17 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

Alcohol has been around since thousands of years with numerous controversies with regard to its physical and mental effects on the body. Despite everything, it is a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone has his favorite beverage- whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, vodka… the list is endless. So here is our list of interesting facts about alcohol to help you know more about your favorite beverage.


1. Ancestral beverage

Jug from bronze ageEven our ancestors from Neolithic period were fond of alcohol. The jugs discovered from late Stone Age points out that intentionally fermented beverages has been in existence since the Neolithic period about 10,000 BC.
Source: list25.com, image: wikimedia.org

2. Vikings style

skull cupDo you know how the Vikings enjoyed a drink? No mugs, no bottles, no traditional methods but straight from the skull. Yes that’s right. Vikings preferred to enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage from the skull of their enemies they defeated in battle.
Source: theguardian.com

3. Presidential drink

Abraham Lincoln 1865Here’s another interesting fact about alcohol. John Hancock was a famous alcohol dealer. Abraham Lincoln had a liquor license and also owned several taverns. President Van Buren was born in a family tavern. Interesting, right?
Source: flask.com, image: wikimedia.org

4. Booze in Europe

mcdonald's beerBooze in Europe is very common. It is so common that even a teenager can obtain an alcoholic beverage and guess what? They don’t even need to go to a bar. Booze is easily available at the cafeterias of many high schools in Europe. You can even find it on the menu at McDonald’s.
Source: flask.com, image: digicamreview.com

5. Teenage drinking in U.S.

teen drinkingContrary to Europe, United States has the strictest drinking law in West. Drinking age in U.S was raised to 21 and all thanks to our caring mothers. MADD- Mothers Against Drunk Driving successfully lobbied congress resulting in a law imposing federal penalty on any state that didn’t follow.
Source: crazyfacts.com, image: edgarsnyder.com

6. It all dates back to Thanksgiving

BrandyI guess you would be surprised to discover that the first Thanksgiving feast was not like the ones we have today with mashed potatoes, turkey and all sorts of delicacies. Instead Thanksgiving was enjoyed with beer, brandy, gin and wine.
Source: curiousread.com, Image: flickr

7. Antique recipe

beerCan you guess what’s the oldest known recipe in the world is. Surprise! It’s beer.
Source: curiousread.com, Image: flickr

8. The Billionaire Vodka


Billionaire VodkaAt 3.75 million dollars, “The Billionaire Vodka” is the world’s most expensive vodka. Wonder why so pricey? It is ice-filtered first, then filtered through Nordic birch charcoal and at last through a sand of crushed diamonds and gems. Not only this, it is encased in platinum and rhodium with diamond coated crystal bottle.
Source: list25.com, image: noblesse.in

9. Your body can brew alcohol too

Japanese doctors have discovered that in auto-brewery syndrome, candida yeast in the intestines churn alcohol inside patient’s body which can even cause drunkenness.
Source: list25.com

10. Heard about Tarantula brandy

tarantula brandyTarantula brandy is the most popular drink in Cambodia. It is an appetizing drink including rice liquor and freshly dead tarantulas. No kidding, the drink actually has dead tarantulas.
Source: weirdlikes.com, image: thelistlove.com

11. Space booze

alcohol in spaceThe largest supply of alcohol is not on earth but in deep space. Astronauts have discovered a cloud of pure alcohol floating out there in space, extending across 300 billion miles.
Source: crazyfacts.com

12. Drinking effect

hangoverWonder why you forget everything after drinking? It’s due to the effect of alcohol on the hippocampus. You actually don’t forget anything after getting drunk; your brain just stops recording new memories.
Source: list25.com, image: flickr

13. The Atomic Cocktail

Atomic CocktailAtomic Cocktail is a real radium based alcoholic drink which is served in missile shaped bottles. It is said to cure minor fevers, headaches and depression but has adverse effects after prolonged exposure.
Source: crazyfacts.com, image: fallout.wikia.com

14. Now that’s a party!

george washington 1797

At George Washington’s farewell party the founding fathers drank 60 bottles of claret, 22 bottles of porter, 7 bowls of alcoholic punch, 54 of Madeira, 8 of whiskey, 12 beer, 8 bottles of hard cider. There were 55 people at the party.
Source: crazyfacts.com, image: wikimedia.org

15. How does Ozzy Osbourne party hard?

Ozzy Osbourne

Scientists analyzed the entire genome of Ozzy Osbourne to find out how he got through decades of extreme drug abuse without being harmed. It was discovered that he has various genetic mutations that were never seen before which lets him party hard and survive extreme alcohol and drug abuse.
Source: crazyfacts.com, image: wikimedia.org

16. Pruno or prison wine

Thanks to pruno or prison wine, it is now possible for prisoners to get drunk. This alcoholic liquid is made using apples, oranges, fruit cocktail, sugar, ketchup and various other ingredients including bread. It can be produced easily and is quite cheap. The taste is said to be like a vomit flavored wine cooler.
Source: crazyfacts.com

17. And we got cocktails!

cocktailCocktails like the sidecar, Mary Pickford, French 75, Barbary Coast and Bee’s Knees gained popularity during the Prohibition. These were offered to cover up the flavor of poorly made alcohol.
Source: list25.com