17 Interesting Facts About Grapes

Grapes! Now doesn’t this one fruit bring water to your mouth whether eaten as it is, taken in dried form or as a wine. We can hear you clearly saying “Yeah”! Grapes fall in the category of finger foods and are popular because of their unique taste that is a blend of juicy flesh. When it comes under your teeth, your mouth is filled with juice that is sweet and sour in taste. This was something about taste that you all know in some way or the other. But what we are more interested in is to make you aware about the healthful benefits of this small fruit punch. We have compiled a list of interesting facts about grapes that are going to make you go wow with surprise and awe.

Grapes during pigmentation

1. Anti-aging

grapes nutrtionAnti-aging property of grapes is proved by many researches. Its constitution of around 20 popular anti-oxidants makes it the most sought after beautifying product. A phytonutrient called resveratrol found moderately in grapes contributes a lot towards long life and taking off wrinkles and fine lines from your face.
Source: whfoods.com

2. Confusion bold-out

Once it was a matter of debate that grapes should be consumed by diabetic people or not but recent studies have knocked out this confusion by disclosing that Glycemic Index(GI) more than 55 can enhance your blood sugar but GI of grapes is only 46, making it ideal for all.
Source: healthyeating.sfgate.com

3. Versatile consumption

RaisinsCan you imagine how this very fruit can be put to different consumption ways apart from eating raw, raisin form, and wine. Grapes can be used as a low-calorie snack or can be transformed into a healthy and tasty dessert. Some of the relishing dishes made out of grapes are jelly, jam, juice, salad mix, and sauce.
Source: food.com, image: wikimedia.org

4. Wondrous grape-seed oil

grape seed oilGrape seeds are said to be used as various remedial measures and its use is enhanced since its oil is started to be extracted with advance technology. It is a rich source of Vitamin E and F. Because of its virtues, grape-seed oil is also used as an ingredient in various cosmetics.
Source: iconiclook.com, image: authoritynutrition.com

5. Nutrient-rich grape skin

grape pulpYou are at mistake, our dear guest! If you are thinking that grape pulp is everything and not its skin and seed. Rather pulp contains a little share of nutrients than those of found in skin and seeds. Majority of the anti-oxidants and other vitamins and nutrients are found in skin and seeds. So, if some recipes ask you to take off these constituents, try to avoid it to have wholesome benefits of grapes.
Source: healthbenefitsofgrapes.com, image: flickr

6. Grape festival

Fiesta de VendimiaAmazed! Yes it is true! You can google it and know more about it. In many parts of the world, grape festivals are organised to celebrate harvest of grapes and its products like wine and other beverages. Naples is the home to grape festival in New York.
Source: naplesgrapefest.org, image: wikimedia.org

7. One for all

purple grapesGrapes are one of those few fruits that are associated with preventing various ailments. Due to its fibre content and blood purification attribute, it is recommended in diseases like cancer, anaemia, blood pressure, constipation, and heart disease.
Source: medicalnewstoday.com

8. Bygone the days of knee pain

Knee PainResearch has proved that polyphenols found in grapes tend to mitigate knee pain if the fruit is included in regular diet. Along with relief in knee pain, flexibility of joints and increased mobility is also noticed in the research.
Source: medicalnewstoday.com, image: socalpain.com


9. Anti allergen

grape seed extractGrapes and its seed extract both contain antihistamine and anti-inflammatory ingredients that aid in removing allergens from your body. Runny nose, sneezing, congestion, hay fever, and eczema are some of the ailments that can be relieved by having grapes in regular diet.
Source: herbwisdom.com, image: greenmedinfo.com

10. Raisin Facts

raisinRaisins are actually dried grapes and therefore their water content is severely low in comparison to grapes. On the contrary, grapes’ sugar and calorie concentration is three times high as compared to grapes. Therefore, grapes contribute to diet conscious and healthy snack whereas if you are more concerned with dense antioxidant assimilation, you should stick to raisins.
Source: fitday.com

11. Treasure-captured Grape Leaves

Grape leavesIt will amaze you but it is true. Grapevine leaves are edible and full of nutrients. It is loaded with Calcium and Magnesium and fulfils 10% and 7% of the respective minerals in human body by munching on only 1 ounce of vine leaves. Grape leaves are also a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.
Source: healwithfood.org, image: wikimedia.org

12. Gospel of Wine

wineSo, people out there who are fond of wine, there is a good news for you! Varied researches done on wine and people have already disclosed the outcome that wine if taken moderately is good for cardiovascular health. 1 glass for women and 2 glasses for men on a daily basis is recommended by researchers.
Source: webmd.com

13. Secret of French people

white wineAccording to a research, percentage of people for heart diseases is much lower than other countries because of their love for red wine. Red wine is actually the only wine that is fermented with the grape skin on. So, it contains all the nutrients from the skin as well and benefits French by preventing their arteries blockage and other heart problems.
Source: wikipedia

14. Bladder Cleaner

grape juiceGrapes have the capability to reduce the acidity of urine and therefore they are recommended for any type of urine infection. Moreover, grape juice is also helpful in throwing out the stones and induce regular urination so as to frequent the bile flow and waste products of the body.
Source: livestrong.com, image: flickr

15. Herbal Laxative

Constipation is an emerging ailment in the modern world. Thankfully, grapes are there to induce motion by attacking the syndrome with their fibrous nature. Persons with chronic constipation are recommended to take 200 ml of grape juice on a daily basis.
Source: healthyliving.azcentral.com

16. Boon for Eyesight

grapesGrape seeds contain flavonoid compounds which make up an ideal diet for eyesight and aids in treating night blindness, retinal degeneration, and weak vision. Richness of flavonoids in grapes can be measured by its colour. Deeper the colour, packed more with flavonoid.
Source: ibtimes.co.in

17. Caution with Consumption

Grape PlantGrapes are said to be high on pesticide residues and therefore organic one are given preference for eating in a regular diet. But what if organic grapes are not found easily? Then you have to take pains and soak them in water with little bit of salt for sometime after which they become eatable.
Source: juicing-for-health.com