10 Interesting Facts About Lombok

The famous tourist destination of Indonesia, the Lombok Island is located in the east of Bali. Geographically, Lombok is somewhat circular in shape with a tail at its southwest.  Lombok Island’s stunning scenery is quite comparable to the beauty of Bali. Since, its popularity hasn’t reached the level of Bali so it is an ideal destination for tourist who seeks some peace. Let’s find out some interesting facts about the quiet island.

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1. The meaning of Lombok

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In Bahasa, Indonesia language ‘Lombok’ means Chili!
The Sasak people of Lombak call this island by the name of Bumi Gora which means ‘Dry Farmland’.
Source: walkaboutindonesia.com, Image: baysideindo.com

2. Sasak Culture

sasak tribe

Sasak are the native people of Lombok. They are broadly divided into two groups: Wektu Lima and Wektu Telu. Wektu Lima are the orthodox Sunni Muslim. While Wektu Telu combine Islamic observance and also follow some worships of Hinduism and Buddhism depending on what their ancestor’s religion was.
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3. A great honeymoon destination



Lombok is often looked as ‘unspoiled Bali’. Its beaches are beautiful and in the background the volcano of Mount Rinjani adds to the thrill. Also, Lombok is much quieter than Bali and hence it is very soon developing into one of the best honeymoon destination.
Enough said. Silence please.
Source: lombokmountaineering.com, Image: baysideindo.com

4. The peek-a-boo Peak


Mount Rinjani is the highest volcano of Indonesia and its peak is at a height of 3726 meters.  Its peak often plays peek-a-boo with people’s sight as it often hides behind the dense cloud.
Source: lashworldtour.com, Image: flickr

5. Wetu Telu


Wetu Telu is the name of a unique religion which is found in north Lombok. This religion combines Islam and Animism. So, the people who practice this religion are basically Muslims but they have some additional ceremonies too.
Source: lombok-network.com, Image: traditionindo.com

6. The weaving village


Besides being an income, weaving textile is a family business in Lombok. The designs in which the textiles are woven are a family secret and are passed down through generations. In central Lombok a village named Puyung is situated. This village is a traditional hand weaving village i.e. the entire village is dedicated to the textile business! Also these textiles turn out to be awesome souvenirs.
Source: lombok-network.com, Image: weavinginindonesia.com

7. Spicy Chili


The food in Lombok is often spicy, all thanks to the fiery chilies grown here. Naga Jolokia peppers are mixed with red and green Lombok chilies to make the fiery Sambal. Try it once if you visit Lombok but make sure you have a glass of water near you.
Source: contenttimes.com

8. No motor vehicle


While in Jakarta people do not have an inch space on the highways and freeways, the three Gili islands of Lombok enjoys a no motor vehicle policy! Transportation mode is only pony and carts and they are so quiet that you can hear the sweet jingle of pony bells while travelling.
Source: lashworldtours.com

9. Monkey Forest


Lombok has an actual monkey forest. The name of this forest is Pusuk Monkey forest and gets its name from the numerous monkeys found there. Feeding these monkeys is allowed but they are huge thief.
Only one advice while visiting this forest: Keep your bananas safe.
Source: lashworldtours.com

10. Roasted Worms


If you have a knack for trying unusual delicacies then the Bau Nyale or the Sea Worm Festival of Kuta beach is just the place for you to be. Kuta beach is situated in South Lombak. This festival coincides with spawning time of marine worms. These worms are caught, roasted in banana leaves and then eaten.
Hot worms anyone?
Source: contenttime.com