16 Interesting Facts About Dairy Queen


Can you not like a baby’s drooling smile? Can you not like grandma’s cookies? Can you not like mom’s scolding when you don’t call her when you are supposed to? Some things in life just cannot be disliked! Like the soft, sweet, pure Dairy Queen ice cream! Like the ‘Q’ tip that adorns the brand logo of the Dairy Queen! Come on, let’s know more about the legendary ice cream brand that has ruined us for other ice creams!! Here are some fun & interesting facts about Dairy Queen:

dairy queen

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1. Grand pa, we love you!

The main person behind the success of Dairy Queen, Jack McCullough is fondly known as “Grandpa”!

2. Promotion sale? No, Tsunami sale!


Once, the founder of DQ Sherb Noble announced a promotion sale, in which customers can have any Dairy Queen ice cream for 10 cents. The promotion campaign was so big a hit that, the founder was afraid that the customers would break the shop. Who wouldn’t want a free ice cream, Dairy Queen? The Only regret was that some of us were not born then.
Source:mentalfloss.com, image: gifbay.com

3. Hot items in Dairy Queen? What???


Some outlets of Dairy Queen sell hot items, but those are called, “brazier DQs.” Maybe they oughtta be called “bizarre DQS” since we got so used to the sweet items from Dairy Queen that imagining DQ mark on a hot item seems a bit weird!
Source:mentalfloss.co, image: tumblr

4. Queen of all the food chains! Well, no arguments!

ice cream

Grandpa was the reason the Dairy Queen got its name! He felt that the company of his is the “Queen of all the food chains”! We agree with you, grandpa! Maybe my sweet tooth is talking here!

 5. Ssshhhh!!! Secret!

sshhh! secret

Like many top class brands, DQ too never revealed the ingredients used in their ice creams or any other items! The “Queen” demands security of course! What rocket science they use in making ice creams? Nobody knows!

6. Rapid growth!

Dairy Queen was one of the former companies, who followed franchising! It is by franchising that they had gone from 10 stores a year to hundred a year!
Source: answers.com 

7. Which is more exotic, orange or milk?

The famous “Orange Julius” is also owned by Dairy Queen! (May be they didn’t change the name because “Orange Julius” sounds more exotic than Dairy Queen, just saying!).


8. Can’t flip a blizzard, you are fired!


There is a weird tradition in DQ. If any of their employees cannot turn their ‘blizzards’ upside down, they could be removed from their jobs! It is a way to show the public how thick their blizzard is! Confidence or publicity trick, DQians? Anyway, we are happy as long as we are served that thick blizzard!
Source:mentalfloss.com, image: tumblr

9. Food chain? Let’s acquire!

The Dairy Queen is now owned by Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway! These giants just can’t resist fast growing food chains, can they? Maybe everybody gets attracted by food!

10. Thou shall be praised!

Dairy Queen established a record by making world’s largest blizzard weighing, 5,316.6 pounds. The record was broken by another company after some years. But still, he who got the idea to create such huge sweet treat needs to be praised!
Source: answers.com 

11. That’s what everybody likes about Texas!

love dairy queen

Texas has the largest share in the business of Dairy Queen with the largest number of franchises. That is why it has its motto for DQ, “That’s What I Like About Texas.” Okay. That’s what we like about Texas too (apart from ruggedly handsome cowboys and women adorned in leather 😉 !).
Source: answers.com, image: tumblr

12. Warren Buffet effect!

warren buffet

DQ is very active in charity and donates to children’s causes very frequently. Now that’s called “Warren Buffet” effect!
Source: answers.com, image: tumblr

13. Star manager!

Guess who manages the ‘star of ice cream companies’? A star of course! “Shark Tank” actor Mark Cuban manages the store in Dallas!
Source: answers.com 

14. Old design! Only one!

There is only one outlet with the original DQ design. It is located in Port Colborne.
Source: torontosun.com

15. Here comes another hero!

The founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc supplied materials and machines to DQ outlets. It is where he said he learned about food industry!
Source: torontosun.com

16. Celebrities, come on, say present!

Articles about food chains won’t end without mentioning famous stars who worked there in their initial stages! DQ also has an impressive ‘they-worked-in-our-store-before-they-made-it—big’ employees list, which includes Bonnie Hunt (actress), Martina McBride (famous country singer), Gwen Stefani (singer).
Source: torontosun.com