9 Interesting Facts About Jama Masjid

The Masjid-i jahan-numah or the Jama Masjid acquires a position in one of the biggest mosques in India. It is not surprising that it is crowded with visitors every now and then making it one of the most visited shrines too. This magnificent building is standing proud and tall even after many ups and downs. It has quite a history to tell. Let’s begin our journey towards the World Reflecting Mosque, as it is popularly known.

jama masjid wallpaper

1. Construction

jama masjid old

Jama Masjid was built  by Shah Jahan between 1644-1656. It was constructed by more than 5,000 workers which is quite a normal deal to make a huge structure.
Source: travel.india.com, Image: wikipedia

2. Inauguration


The mosque was inaugrated by an imam from Bukhara (the present day Uzbekistan)
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3. How is it the Largest?

jama masjid crowd

Because.. a whooping amount of 25,000 people can pray in the courtyard of the mosque at the same time. That’s a LOT of people.
Source: travel.india.com, Image: travelwithme.com

4. Attacked Twice


The mosque has been attacked twice- 2006 and 2010. The 2006 attack was a bomb explosion and the 2010 attack was an open firing.
Source: wikipedia

5. Courtyard is Very Approachable


There are several different ways to reach the courtyard. There are 39 steps made up of crimson stone from the north gate, 33 steps from the southern gate and 35 steps from the east gate which is the main entrance to the mosque.
Source: quora.com, Image: mountainsoftravelphotos.com

6. The Evening Aura

jama masjid

In the evening, the steps of the mosque are converted into various stalls including book and food stalls. The west of the mosque is converted into poultry where meat is sold and in the south of the mosque books are sold.
Source: quora.com, Image: newsworld.in

7. Capacity of the Mosque


Not just the courtyard, but the mosque in whole can handle 85,000 people at once! That’s more than A LOT!
Source: blog.mapsofindia.com, Image: wikimedia

8. Multicultural Inspiration

jama masjid 1

The western portion of the shrine constitutes a huge hall which features 260 columns that have been sculpted in the Jain and Hindu architectural pattern.
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

9. The Meaning


Ever thought why we call it ‘Jama’? Well, Jama means ‘Friday’ and a huge number of muslims arrive in order to recite the namaz on this day.
Source: wikipedia