12 Interesting Facts About Highland County (Ohio)

Located in a hilly region of Ohio, Highland divides the watersheds of two beautiful rivers; Little Miami and Scioto. If you are a nature lover, trek, hike, ride or glide in some gorgeous towns and countryside in the area and enjoy your hobbies. After recreation, just wind down at the beach of Rocky Fork Lake. Having been relaxed, enjoy a short trip to the Rocky Fork State Park, which is only five miles away from an embellishing town, Hillsboro. The park is a fun center and perfect embodiment of epic beauty. Let us know some more interesting facts about this magnificent area: Highland.

HighlandImage: visithighlandin.com

1. Famous For The Rolling Farmlands

Rolling Farmlands of Highland, OhioHighland County is famous for its village lifestyle. The County has many villages, but, some popular villages such as Greenfield, Highland, Leesburg, etc. have very enticing rolling farmlands that produce corn, beans, and some other grains and fruits.
Source: visithighlandcounty.com, Image: fineartamerica.com

2. Take A Stroll In A Dramatic Town

Aerial View of Hillsboro
Aerial View of Hillsboro

Highland County has its seat in a beautiful town, Hillsboro. Hillsboro is the largest town in Highland and famous for its charming lifestyle. While touring Highland, never miss touring this town on foot or bicycle. Hillsboro is considered the best place to live in the County with all modern facilities.
Source: livability.com, Image: weather.gov

3. The Alleys Of Sunflowers

A walk through alleys of Sunflowers
A walk through alleys of Sunflowers

Just a few hours drive from Highland village, you will find some fields of Sunflowers. Many people walk through the alleys of Sunflowers each year for fun.
Source: ohioexplored.com, Image: Cleveland.com

4. Have A Fun At Rocky Fork State Park

Rocky Fork State Park
Rocky Fork State Park
Camping in Highland
Camping in Highland

The Rocky Fork State Park is a fun center for the people of Highland. People enjoy here and spend some quality time with friends and relatives. Of course, it is a perfect place for amateur athletes who are interested in swimming, camping, fishing, rafting, hunting, golfing, etc.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: RVPoints.com, Image: Pixabay

5. Historical Libraries

Highland houses many libraries. These libraries date back to the 19th and 20th century. Most famous libraries are Hillsboro Library, Greenfield Library, Leesburg Library, Lynchburg Library, etc.
Source: highlandco.org

6. Take A Part In Some Adventures

Horse Ride in the Park
Horse Ride in the Park
Biking in Paint Creek State Park
Biking in Paint Creek State Park

Just 13 miles east of the Hillsboro, there lies Paint Creek State Park, which is very popular in the region for its wide recreational activities. Among other pursuits, two are very famous here: Horse Riding and Mountain Biking.
Source: stateparks.com, Image: Pixabay, Image: Pixabay

7. Welcome To Fort Hill State Memorial

Fort Hill State Memorial Entrance Sign
Fort Hill State Memorial Entrance Sign

If you are historian whether professional or amateur, do not forget to go to the Fort Hill State Memorial. The Memorial houses the many text collections of American History. Collections also tell us about Hopewell culture, which flourished between 100 BC and 500 BC in the north-east of the USA.
Source: ohiohistorycentral.org, Image: Wikimedia

8. A Highland In Highland

Gravemarker of James G. Polk
Gravemarker of James G. Polk

There is a village also with the same name in Highland county. Prior to 1816, the village highland was called, Lexington. A Democratic politician, James G. Polk was buried here in 1959.
Source: revolvy.com, Image: Wikimedia

9. Pay A Visit To Highland Sanctuary

Highland Sanctuary is an arc of Appalachia’s oldest and largest preserve. Its area is around 2600 acre and famous for its beautiful Gorge, a 100-foot high steep-walled canyon recognized for its stunning rock formations.
Source: arcofappalachia.org

10. Laze Around At The Beach

RaftingHighland County is contiguous with the Rocky Fork Lake. The lake is known for its astonishing beauty. If you are fed up of your workload in your office, take some time off and enjoy quality time with your friends and relatives at the beach of beautiful Rocky Fork Lake or if you are looking for some adventure, enjoy rafting here, this is what its famous for.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: Pixabay

11. Let’s Get Into Wildlife Zone


Just 4 miles north of Hillsboro town, there lies Fallsville Wildlife Area. This is perfect for the wildlife lovers and offers hiking, hunting, fishing, and other recreations. Half of the area is covered with the meadows and rest is for reservoirs and forests.
Source: wildlife.ohiodnr.gov, Image: silverspur-ranch.com

12. Settled By Europeans

In terms of ancestry, Highland is inhabited by mostly Europeans. According to the 2010 census statistics, 23.8% were Germans, 15% Irish, 10.7% English, etc. Only 14.3% were Native Americans in the region.
Source: Wikipedia