15 Interesting Facts About Cocaine

Cocaine, an active chemical in coca plant, has been found to be the second most commonly used illicit drug after marijuana in the United States of America. Cocaine is taken by sniffing through the nose, injecting it with a needle into the bloodstream, or smoking to produce vapors. Its possession, cultivation and distribution are illegal virtually in all parts of the world. So here are few interesting facts about cocaine that you must know.

Coco leaves

Image: wikimedia.org

1. Street names

Some of the popular street names of cocaine include coke, snow, lady, flake, gold dust, freebase and crack etc.
Source: drug-addiction-support.org

2. Born Addicts

Baby CryingSadly more than 100,000 babies are born addicted to Cocaine. If a baby’s mother uses cocaine during the time of pregnancy, chances are the baby will be born physically addicted to the drug.
Source: factslides.com, image: wikimedia.org

3. Coca-Cola and cocaine

coca cola

There was an estimated 9 milligrams of cocaine per serving in Coca-Cola originally. Cocaine combined with caffeine created a powerful stimulating effect. In 1903, Cocaine was officially removed from its ingredients, but a cocaine free version of coca leaf is still in use to add flavor in the soda.
Source: facts.randomhistory.com, image: wikimedia.org

4. Sherlock Holmes therapy

Sherlock holmesSherlock Holmes was a cocaine user and he was frequently described to indulge in cocaine when no stimulating cases were there to excite his mind in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales.
Source: facts.randomhistory.com, image: wikimedia.org

5. Forms of Cocaine

The popular forms of Cocaine are “cocaine hydrochloride” which is in powder form and “freebase.” The powder is mixed with water and usually injected or sniffed. The most common street cocaine is a white powder which is mixed with talcum powder, sugar, corn starch and other stimulants by the dealers.
Source: drug-addiction-support.org, image: wikimedia.org

6. Crack Cocaine

The cracking sound which cocaine makes when smoked gave it the name “crack.” It is a combination of powder form of drug with ammonia, baking soda and water. The mixture is then heated to remove the hydrochloride which produces an immediate high within 1o seconds. As crack cocaine is relatively very cheap and gives immediate high it became very popular in 1980’s and a huge problem with more than 600,000 users.
Source: drug-addiction-support.org, image: wikimedia.org


7. Highly addictive

Cocaine drugCocaine is the one of the most rapidly addictive drug. Even a first time user can become addicted to cocaine. The craving begins from the first snort and gradually more drug is required to achieve the same high.
Source: drug-addiction-support.org, image: wikimedia.org

8. It changes your brain chemistry

No kidding, cocaine is known to cause permanent psychosis. A person predisposed to mental health issues can trigger those problems with the use of cocaine in unexpected ways. The person can become bi-polar and it will incapacitate him for life.
Source: drug-addiction-support.org

9. Cocaine market

It’s interesting to know that Cocaine generates revenue more than Microsoft, McDonald’s, and Kellogg’s combined through its worldwide sales.
Source: factslides.com

10. More addictive than Cocaine..

Chocolate cupcakesRefined sugar is considered more addictive than cocaine and cupcakes can be as addictive as cocaine is.
Source: factslides.com, image: wikimedia.org

11. Traces of cocaine

cocaine and rolled dollar bill90% of US$ bills and 92% of public baby changing tables in the United States carry traces of cocaine.
Source: factslides.com, image: flickr

12. Speedball

One of the deadliest forms of cocaine is speedball cocaine which is a mixture of heroin with cocaine.
Source: stimulantsubstancedisorder.weebly.com

13. Over the counter pain killer

Cocaine for kidsIn the early 1900’s before cocaine was illegalized it was sold over the counter as a pain killer as doctors only knew its healing properties like controlling swelling, strengthening of broken bones, curing wounds and sores that had rotten to the point of being covered in maggots.
Source: stimulantsubstancedisorder.weebly.com, image: wikimedia.org

14. First recorded cocaine addict

First recorded cocaine addict was also the first American physician to use it as an anesthetic for surgery William Halsted after being exposed to cocaine got tempted to try it recreationally and hence became the first recorded addict who practiced medicine.
Source: dstimulantsubstancedisorder.weebly.com

15. Health effects

cocaineCocaine is a central nervous system stimulant and with continuous use it can lead to long-term changes in brain’s system. Users can suffer heart attacks and strokes, causing sudden death.
Source: drugabuse.gov