20 Interesting Facts About Domino’s Pizza

How much did the co-founder of Domino’s take to sell his 50 % share? What’s the relation to Domino’s shares and a beat up Beetle car? Who is the self-made man behind the pizza counter? Everything about Domino’s is super interesting! Come on, let’s take a look! Here are some fun & interesting facts about Domino’s Pizza:

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1. Customize Your Own Pizza!

pizza varieties

Dominos offers a number of different varieties of pizza for everyone! One can even customize their own pizzas!
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2. Preference For New Toppings

we likw pizza

Most of the items (nearly 85%) at Domino’s Pizza are new ones. That is the items, which have been added to the menu since 2008.
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3. Sorry 80’s Kids! No Choco Lava For You


We can get yummy choco lava cake and different types of pasta and everything in today’s menu of Domino’s. But before 1992, we wouldn’t get anything but pizza if we went to a Domino’s outlet. They only served pizzas (a large variety of them, of course) and nothing else!

4. Bread Freaking Sticks


The first item other than Pizza that had been served at Domino’s was breadsticks.

5. Domino’s… Full Of Dots

domino's logo

The founders of Domino’s initially planned that they would put a new dot in their logo each time they open a new outlet. But since they realized the potential of the Domino’s, they have thrown that idea away. If they didn’t, the entire signboard would not have been enough to place the dots by now!
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6. Super Bowl Sunday?? Let’s Call Domino’s


The drivers of Domino’s Pizza deliver the most on Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, you have guessed correctly! That’s the day the orders come in highest number!

7. Pizza Delivery Is Equal To A Trip To The Moon!


There is a lot of driving involved in delivering pizzas. This we all know. But can you guess how much driving? It’s as much as making 41 trips to the moon per week. It’s only in the USA.

8. The Third Most Essential Item To Survive!

pizza dance

Domino’s stands in top 5; regarding online transactions. It competes with Amazon and Apple often. Well, food is more important than any other product, isn’t it?
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9. Track Your Pizza

track my pizza

Try tracking your pizza order with any other company. You can’t do that. Domino’s is the only restaurant that allows tracking the order by a customer.
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10. Bad Boy Turned Billionaire!


“The harder I try to be good, the worse I get; but I may do something sensational yet.” Isn’t it interesting and inspiring? The founder of Domino’s, Tom Monaghan wrote this in his high school yearbook.

11. No Complications…Only Profits


The main attitude of the founder of Domino’s was to keep the menu simple. It has been proved very fruitful in the history of Domino’s.

12. Give me your beat up car… I will give you my millions!

Can you believe if I say that a person sold out half of the Domino’s for a beat up car? But it’s true. Jim Monaghan, Tom’s brother, did this at the initial stages of the Domino’s existence.
Source: mentalfloss.com

13. The Love Stroy Behind Pizza Delivery

pizza love

There is a beautiful love story involved with the first delivery of Domino’s! The founder of Domino’s went for the first delivery of Domino’s pizza and fell in love with a receptionist and married her later!
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14. The Pizza Making Competition


There is a competition that Domino’s held every year to see who can make pizza in the least time. A person (who also happens to be the owner of a Domino’s franchise), Superman, Pali Grewal won the title in 2014 with a record of making a pizza in 11 seconds.
Source: thelistlove.com

15. You Are The Best Pilot!


A pilot once bought 50 pizzas for the passengers of his flight, since the flight couldn’t move because of a storm. The thing is he paid the amount from his pocket!
Source: thelistlove.com

16. Pizza?? No… It’s Pizza Dough!!!

It is estimated the biggest profit share of Domino’s doesn’t come from selling pizzas to the customers but from selling the pizza dough to the franchises!
Source: finance.yahoo.com.com

17. No Pizza Day

no pizza

There was a day on which not even one order came to Domino’s!! It was the day when OJ Simpson was given a verdict!
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18. A Person Is Known By The Underwear He/She Wears!

Domino’s had conducted a survey to know which brand of underwear their customers wear. It was Calvin Klein, and by this, Domino’s said that it proved that their customer base is the one who prefers quality! Ohh! What a way to decide standard!
Source:articles.chicagotribune .com

19. We Are Proud Of You, Sir!


The founder of Domino’s was brought up in an orphanage! He always was a troubled kid!
Source: mentalfloss.com

20. No 30 Minutes Pizza! Safety Is Important Than Pizza

pizza delivery

The 30 minutes delivery system was canceled by Domino’s because the pressure of fast delivery caused many accidents.
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