8 Interesting Facts About Arvind Panagariya

Former Professor of Columbia University and the incumbent Vice-Chairman of the newly created NITI Aayog, Arvind Panagariya is one of the most eminent economists in the world. Known for his economic development policies, Arvind Panagariya has some more feathers to his cap. Here are some of the interesting facts about him and his worthy life:

Arvind Panagariyaimage: indianexpress.com

1. Argumentative Child

Arvind Panagariya has been very argumentative from his childhood and has always loved to have detailed-discussions over the prevailing economic scenarios of the country.
source: rediff.com

2. Rags to Riches

Arvind Panagariya’s father was born in poverty and struggled for his education at every step in his life. However, he never compromised with Arvind’s education and provided him with the best possible education of that time.
source: rediff.com

3. IAS Aspirant

His father wanted him to become an IAS officer. Though, he had no interest in the Civil Services, he pursued the services just for his father.
source: rediff.com

4. A Number of Posts

He has served as an economist at a number of renowned economic institutions of the world like, ex-Chief Economist at the Asian Development Bank, Professor of Economics at Columbia University, Professor of economics and co-director, Center for International Economics, University of Maryland at College Park. He also worked for the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the World Trade Organization in various capacities.
source: wikipedia 

5. Arvind Panagariya: A Writer

India The Emerging Giant

He has written a number of books on economy and his book, “India: The Emerging Giant”, has been considered as one of the best books on Indian Economy.
source: wikipedia, image: gstatic.com

6. Arvind Panagariya: A Columnist

He is a renowned economic columnist and writes columns in different newspapers/magazines like, The Hindu, Business Standard, The Economic Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.
source: wikipedia

7. Transforming India with Arvind Panagariya 

Transforming India with Arvind Panagariya

He features for the show “Transforming India with Arvind Panagariya” in Bloomberg TV India.
source: wikipedia, image: ytimg.com

8. India’s Planning Head

Arvind Panagariya Vice-Chairman NITI Aayog

In 2015, Planning Commission of India was replaced with the newly created NITI Aayog (National Institute for Transforming India) by the Modi Government and Arvind Panagariya was appointed as its first Vice-Chairman.
source: wikipedia, image: financialexpress.com