5 Interesting Facts About Joseph Schooling

Born in Singapore to a Eurasian family, Joseph schooling is the most sought-after swimmer of Singapore. Besides his swimming accolades, Schooling has many other things worth knowing. Here are some of the interesting facts about Joseph Schooling:

Joseph Schooling
image: asiaone.com

1. 3rd Generation Singaporean

Chinese migrants in Singapore are termed as the third generation Singaporean and Joseph Schooling is one of them.
source: wikipedia

2. Schooling and the British Military 

Joseph Schooling has a connection with the British Military as his great grandfather was an officer in the British Military.
source: swimswam.com

3. Schooling has Olympic DNA

Before Joseph, his uncle- Lloyd Valberg also represented Singapore in the 1948 Olympic Games held in London.
source: goodyfeed.com

4. Schooling and Football

Joseph Schooling is a big fan of football and in an online interview revealed about his favorite football club- Chelsea.
source: wikipedia

5. When Schooling beat Michael Phelps

Joseph Schooling with Michael Phelps

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Joseph Schooling beat his hero Michael Phelps to Olympic gold in the 100 meter butterfly event- 8 years after he met Phelps as a 13 year old fan.
source: telegraph.co.uk, image: telegraph.co.uk