14 Interesting Facts About Bangladesh

Bangladesh, located in the north-eastern part of South Asia, a tiny country surrounded by India and Bay of Bengal. The country has the great Himalayan Mountain Range around it in the north and the south lays in the Bay of Bengal. Being the country of Art, Literature, Unique Festivals, Scrumptious Bangladeshis Cuisine, Historical Architecture, Natural Mangroves and Ganges Delta, Bangladesh is a perfect place to experience both Natural and Man-made Beauty. Rick-shaw sounds the perfect vehicle to get around the cities and if you want to take a snap of mangroves, Country boats are perfect for that and enjoy your amazing trip. If you want to sense natural experience of the trip, you must read some amazing and interesting facts about this land of Bengal, Bangladesh:


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1. Once Part Of The Pakistan

Flag Map of Bangladesh
Flag Map of Bangladesh

Bangladesh was the part of Pakistan. After the partition of India, Bangladesh became the part of Pakistan. Bangladesh was called the Eastern Pakistan. In 1971, during the India- Pakistan War, Bangladesh got Independence from Pakistan.
source: sciencekids.co.nz, image: upload.wikimedia.org

2. Country of Efficient Farmers

A Bangladesi Farmer in the Field
A Bangladeshi Farmer in the Field

Agriculture is the largest employment sector in Bangladesh. Farming help 16% of the country’s GDP and Bangladesh consists of more than 50% of Farmers.
source: srune.com, image: pulitzercenter.org

3. Emerging Textile Center

Textile work of the Bangladesh earns it a huge amount of money per year. The principal source of foreign exchange earnings in the Country is the Textile Industry. After China, currently, Bangladesh is the second largest ready-made garments (RMG) manufacturer. By the next five years, Bangladesh will become the largest ready-made garments manufacturer.
source: Wikipedia

4. Cricket Vs Kabaddi

Kabaddi Players
Kabaddi Players

Cricket is the most popular game in the country, however, Kabaddi holds the national status. It is the second most popular after Cricket.
source: srune.com, image: i.ytimg.com

5. Largest Mangrove Forest Lies Here

Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh
Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh
Bengal Tiger in Mangrover Forest in Bangladesh
Bengal Tiger in Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world. The word Sunderban is Bangla for “beautiful forest”. It is also home to the remaining endangered Royal Bengal Tigers.
source: bangladeshfacts.facts.co, image: wikimedia.org, image: marketn-trance.com

6. Cox’s Bazar Beach! What’s That?

Cox Bazar Beach
Cox Bazar Beach

It is an unbroken 120 kilometers (75 miles) sandy sea beach with a gentle slope, and one of the world’s longest.
source: justfunfacts.com, image: tour.com.bd

7. 7th Most Populous Nation

There are over 158 million people living in a country roughly the size of Iowa, making Bangladesh the 7th most populous country in the world and the most densely populated.
source: bengaliali.wordpress.com

8. Don’t Forget To Visit The Oldest City Site

Mahasthangarh, Bangladesh
Mahasthangarh, oldest site in Bangladesh

Mahasthangarh is Bangladesh’s oldest known city site discovered in Bangladesh. The village Mahasthan contains the remains of an ancient city which were called Pundranagara or Paundravardhanapura in the territory of Pundravardhana.
source: 10-facts-about.com, image: farm7.static.flickr.com

9. Home To Great Thinkers

Kazi Nazul Islam
Kazi Nazul Islam
Syed Mujtaba Ali
Syed Mujtaba Ali

Bangladesh is known all over the world for the sages, philosophers, the number of authors, and innovators of modern times. This includes literary giant poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, Syed Mujtaba Ali, thinker and social activist Mohammad Yunus, Taslima Nasrin.
source: hotten.org, image: sbs.com.au, image: observerbd.com

10. A Lot Of Jackfruits!


Jackfruit (Kathal in Bengali) is the national fruit of Bangladesh. You can easily find a few for yourself.
source: thebackbencherz.com, image: upload.wikimedia.org

11. Floods: A Merciless Menace

Bangladesh Flood 2015
Bangladesh Flood 2015

Bangladesh is settled in the flood-prone regions of four large rivers: Ganga, Brahmaputra, Meghna, and Wang. As a result, a very fertile and cultivable land is available for agriculture. But sadly, at the same time, the location is prone to heavy monsoons, which eventually lead to floods in the country.
source: buzzle.com, image: floodlist.com

12. Cyclone Of 1970

Bangladesh has been at the receiving end of one of the world’s worst natural disasters. A cyclone hit the country in the year 1970. It is reported that 300,000 to 500,000 people were killed in the natural disaster.
source: buzzle.com

13. Country Of World’s Largest Delta: The Sundarbans Delta

Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta
Aerial View of Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta, Bangladesh

Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta or Ganges Delta or Sundarbans Delta is a river Delta and it is a World’s largest Delta. It is one of the most fertile regions in the World.
source: Wikipedia, image: sandrp.files.wordpress.com

14. Never Miss Pohela Boishakh?

Pohela Boishakh Celebrations_in_Dhaka
Pohela Boishakh Celebration in Dhaka

Pohela Boishakh, the Bengali new year, is the major festival of Bengali culture. It is widely celebrated in Bangladesh. It is celebrated on 14 or 15 April in Bangladesh. So if you are visiting Bangladesh in April, don’t miss this unique festival.
source: Wikipedia, image: 1.bp.blogspot.com