17 Interesting Facts About Biology

Have you ever pondered over questions like our existence and our bodies and its functions? Well, Biology surely loves to give you all those answers making it quite an interesting thing to study. Many of these facts make us wonder over various things and take us closer to better understanding of the subject.

me in biology

Here are few interesting and rather fascinating facts about Biology.

1. Swimming pool of Saliva

gif As gross as it sounds, do you know that saliva a human produces in a lifetime is enough to fill up two swimming pools. Disgusting but sounds interesting!!
Source: sciencesational.com

2. The Science behind Goosebumps

scared No, I am not talking about the scary stories but goosebumps arise because of our evolutionary predecessors. When the muscles around the base of each hair get tensed, the human skin looks strange specially when we get scared or experience emotive memory.
Source: sciencekidz.co.nz

3. We get taller in Morning 


This might not seem true but science proved that at the time you wake up, the excess fluids which are released within you spinal discs make you almost half inch taller. But as the day progress, we have to deal with the stress of standing and the disc compresses and fluids seep in making you lose that height of yours.
Source: theguardian.com

4. Your body is hot!


Well Biology compliments us by saying that our body produces enough heat to boil almost half a gallon of water. This is because of laws of thermodynamics where our body produces heat through metabolizing food, exercising, sweat, inhale and exhale.
Source: breakingmuscle.com

5. Your brain is just 18 years old

You will be amazed to know that a human brain stops growing after the age of 18 years. Once you cross 18 years, 1000 brain cells are lost every day. Your brain never stop working even when you are sleeping, it works towards dreams.
Source: breakingmuscle.com

6. You have more bones when you were born with

twin babies It’s fascinating to know that as a baby, we have 300 bones as compared to an adult who has only 206 bones. Most of our bones fuse to become one bigger bone. Another interesting thing is that bones are harder than steel.
Source: breakingmuscle.com, Image: bundleofjoy.com

7. Unique fingerprints of Koalas and Primates

finger prints So in a scenario where Koalas and Primates would commit a crime, there fingerprints can trace us to the criminals. It is known that humans, koalas, apes have unique fingerprints due to their tiny prints on their fingers.
Source: mocomi.com, Image: natgeofiles.com

8. Heart beats so fast that it can squirt blood till 30 feet

heartbeat Do you feel the heartbeat so fast that it seems that it would come out of your body? It is known that at the time of pumping blood through body in an efficient manner, the pressure is so strong that it can squirt blood till 30 feet. Wooh!! That is too much!
Source: breakingmuscle.com

9. Skin is an Organ

skin Yes, you read it right! Did you know that the average human has enough skin to cover 17-20 square feet and 20% of our weight is because of the skin? It replaces 45000+ cells in few seconds growing new skin. This is a reason why skin like any other organ is also regarded as an organ.
Source: mocomi.com, Image: garnierusa.com

10. Brain can light up a Bulb

light A human brain can generate electricity and energy when we are awake and therefore can light up a bulb. It operates on the same amount of power of 10 watt light bulb. Well next time you are over thinking with a bulb image of cartoon, you know it’s kind of true!!
Source: factmonster.com

11. Starfishes are Brainless

starfish Did you know that starfish unlike humans don’t possess brains and are lucky in terms of not dealing with all the problems humans do because of mere presence of it? Seems like a blessing in disguise!
Source: factmonster.com

12. Dreams of Pregnant Women 


All the husbands wish to know what is going in the minds of their pregnant wives. If not that they can settle with what they dream! A pregnant woman dreams most about three things, frogs, worms and potted plants. Other than this, due to hormones, women also dream about water or even have sexual and violent dreams.
Source: factmonster.com

13. Human eye is a 576 megapixels

eyes Understanding the wonders our body possess, biology amazes us!
Well if humans would be digicam, it would be 576 megapixels. Our eyes can identify 10 million colors and nose can remember 50000 scents.
Source: sciencesational.com

14. You can taste onion by rubbing it on feet 


No we are not lying! If you rub onion on your feet, you will be able to taste it in 30-60 minutes. It is because it travels through blood streams. You can go and try and then spend 60 days of solitude.
Source: encyclopedia, Image: benefitsofayurveda.com

15. Brain can be your Encyclopedia ++


A human brain cell has the ability to hold 5 times more information than the Encyclopedia. Scientists believe that the storage capacity of brain is between 3 to 1000 terabytes making memory power of our brains pretty darn impressive. Only if we could use it as well!
Source: encyclopedia, Image: pinterest

16. Snails sleep for years without food


Well living a dream of every lazy person, snails finally make up to the list of laziest of all. They can sleep for 3 to 4 years and that too without even needing any food. And all we humans do is eat, sleep and repeat.
Source: encyclopedia

17. Humans give Spiders creepy feeling

spider No I have not written the other way around. Every time you get the creeps at even looking at a spider, you won’t believe that every time spider comes in contact with humans, it runs to its shelter and cleans itself off the germs.
Source: sciencesational.com