11 Interesting Facts About Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam is known as one of the most impressive mountains in the world, not for its altitude, but for its beauty, aesthetics and the pure exposure encountered high on its flanks. Ama Dablam is a steep pyramid of ice with vertical walls and sharp, exposed ridges. Ama Dablam is the heart of the Himalaya. It entices the people from all around the world. People come here to explore the unexpected beauty, trekking, and wind down seeing its spectacular views. Let us know some interesting facts about this Ornament of Himalaya, Ama Dablam:

Ama Dablam, Nepal
Ama Dablam, Nepal

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1. Every Alpinist’s Dream: Ama Dablam

Climbers on Ama Dablam, Nepal
Climbers on Ama Dablam, Nepal

Ama Dablam is counted as one of the most spectacular mountains in the world. It is also said to be every true alpinist’s dream to climb it. This mountain in the Khumbu region of Nepal is an unforgettable experience for the alpinists.
source: mountainmadness.com, image: advzambuling.com

2. 6,812 Meters High!

Ama Dablam lies in the Himalaya range of eastern Nepal. The main peak is 6,812 meters (22,349 ft); the lower western peak is 6,170 metres (20,243 ft).
source: Wikipedia

3. “Mother’s Necklace”

Ama Dablam, Mother's Necklace
Ama Dablam, Mother’s Necklace

“Ama” means mother, grandmother. “Dablam” means charm box, and is a special pendant worn by elder Sherpa women that hold precious items. The mountain has been named as Ama Dablam for the same stunning beauty is offers to the eyes.
source: summitpost.org, image: images.summitpost.org

4. When To Climb?

For trekking, October to the end of November is the most popular time because of good visibility. The monsoon has cleared the air of dust. January to the end of March is the next most popular as it gets hazy near the end of March due to dust from the plains of India.
source: summitpost.org

5. Who Was The First?

Barry Bishop, one of the first mountaineer to Ama Dablam
Barry Bishop, one of the first mountaineer to Ama Dablam
Mike Ward
Mike Ward

Ama Dablam was first climbed on March 13, 1961, by Mike Gill (NZ), Barry Bishop (USA), Mike Ward (UK) and Wally Romanes (NZ) via the Southwest Ridge.
source: sevensummittreks.com, image: magazine.uc.edu, image: images.static.press.net

6. Through Southwest Ridge to Ama Dablam

The most popular route by far is the Southwest Ridge. Climbers usually set up three camps along the ridge with camp just below and to the right of the hanging glacier, the Dablam.
source: sevensummittreks.com

7. The 2006 Avalanche

On the night of 13/14 November 2006, a large serac collapse occurred from the glacier, Dablam.  The avalanche swept away several tents at Camp 3, killing six climbers (3 European, 3 Sherpa). It is often recalled in the history of deaths at the Ama Dablam.
source: Wikipedia

8. 70 Million Years Old

Ama Dablam is approximately 70 million years old and was formed when the Indo-Australian continental plate collided with the Eurasian Plate.
source: amaventure.co.uk

9. Apple Wallpaper In IOS 7

Ama Dablam Apple IOS7 Screen Pic
Ama Dablam Apple IOS7 Screen Pic

Apple included the picture taken of the mountain Ama Dablam by Nick Meek as a wallpaper in iOS 7.
source: silvermountainadventure.com, image: pbs.twimg.com

10. Third Most Preferred By Mountaineers

Ama Dablam is the third most Himalayan range and peak preferred by explorers and permitted by the government of Nepal. It is a fact but very strange that with elevation less than 7,000m.
source: silvermountainadventure.com

11. Experience The Best View Of The Peak!

Beautiful Ama Dablam from Tengboche, Nepal
Beautiful Ama Dablam from Tengboche, Nepal

The best view of the mountain Ama Dablam is believed to be witnessed from Tengboche.
source: silvermountainadventure.com, image: nepalmountainnews.com