11 Interesting Facts About the Karakoram Mountain Range

The lofty chain of Karakoram Mountains is enriched with tons of natural scenic beauty. Karakoram Mountains is a range of mountains stretching from the extreme north of Hindu Kush mountain range towards the north of Baltistan District. This 482 km long chain of mountains ends in the northeast corner of the state of the former Northern Areas. The scenic beauty of these mountains is captivating and leaves all of us admiring about them. The world famous Siachen Glacier and several beautiful lakes and hot water springs lie here in the Karakoram Range. Here are some interesting facts about Karakoram Mountains Range:

Karakoram Mountains Range
image: earth.imagico.de

1. Home to world’s 2nd highest peak!


World’s second tallest mountain K2 lies in the Karakoram Mountains. The range is home to 300 peaks with an elevation between 5200 and 28000 feet from the sea level.
source: Wikipedia, image: blogspot.com

2. World’s highest battle field!

Siachen Glacier

Karakoram range is home to the world’s highest war zone- Siachen Glacier. Due to the high altitude, Karakoram range has a number of glaciers including Hispar, Chogo Lungma, Braldu, Biafo, Baltoro with its famous Concordia junction.
source: Wikipedia, image: indianexpress.com

3. Zero degree celsius is the warmest temperature!

In Karakoram Mountains, even in the warmest months the temperature sinks lower than 32 degree F (0 degree Celsius). In extreme conditions, the formation of snow hummocks of height 3ft or even more is common there.
source: britannica.com

4. UNESCO nominations….

Tashkurghan National Nature Reserve

The Tashkurghan National Nature Reserve in the Karakoram Range was nominated for inclusion by UNESCO in 2010. And afterward, added to the list.
source: unesco.org, image: backpackingpanda.com

5. Black meaning of the white mountain!

The word Karakoram is a Turkic word that means ‘black gravel.’ European travelers used the term Muztagh (meaning, “Ice Mountain”) for the range.
source: Wikipedia

6. Inspiration to films & novels!

Kim novel

The Karakoram Mountains have been referred to in novels and movies. Rudyard Kipling refers to the Karakorum mountain range in his novel Kim, which was first published in 1900. A film titled Karakoram by Marcel Ithac, chronicling a French expedition to the range in 1936.
source: Wikipedia, image: wikimedia.org

7. World’s highest paved international road!

Karakoram Highway

The 1300 km Karakoram Highway, also known as China-Pakistan Friendship Highway, is considered world’s highest paved international road.
source: dangerousroads.org, image: 2.bp.blogspot.com

8. Acts as a bond between three nations!

Karakoram range spread over India China and Pakistan

The Karakoram is a large mountain range spanning the borders between Pakistan, India and China spread over an area of 482 km.
source: dangerousroads.org, image: britannica.com

9. Diversity is the essence of Karakoram!

There are so many different ethnicities, traditions, languages, and people in the Karakoram. Despite its geography and mix of people, the Karakoram Range has an identity of its own. There are also six main local languages aside from Urdu spoken by the people of the Karakoram: Bali, Burushaski, Kalasha, Khowar, Shina, and Wakhi. Some people also know English.
source: Wikipedia

10. The white paradise!

Karakoram white mountain

The Karakoram is in one of the world’s most geologically active mountain ranges. It is covered with snow and looks like a white paradise throughout the year. Many Karakoram glaciers are covered in a layer of rubble which insulates the ice from the warmth of the sun.
source: Wikipedia, image: treehugger.com

11. Want to take a tour to the Karakoram Range?

Only in dreams, one can traverse the Karakoram Range. However, you need not worry as here you can fly over the white paradise virtually.
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