15 Interesting Facts About Heath Ledger

Popular Movies like 10 Things I Hate About You,The Patriot, Ned KellyThe Brothers Grimm, Brokeback Mountain , Casanova ,CandyI’m Not ThereThe Dark Knight etcetera reminds us of the Australian actor and director Heath Ledger. Just few months after portraying the character of “The Joker”, Ledger, unfortunately, gave up his ghost.
Here are some interesting facts about him that you might not know:
heath ledger painting

1. First role

heath ledger

Heath’s first role was in a school play, Peter Pan, aged 10.
Source: unbelievable-facts.com, Image: blogspot.com

2. Wuthering Heights Inspiration

wuthering heights

Heath and his elder sister, Kate have been named after the protagonists of the novel “Wuthering Heights”.
Source: boomsbeat.com, Image: Nonehub.com

3. Chuck Norris

chuck norris

As a young lad, Heath loved Chuck Norris.
Source: unbelievable-facts.com, Image: lifetime.com

4. First Role


His first role in the Australian series called ‘Sweat’ was as a gay bicyclist.
Source: moviepilot.com, Image: pinterest.com

5. 10 Things I Hate About You


His first starring role where he beat Ashton Kutcher and Josh Hartnett was in 10 Things I Hate About You.
Source: buzzfeed.com, Image: wikipedia

6. Kissing Act

brokeback mountain

It was in the news that Ledger almost broke co-star Jake Gyllenhaal’s nose while shooting a kissing scene.
Source: unbelievable-facts.com, Image: huffingtonpost.com

7. Makeup Madness


For his iconic role in The Dark Knight, Ledger, using the cosmetics and clown makeup, designed the Joker’s make-up himself.
Source: moviepilot.com, Image: gayspeak.com

8. Dress code

the joker

During the famous hospital scene when The Joker is seen dressed up as nurse, his name tag reads Matilda, the name of his daughter.
Source: buzzfeed.com, Image: pinterest.com

9. Other Activities

chess playing

Not only was Ledger a brilliant actor but was a brilliant chess player too, completing the Australia’s junior chess championship only while he was 10 years of age.
Source: buzzfeed.com, Image: pinterest.com

10. Mannerisms

the joker batman

The eccentric rolling of tongue and other mannerism, while playing The Joker, took place because of Heath’s own habits.
Source: moviepilot.com, Image: whatculture.com

11. Youngest Joker

heat ledger 1

An actor, not younger than Heath, has ever played the role of The Joker.
Source: unbelievable-facts.com, Image: gazettereview.com

12. Oscar Nomination


Coincidentally, Heath’s oscar nomination for the best supporting actor fell on his first death anniversary.
Source: buzzfeed.com, Image: dailymail.co.uk

13. Secluded Preparations

heath ledger joker

Heath spend most of his time in isolation and seclusion of a motel room to prepare for the role of The Joker.
Source: moviepilot.com, Image: showbizmag.com

14. Most searched

Amusingly, “Keith Ledger” was  second most searched on google the day after his death.
Source: buzzfeed.com, Image:

15. Glasgow Smilepinterest heath ledger

The scars on the Joker’s face is a wound called a Glasgow smile.
Source: unbelievable-facts.com, Image: pinterest.com