19 Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber

Born in London and raised in Canada, Justin Bieber is a name that has become a synonym for stardom. From his songs like ‘Baby,’ ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ to ‘What do you mean’ and ‘Beauty and a Beat,’ we have seen him grow from a cute kid star to a mega pop star. Here are some interesting facts about Justin Bieber which are just as fascinating as he is:

Justin BieberGIF: umad.com

1. A Complete Musician!

Justin Beiber playing drums

Justin Bieber can play Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, and also drums. Do you think there is anything this guy can’t play? We are thoroughly impressed with this full package of the musician.
Source: suprtickets.com, Image: timeoutdubai.com

2. Star from the Start!

Justin Bieber Young Photo

At the age of 12, he came second in a local competition called Stratford Idol. After that, his mom started posting videos of him singing online which later impressed various label houses that signed him and turned him into a worldwide sensation.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: mirfaces.com

3. The Person Behind His Success!


Bieber was initially signed by Raymond Braun Media Group, a joint venture between Braun and R&B singer Usher, who launched Bieber’s career.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: wikimedia.org

4. A Haircut Is A Costly Affair!

Justin Bieber Haircut

We all know that whatever Bieber does, wears, and gets as a haircut becomes a style statement worldwide, but one gossip publication claims that Justin’s haircut costs up to $750. Now that’s too much!
Source: boomsbeat.com, GIF: buzzfeed.com

5. When You Repeat The Word, It Becomes A Sensation!

Justin Bieber Never Say Never

Justin used the word ‘Never’ 69 times in the song ‘Never Say Never.’
Source: wattpad.com, Image: wallpaperama.com

6. Favorites of Bieber!

Justin’s favorite TV Shows are Friends and Smallville, and favorite movie is Rocky. His favorite food is Pizza, and favorite crisps are Doritos.
Source: funkidslive.com

7. Meet His Mentor!

Will Smith

Both are the accomplished actors and singers and have weekly phone calls and discussions about what all is going on their lives. Justin considers Will his mentor and guide.
Source: j-14.com, Image: wikimedia.org

8. Bieber is Claustrophobic

Justin Bieber Claustrophobic

Justin has a fear of closed and narrow spaces like elevators, closets and you’ll hardly see him taking a lift.
Source: justinbieberzone.com, Image: twimg.com

9. Bieber And Rubik’s Cube

justin bieber rubik's cube

He loves Rubik’s cube and can solve it in just 47 seconds.
Source: beforeitsnews.com, Image: resimbul.com

10. Numero Uno!

Believe Tour 13, 2012

Justin Bieber is one of the first solo artists to have his 4 singles on top 40 before even releasing the album. Also, he is the youngest artist to have 5 number one albums in the US.
Source: time.com, Image: wikimedia.org

11. The Most Watched Song On YouTube!

Justin Bieber Baby Song

Justin’s first song, “Baby” is known to be the most watched video on YouTube. Wasn’t it the best song ever?
Source: suprtickets.com, GIF: tenor.com

12. The Most Searched Person on Internet!

Believe Tour 7, 2012

It is known that Justin Bieber is apparently one of the most searched persons on the internet. On an average, he gains two hundred thousand fans on Facebook in a week. That’s popular.
Source: herinterest.com, Image: wikimedia.org

13. Beyoncé is Bieber’s Celebrity Crush!

Beyonce (2)

It is known that Justin Bieber has a huge celebrity crush on Beyoncé and loves her music and also considers her gorgeous. Isn’t that sweet?
Source: kidzworld.com, Image: Flickr

14. A Jack of All Traits!

He can speak French fluently and can count to 10 in German. He also possesses a talent of juggling and can do a backflip and front flip. Is there anything this guy can’t do?
Source: suprtickets.com

15. A Song Turned Movie!

Never say never poster

The 3D concert movie/documentary based on Justin’s life grossed $100 million worldwide and also got positive reviews from critics.
Source: time.com, Image: wikimedia.org

16. Twitter Craze for Bieber!

Justin Bieber has more than 4 million followers on Twitter, which is apparently more than Lady Gaga. It actually means that Justin has more followers than entire Canadian population.
Source: beforeitsnews.com

17. Auctioned His Hair!

Justin Bieber Hair Flip

When Justin Bieber cut his hair after his famous flipping hairstyle; he auctioned his hair at eBay and raised $12000 which he gave away in Charity. Isn’t he the best?
Source: boomsbeat.com, GIF: global.ssl.fastly.net

18. Five versions of Wax Models at Tussaud’s!

Justin Bieber Wax Statue

The famous Wax Museum of Madam Tussaud’s has five different versions of Bieber Models.
Source: herinterest.com, Image: expressdots.com

19. Belieber!

Justin Bieber And Belieber

The fanatic devotees of this Canadian Pop Star are referred as ‘Beliebers.’ The term predates 2010, and before that, they were called ‘Justineras.’
Source: justinbieber.wikia.com, GIF: teenvogue.com