest drinking laws in the West. The minimum legal drinking age in the U.S has been raised to 21. MADD- Mothers Against Drunk Driving successfully lobbied Congress resulting in a law imposing the federal penalty on any State that didn’t follow.
Source: cdc.gov, Image: edgarsnyder.com

6. It all dates back to Thanksgiving


I guess you would be surprised to discover that the first Thanksgiving feast was not like the ones we have today with mashed potatoes, turkey and all sorts of delicacies. Instead, Thanksgiving was enjoyed with beer, brandy, gin, and wine.
Source: curiousread.com, Image: Flickr

7. Antique Recipe


Can you guess what’s the oldest known recipe in the world is? Surprise! It’s beer.
Source: curiousread.com

8. The Billionaire Vodka

The Billionaire Vodka

At $3.7 million, “The Billionaire Vodka” is the world’s most expensive vodka. From the house of Leos Verres Luxury Group, “The Billionaire Vodka” is filled with 5 liters of the purest and softest vodka. The Vodka is made from a Russian recipe.
Source: businessinsider.com, Image: nakedbrands.ro

9. Your Body is, In fact, a Brewery!

Body Brewerey

A sporadic disorder, Auto-Brewery Syndrome, turns ordinary food into alcohol in a person’s body. The affected person’s body uses excess intestinal yeast to transform normal food into alcohol.
Source: inquisitr.com

10. Heard about Tarantula Brandy?

tarantula brandy

Tarantula brandy is the most popular drink in Cambodia. It is an appetizing drink including rice liquor and freshly dead tarantulas. No kidding, the drink actually has dead tarantulas.
Source: weirdlikes.com, Image: thelistlove.com

11. Space Booze!

Alcohol in Space

According to some scientists, the largest supply of alcohol is not on Earth but in deep space. However, the alcohol is so vastly dispersed in space that to collect enough for a pint of beer you would have to travel about half a million light years.
Source: theconversation.com

12. Memory Loss!

Alcohol Memory Loss

Wonder why you forget everything after drinking? In fact, consumption of alcohol doesn’t result in the memory loss, but it stops forming new memories. It’s due to the effect of alcohol on the hippocampus. You actually don’t forget anything after getting drunk; your brain just stops recording new memories.
Source: drugrehab.com

13. Bang With The Atomic Cocktail!

The Atomic Cocktail

Invented in the Las Vegas and named after the Nevada nuclear bomb testing during the 1950s, this cocktail is loaded with flavor, taste and strong kick.
Source: cocktails.foodviva.com

14. Women & Alcohol!

Women and Alcohol

Alcohol is absorbed faster into the bloodstream of women and is metabolized slower than men.
Source: brad21.org

15. Alcohol is Numero Uno!

Alcohol and the United States

When it comes to the misused drugs in the United States, alcohol tops the list.
Source: brad21.org

16. Enjoy the Prison Wine!

Pruno The Prison Wine

Thanks to ‘Pruno’ or ‘Prison Wine,’ it is now possible for prisoners to get drunk. It’s made from oranges, apples, fruit cocktail, sugar, ketchup and various other ingredients including bread.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: cdn.liquor.com

17. And we got Cocktails!


Among the many available theories about the cocktails, the most prosaic theory is nonthoroughbred or mixed horses were termed cocktails for their rooster like clipped tails. Over time, the word “cocktail” came to stand for any mixture: food mixtures such as fruit cocktails, mixed drinks, and pharmaceutical combinations.
Source: encyclopedia.com