20 Interesting Facts About Lady Gaga

The controversial yet intriguing and edgy pop star, Lady Gaga is known for her inexplicable costumes and some great hits. She has a “Poker Face” which “Paparazzi” love but all she has to say is that she was “Born this way”. She is unique and makes sure that her presence is never missed. Here are a few interesting facts about Lady Gaga you need to know.

Lady Gaga in Rome

Image: wikimedia.org

1. She gets her name from Queen’s Song

Lady Gaga gets her stage name from Queen’s Song “Radio Gaga” but in reality her name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.
Source: thefactsite.com

2. Carries Cup and Saucer

lady gaga teacupLady Gaga once told in an interview that she carries a purple teacup and a saucer everywhere she goes. She drinks tea with her mother and carrying it makes her feel at home.
Source: abc7.com, image: electricity-club.co.uk

3. “Haus of Gaga”

Haus og gagaThe singer has given a name “Haus of Gaga” to the crew that works with her. This crew includes stage designers, sound artist, clothes designers and visual artists. She truly knows how to treat a family.
Source: onlyinfographic.com, image: appsios.net

4. Classically Trained Pianist

Lady gaga pianoAt the early age of 4, Lady Gaga taught herself to play piano by ear and at 13 years, she even wrote her first piano ballad. Hell of a talented artist!
Source: mademan.com, image: youtube.com

5. Awards for the Debut Album

GagaLady Gaga’s debut album “The Fame” was a huge hit and reached no. 1 in UK, Canada and many more countries. “Poker Face” and “Just Dance” became international number-one hits, topping the Billboard Top 100. The same album earned 6 Grammy Award nominations and won the awards for Best Dance Recording and Best Electronic Dance Album for “Poker Face”.
Source: nobert-bermosa.blogspot.in, image: flickr

6. Facts about the Famous Meat Dress

lady gaga meat dress

Do you guys recall the famous meat dress the star wore, well it weighed 50 pounds, didn’t drip blood and according to Gaga, it had a sweeter smell. Franc Fernandez designed the dress, sourcing the meat from his family’s butcher. The dress was put on display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s “Women Who Rock” exhibit.
Source: rollingstone.com, image: twitter

7. Wrote Songs for some great Artists

Britney Spears

Lady Gaga is not just known for her singing talents but she is also a songwriter and wrote songs for some of the big names like Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls and Fergie.
Source: nobert-bermosa.blogspot.in, image: wikimedia.org

8. Cameos on TV

Before becoming the pop sensation, the star appeared on reality show, MTV’s Boiling Point in 2005 as Stefani and also at another show ‘The Hills’ in 2008.
Source: dailyworldfacts.com


9. Old odd jobs

Did you know that this star used to go dancing in the bars before she became famous and her music career took off?
Source: mid-day.com

10. ‘Born this way’ was a humongous success

giphyLady Gaga’s song ‘Born this way’ sold more than one million tracks in the first five days, making a record.
Source: thefactsite.com, image: giphy.com

11. Bisexual

Lady gaga Poker faceThe star is always being vocal and open about being bisexual and one of her famous songs, Poker face is all about that. Jo Calderone is Lady Gaga’s male alter ego.
Source: magforwomen.com, image: flickr

12. Attended the same school as Nicky and Paris Hilton

Lady Gaga graduated from Convent of Sacred Heart of New York City. This is the same school attended by Nicky and Paris Hilton. A star struck school indeed!
Source: sites.google.com

13. Dropped out of NYU

At the age of 19, Lady Gaga dropped out of NYU to pursue music career and said that she can teach herself better than any school and she surely did.
Source: abc7.com

14. Most Powerful Musician in the World

Lady Gag Roseland GUYWell we could not agree more that Lady Gaga surely made an impact in the music industry worldwide and therefore in the year 2010, she was named the Most Powerful Musician in the World.
Source: sites.google.com, image: wikimedia.org

15. Goes Pant Less for her Grandmother

In an interview to Rolling Stone, the singer said that she goes pant less so that her nearly blind grandmother can see her when she is on television. Weird or what?
Source: mademan.com

16. Cited by Chicago Police

The superstar, Lady Gaga was once cited by Chicago police for indecent exposure for wearing Hot pants in public. This star surely has lots of Oops moments!!
Source: boomsbeat.com

17. She Dyed her Hair to make an identity

Lady gaga brown hairThe star natural hair color is brown but once somebody mistook her as Amy Winehouse, so she dyed her hair to Blonde to make her own personal identity.
Source: boomsbeat.com, image: beautyeditor.ca

18. Course on Lady Gaga

Lady GaGa on tourThe University of South Caroline offers a full time course entitled “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame”. Its objective is unraveling “the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga with respect to her music, videos, fashion, and other artistic endeavors”.
Source: nobert-bermosa.blogspot.in, image: wikimedia.org

19. Large hearted celebrity

Lady Gaga BTW BallLady Gaga is known to be a philanthropist. She is a passionate charity worker. She even donated around $500,000 for Haitian disaster relief.
Source: magforwomen.com, image: wikimedia.org

20. Sent Pizza worth $1000 to fans

Lady Gaga loves her fans immensely and once she sent out $1000 worth Papa John’s Pizza when she saw a number of them waiting outside a record studio for her. Isn’t that sweet?
Source: boomsbeat.com