18 Interesting Facts About Beyoncé

She is a singer, performer, actress, writer and a philanthropist. A diva in true sense, Beyoncé is known to be the perfect mega star. She is not only adored but is also an inspiration for many. This iconic star is so much more than her gorgeous looks, that her fans idolize her for the amazing persona she holds. If you wish to know some hidden facts about Mrs. Knowles- Carter look no further. Here is a list of interesting facts about Beyoncé.

beautiful beyonce

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1. First Album gained 5 Grammy’s

If we say talent is synonymous with Beyoncé, we won’t be wrong. Did you guys know that Beyoncé’s debut album “Dangerously in Love” earned her 5 Grammy? Isn’t it the best start for a career?
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2. Highest Paid Performer in the World

Beyoncé performingBeyoncé is known to label herself as the ‘Highest Paid Performer Per Minute in the World’ when she performed for £1.25 million for a five-minute performance at a private New Year’s party in St. Bart’s in 2010.
Source: thefactsite.com, image: wikimedia.org

3. Beyoncé is allergic to perfumes

Perfume BottleWell as odd as it sounds; it is true that Beyoncé has a perfume allergy. She has actually chemically altered her scents so that she does not have allergic reaction.
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4. Won accolades at the age of 7

Beyonce childhoodBeyoncé was a star from the very beginning. She won her first talent show by singing “Imagine” by John Lennon and even got a standing ovation.
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5. Period of depression

Destiny's Child members

In the dark side of being a star, Beyoncé went through a state of depression during the rise of ‘Destiny Child’ in late 90’s when she had a falling out with some of the members of her group who ended up leaving. She was also going through a breakup with her longtime boyfriend. She came out of it by being bigger and better.
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6. Beyoncé’s favorite number is 4

The die-hard fans of Beyoncé are well aware that Beyoncé’s favorite number is 4, but did you know why? Well her birthday is on September 4th, her mother’s birthday is January 4th and her husband’s is December 4th. She also married Jay-Z on April 4th.
Source: thefactsite.com

7. Entrepreneurial Skills

dereonApart from being great entertainer, Beyoncé does possess entrepreneurial skills too. She runs a side business along with her mom. She started a clothing line House of Dereon and also launched several fragrances including Heat and Pulse.
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8. She was teased for her ears

Well, we could not find any flaws in this beauty queen, but as a child she was teased because of her ears. We still think she is a diva.
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9. Most Nominated woman in Award’s History

Beyonce awardsIt is not hard to believe that this mega star has many awards for her great talent, but she is known to be the “Most Nominated Woman in Award’s History” and has also won 20 Grammy’s.
Source: popsugar.com

10. Shakespeare

LOL! Don’t get us wrong, Beyoncé has considerable giving to the English Language. Remember her song “Bootylicious?” After it became a huge phenomenon Oxford dictionary added the same word to its list.
Source: thefactsite.com

11. Her Pregnancy announcement holds a Guinness Record

Beyonce baby bumpDuring her performance of ‘Love on Top’ in 2011, she announced her pregnancy which was listed as “most tweets per second recorded for a single event” on Twitter, receiving 8868 tweets per seconds in Guinness World Record.
Source: popsugar.com

12. Accomplished Writer

Apart from being a singer, actor and an entertainer, Beyoncé is known to be an accomplished writer and has been awarded from New York Association of Black Journalist for one of her piece.
Source: theboomsbox.com

13. World’s Most Beautiful Woman

beyonceNo surprise there! In the year 2010, she was named the “World Most Beautiful Woman” by People magazine.
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14. Generous side of Beyoncé

Beyonce donatesBeyoncé has made sure that her stardom is put to some great use. She lends support to various NGO’s like Chime for Change, Girl Up, Elevate Network, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Girls Inc. of Greater Houston, and I Was Here and has few foundations in her name.
Source: ibtimes.co.in, image: atlantablackstar.com

15. Beyoncé’s bodyguard once broke her toe

In a rather amusing incident, it was known that Beyoncé’s bodyguard, who was actually protecting the star from a crowd, accidentally stepped on her toe and broke it. We wonder what happened to the bodyguard then.
Source: amazingandweird.com

16. Horse Fly is named after her

In the year 2012, Bryan Lessard, research scientist discovered previously unnamed species of house fly which has unique golden hairs on the fly’s abdomen in Australia. And he named it “Scaptiabeyonceae”, “all-time diva of flies.” Quite interesting!
Source: popsugar.com

17. Records every interview

Beyonce (2)So apparently, Beyoncé records and archives all of her interviews. She keeps all the records in case someone misquotes her.
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18. The youngest person to land on the Billboard Charts

Baby Blue Ivy Carter and BeyonceNo, No we are not talking about Beyoncé, but her daughter. After 2 days of the birth of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter; she became the youngest person to land on Billboard charts because her cries were recorded on Jay-Z’s track “Glory”.
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