21 Interesting Facts About Human Brain

The human brain has put the entire human race into a state of bafflement since ages. Many people have devoted their lives to learn and manifest information on this subject. Thanks to them, we now have a fair deal of information about this magnificent organ. Here are 21 facts about the commander of the body:

human brain

1.  Brain Damage

brainLack of oxygen in brain for even five minutes can lead to permanent brain damage.
Source: nlm.nih.gov.com, Image: sciencefacts.com

2. Arrested Development

activebrainDid you know your brain can develop until the age of 50 years!
Source: telegraph.co.uk, Image: sciencefacts.com

3. Total Oxygen

Out of the total Oxygen in your body, 20 percent of it is used by brain.
Source: factslides.com, Image: molecularformula.com

4. The Immense Power

lightbultA human brain can produce as much energy as to lit a small bulb.
Source: nationalgeographic.com, Image: humanbrain.com

5. Taste Receptors


Apart from tongue, taste receptors are also present in intestines, lungs, testicles, pancreas and BRAIN!
Source: businessinsider.com, Image: sciencefacts.com

6. Einstein’s Brain

einstein brainThe man who did post-mortem of Einstein’s body stole his brain and preserved it in a jar for twenty years!
Source: nj.com

7. Plain Fat

brain60 percent of the human brain is only fat, making it the fattiest organ of the body.
Source: huffingtonpost.com, Image: sciencefacts.com

8.  Dieting Makes You Dumb

dietingATTENTION GIRLS! it has been proved by the scientists that dieting can force your brain to eat itself!
Source: telegraph.co.uk, Image: Pinterest

9. Chocolate…mmm

chocolateSmell of chocolate can actually relax your brain by producing “Theta brain waves” which is responsible for relaxation of body.
Source: dosomething.org, Image: Pinterest

10. Sweat It (not)

workoutNinety minutes of sweating can temporarily shrink the brain as much as one year of ageing.
Source: bebrainfit.com, Image: tumblr

11. Competing With Formula 1

ferrari formula 1Brain information moves anywhere between 1 mph and an impressive 268 miles per hour. This is faster than Formula 1 race cars which top out at 240 mph.
Source: bebrainfit.com, Image: tumblr

12.  Negative Thoughts In Us

negative thoughtsThe average brain is believed to make around 50,000 thoughts per day. It’s also estimated that in most people 70% of these thoughts are negative.
Source: bebrainfit.com, Image: tumblr

13. Men vs Women

men vs womenGenerally, a man’s brain size is larger than a woman’s, considering the body size.
Source: bebrainfit.com, Image: tumblr

14. Multitasking Makes You Dumb

DumbYes, it is shockingly true because most people think that multitasking makes their brain more active and thus smarter. In fact the opposite to it is true.
Source: bebrainfit.com, Image: pinterest

15. Drunken Facts

DrunkIf you were drinking and don’t remember what you did last night, it’s not because you forgot. The real reason is that while you are drunk your brain is incapable of forming memories.
Source: bebrainfit.com, Image: pinterest

16. To the Control Freaks

controlYou think your life is in control? Think again! 95% of your decisions occur in the subconscious part of the brain.
Source: bebrainfit.com, Image: wikimedia

17. Coma

sleeping pillsPrescription sleeping pills don’t put you to sleep. They put your brain into a state similar to being in a coma, essentially bypassing any restorative value of sleep.
Source: bebrainfit.com, Image: wikimedia

18. No Pain No Gain

surgeryAlthough pain is processed in your brain, your brain has no pain receptors and feels no pain. This explains how brain surgery can be performed while the patient is awake with no pain or discomfort.
Source: bebrainfit.com, Image: wikimedia

19. Cerebral Cortex

brainThe cerebral cortex or the outer layer of cerebrum grows thicker as you learn to use it.
Source: epyk.com, Image: sciencefacts.com

20. Myth Debunked

brainIt is said that human beings use less than 10% of their brain. It is untrue, the brain of a human being is fully functional and each and every part of it has a known function.
Source: nursingassistantcentral.com, Image: marysue.com

21. Yawns

YawnIt is believed that yawning helps to send more Oxygen to brain and therefore wakes it up.
Source: nursingassistantcentral.com, Image: alternet.com