17 Interesting Facts About Bali, Indonesia

Since 1960 Bali had grown to be the most famous international destination. Thanks to its spectacular mountains, beaches and sweet natured people, Bali has become an exotic destination for relaxing and enjoying vacations. Keeping aside the mesmerizing natural beauty Bali has some interesting traditions, places and other facts. Let’s find them out.

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1.  In the Amazon of seas

coral triangle

The place in which Bali is located is quite interesting and is called Coral Triangle. Coral Triangle gets water from west of Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Timor and that’s why the area is like the Amazon of seas.
This beautiful location is the reason behind Bali’s diverse marine life.
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2. Hindu Majority


Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country. But amazingly it’s most popular island; Bali has a Hindu majority population. So, people who love pigs can enjoy suckling roast pig here which is otherwise off limit in other parts of the country. Yay! Bali.
Source: blogvillabali.com, Image: weareone.com

3. Bali priests are paid by government


It is amazing that every priest of every religion in Bali is paid by the government giving its true secular identity.
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4. Twin volcanoes

There are two volcanoes in Bali and guess what both of them are active!
One of them is Mount Batur which is 5,600 feet high and the other is Mount Agung which is 10,000 feet high. Even though it is a major tourist attraction yet any eruption can claim large number of lives.
Source: theluxury.com

5. Black Sand

black sand

White sand – seen. Pink sand – it exists. Black sand – really?
This would be the reaction of most people of the world. But for people of Bali it is a normal thing. Thanks to the host of volcanoes due to which black sands are created. Even if you are averse to being dirty, you won’t be able to resist the black beauty beach especially during night time.
Source: flynous.com, Image: amazemewithit.com

6. Bamboo chocolate factory


Imagine a major commercial building made completely of bamboo. Unbelievable isn’t it? Bali offers the awesome opportunity to visit one such building which is actually a chocolate factory. It was opened in November, 2011 and since then it offers its visitors many varieties of chocolate products. Its huge bamboo structure has made it a major tourist attraction.
Source: flynous.com

7. Tourism in Bali


The huge popularity of Bali had given a boost to its tourism industry. The tourism industry of this place is so great that about 80% of its economy is due to tourism! That’s why in terms of income, tourism is the largest industry in Bali.
Source: balioceans.com, Image: bali-indonesia.com

8. The land of two seasons


Bali has only two seasons: The dry season (April to October) and the wet season (October to April). But overall the temperature remains moderate as Bali enjoys a tropical climate. So, Bali is ideal place to be throughout the year.
Source: bali-go-round.com, Image: bali-indonesia.com

9. 1 year = 210 days

Pawukon Calendar is the Bali calendar and it has only 210 days! According to this calendar, each year is divided into six month and one month is of 35 days.
There is also another calendar used in Bali. It is called Sasih and it is a 12 lunar month calendar.
Source: indo.com

10. Silent festival


A festival which is silent! … Not possible. But in Bali the impossible happens. Bali celebrates Neypi day, a day on which the whole island is closed which means no work, no travel, not even electricity; basically no noise. People spend this day meditating and self – reflecting. Neypi day is actually their New Year.
In a way it is Bali’s private Earth Hour.
Source: blogvillabali.com, Image: travelblogs.co.in

11. Dolphins


In the north of Bali Lovina is situated where a wide variety of Dolphins is found. Even though it is hard to believe that Dolphins can be found in a place like Indonesia. Yet no less than 5 varieties of Dolphins coexist in these waters.
Source: pickyourtrail.com

12. Kopi Luwak


World’s most expensive coffee Kopi Luwak is one of the specialties of Bali. The coffee beans for this coffee are gathered from an unthinkable object: Civat Cat’s droppings.
The source of best morning cup of coffee is actually poop… yuck!
But who cares when it tastes so good that a single cup costs as much as 50 dollars.
Source: baliocean.com, Image: coffeeadvertizing-indonesia.com

13. Only 4 names


While the whole world keeps planning on unique baby names, Bali people know their baby’s name even before they are born. This is because all Bali people have only four different names and that too is in order of the child’s birth. First baby – Wayan, second baby – Made, third baby – Nyoman and the fourth baby – Ketut. The fifth baby is again Wayan and the rest follows in cycle.
Wonder how they differentiate one Wayan from the other.
Source: theluxury.com, Image: indonesiaschools.com

14. Four angels for a baby


It is the belief of every Balinese that when a child is born it is accompanied and protected by four guardian angels. Those angels are around the child until his / her fourth birthday!
Also special care is taken that Balinese babies do not touch the ground until they are 3 months old. So, babies are carried everywhere until twelve weeks are completed since their birth.
Source: baliaround.com

15. No door!


Bali has a culture of welcoming everyone and hence they had a no–entrance gate policy. They were so strict about this open welcome that earlier in the past having an entrance gate was considered a taboo.
Source: baliaround.com, Image: indonesia-bali.co.in

16. Pet Lovers


People of Bali are pet lovers and in most home there are at least 2 types of pet. Pet animal can be dog, cat, birds, cattle, pigs and even chicken (especially fighter cocks). Most pets, even cattle are kept for fun.
Source: baliaround.com

17. Teeth filing to ward off evil


According to Balinese tradition, each and every person’s top six teeth are filed down. According to their belief, the six vices – anger, jealousy, desire, confusion, greed and drunkenness enters through these teeth. Hence filing them away will prevent them from entering the body. Strange!
Source: onewordretreats.com, Image: balanesebeautiful.esy