12 Interesting Facts About Bubba Watson

Known for his brilliant driving ability and sense of humor, Bubba Watson, is one of the best left-handed golfers especially on the PGA Tour. He is loved by everybody as he’s charismatic, funny & refreshingly authentic. Besides his golfing prowess, here are some of the interesting facts about Bubba Watson:

Bubba Watson
image: flickr

1. Self-coached Golfer

Bubba Watson golf certificate

Bubba Watson never took a lesson in Golf. He was just gifted a golf club in his hand by his father.
source: businessinsider.com, image: businessinsider.com

2. Sporty Wife

Buba Watson wife Angie Watson

His wife, Angie Watson (Angela) is 6′ 4″ and is a player of Basketball & has played for the WNBA.
source: wikipedia, image: augusta.com

3. No workouts!

In an interview, he revealed that he doesn’t like workouts & barely devotes his time for workouts instead he likes to sleep a lot.
source: businessinsider.com

4. Religious Watson

He has a great faith in Christianity & he regularly attends the Tour Bible Study group.
source: wikipedia

5. Perfect Driver

He is considered one of the longest drivers on the PGA Tour & can hit a ball over 350 yards, generating a ball speed up to 312 km/hr.
source: wikipedia

6. Crying Bubba

Bubba Watson with his mother

On 27 June 2010 in Cromwell, Connecticut, Bubba tearfully dedicated his 1st PGA Tour win to his parents.
source: wikipedia, image: oregonlive.com

7. Bubba’s iconic car

Bubba Watson with his car General Lee

He owns the iconic car- General Lee from the TV series- The dukes of Hazzard for $110,000.
source: uk.sports.yahoo.com, image: sportingnews.com

8. Bubba & “Oh Oh Oh”!

Bubba in single Oh Oh Oh

He appeared in the single- Oh Oh Oh of the band- Golf Boys along-with Ben Crane, Hunter Mahan & Rickie Fowler.
source: wikipedia, image: youtube

9. Bubba’s Hovercraft

Bubba Watson hovercraft

The YouTube video of Bubba’s hovercraft has received more than 9.1 million views so-far.
source: wikipedia

10. Bubba’s mansion

Bubba Watson Mansion

In 2013, Bubba Watson bought the mansion of Tiger Woods in Florida for $5.6 million.
source: golf.com, image: dailymail.co.uk

11. Adopted Children

Bubba Watson with his wife and children

Bubba Watson adopted Caleb (his son) in 2012 & Dakota (his girl) in 2014 as he could not have a natural child.
source: wikipedia, image: qpolitical.com

12. Philanthropist Bubba!

He donates a major fraction of his time & money to charity.
source: wikipedia