14 Interesting Facts About Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, the name so prominent that there must be a very small number of people unaware of it. Founded by Marie Tussaud, it is in London, United Kingdom with its branches at several locations around the globe. Initially the name of the museum was spelled as “Madame Taussaud’s” but recently, the apostrophe has been dropped.

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This and some more facts awaits below to flabbergast the wits out of you.

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1. The First Sculpture


Let’s begin with the beginning. Marie’s first sculpture was that of Voltaire in 1777.
Source: buzzle.com, Image: historyofwax.com

2. Destruction and Bombs

In 1940, the museum in London was hit by German bombs and over 350 head moulds were destroyed.america Source: telegraph.co.uk, Image: e.wikigogo.org

3. Hitler Attacker


In the opening ceremony of Madame Tussauds in Berlin, a man broke into the museum and ripped Hitler’s head off. “It disturbs me that Hitler should become a tourist attraction,” said the attacker. 
Source: cnn.com, Image: ww2.madametussauds.com

4. Offer Declined

mother teresa

Mother Teresa declined to get sculpted for the museum as she believed that her work was more important than her physical being. One of the only person to ever do so.
Source: encyclopedia.com, Image: wikimedia

5. Measurements

queen elizabeth

Measurements are a huge task! Many people have to have more than on seating for it. In fact, Queen Elizabeth has modelled several times over the years.
Source: buzzle.com, Image: ww2.madametussads.com

6. Actual Size


All wax figure are made 2% larger than the actual person because this much is how the wax is expected to melt during the entire process.
Source: encyclopedia, Image: tripadvisor.com

7. Smallest Figure


The smallest wax figure in the museum is of Tinkerbell, a fiction character. Other fiction characters include- Shrek, Burger King and Incredible Hulk.
Source: encyclopedia, Image: travelforpassion.com

8. Red-Carpet Treatment

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All portraits displayed in Madame Tussauds have their hair washed and make-up retouched regularly. It is checked over by two maintenance team before the opening everyday. Now that’s quite a treatment.

Source: goldentours.com, Image: expedia.com

9. Going International


The first overseas branch of Madame Tussauds is in Amsterdam, opened in 1970.
Source: goldentours.com, Image: londonmuseum.com

10. The Proposal!

shahrukh khan

The figure of a Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan was the first ever to receive a proposal of marriage. A passionate female fan travelled down shortly after ‘King Khan’s’ launch in April 2007 just to present his figure with a diamond ring. She must be still waiting for an answer…
Source: britain-magazine.com, Image: telegraph.co.uk

11. Lost Property

Items that have been left behind by visitors in the past to the attraction includes one false leg and 123 pairs of false teeth!
Source: britian-magazine.com

12. Threads and Veins

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Red silk thread is used to reproduce the veins present in the eyeball, and knotted rope is used for the veins present in the rest of the body.
 Source: factssofun.wordpress.com

13. Clothing

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Most often, the celebrity decides the clothes that his/her wax figure adorns. Some even like to donate clothes from their wardrobe so that the final look is perfect.
Source: buzzle.com, Image: pinterest

14. Hair’s a Long Process


In the process of insertion of hair strands, which goes without saying, are in thousands, the fitting of each strand of hair is done individually with a tool – one strand at a time! Needless to say, it takes up a whole month to complete this task.
Source: londonmuseums.org, Image: telegraph.co.uk