16 Interesting Facts About KFC

Full form of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is all we know about KFC. Apart from the fact that we can have loads of buckets of world’s tastiest chicken, there are more fun and interesting facts about the restaurant that we are yet to uncover. Let’s explore some interesting facts about KFC- the big brother of chicken:



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1. KFC- we’ll fuel your car and your tummy at the same time!!

The name of the elderly man you see on KFC logo is Colonel Harland Sanders. He is a gas station owner, and he started the restaurant in his gas station. Well, people who went to the gas station even got fuelled their tummies with the yummy chicken.

2. Where’s the secret formula!

sshhh! secret

There is a secret recipe to the KFC chicken, which is safely locked away in Kentucky to keep it away from intruders.

3. Lick but Don’t eat if off Chinese!

Remember the famous caption of KFC? Of course, you do. “Finger licking good.” But you know what they got it translated to, in Chinese? They translated it as “eat your fingers off!!” We do know that Chinese is a bit confusing language but may be while translating an international brand, we ought to consider buying a dictionary rather than believing that we can do it on our own. Poor Chinese people! Hope they didn’t take the caption too seriously!
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4. Old wine in a new bottle!

The same recipe has been followed since 1940 to cook the chicken at KFC (except for the oil brand, which they changed for a healthier one).
Source: whatculture.com

5. Kids fattening center!!

fat guy eating kfc

KFC is fondly (or not!) called as ‘Kids Fattening center.’ Ouch!

6. KFC hats! Buy and become rock stars!!


There is a guitarist by the name of Buckethead, who used to wear the KFC bucket on his head while giving performances. This is the thing that brought him immense fame. May be he felt to do justice to his name!
Source: whatculture.com, image: flickr

7.You got to have a dieting plan buddy!

Do you know who owns KFC now? Not the man on the logo buddies! But our famous PepsiCo limited. Okay PepsiCo, you have pizza hut, taco bell and KFC in your kitty, aren’t you afraid that it’s a bit fattening?
Source: myinterestingfacts.com 

8. You know them but can’t name them!

Even though the top authorities of KFC would never let the herbs list that is needed to cook KFC chicken, they commented in media once, that salt and pepper are two of the 11 ingredients and the remaining is common herbs that are found in almost every kitchen. There must be many who tried to find out what they could be, but come on, if it were that easy to find out, it wouldn’t have been such a big secret (whose list require lockers and everything)!!
Source: whatculture.com 


9. Yummy Japanese Christmas with KFC!

Do you know what the Japanese go for at Christmas dinner? I guess you guessed right. Yes, it’s KFC chicken. Since KFC raised the slogan, ‘Kentucky for Christmas,’ in Japan, people have nearly started a tradition of having KFC chicken on Christmas. Talk about humanmade traditions! Who guessed traditions could be so yummy? 😉
Source:  firstwefeast.com

10. How do you take your chicken? In a bucket of course…

chicken bucket

Do you think that KFC started selling chicken in their world famous buckets since it was started? Absolutely not! They started the bucket tradition after 27 years from the opening of the restaurant. Whoever got the idea of the bucket, kudos brother!! You are the most loved person by all the chicken lovers.
Source:  firstwefeast.com, image:galler4share.com

11. ‘Colonel Sanders who?’- The KFC grandpa!

colonel sanders

Who can forget the elderly face that is smiling as if he is inviting us to his home for a delicious dinner? That is why the face of Colonel Sanders is considered as the second most identifiable face in the world.
Source: factsbarn.com, image: giphy.com

12. Veggies…here you go!!

KFC veg burger

KFC was first meant only for nonvegetarians. But after taking into consideration the fact that they should cater to every taste, they started vegetarian items in their restaurants. They even decorated veg items to look like nonveg items just for fun. Uff, we would have missed KFC veg snacker if not for their consideration. Thank you, KFC!!
Source: factsbarn.com, image: thehindu.com

13. Fried chicken!!! No, KFC chicken!

Why did they abbreviate the ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken?’ Definitely not because it is easy to pronounce buddies! They started calling it KFC to make people ignore the fact that they are eating fried chicken since fried items tend to have more health hazards. Well. We are not blaming you KFC, this process even lifts off the burden of our conscience, repeatedly telling us “stop eating fried items you cholesterol freak, you have enough in your body already!”
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14. The land in which the sun never sets is the luckiest one!

First, overseas KFC franchise was opened in England. You lucky English People!
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15. Everyone is equal before law and KFC!

Never mind, rest of the world! KFC operates in 80 different countries today. Everybody needs to be given a fair chance right!
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16. Sanders court and cafe to KFC!

At first, the place was called, ‘sanders court and café,’ when it was run by Colonel Sanders. Anyway, what’s in the name? All we ask is fantabulous chicken with a coke, isn’t it?
Source: stumblerz.com