6 Interesting Facts About Makassar

Makassar is the fifth largest city of Indonesia and the provincial capital of South Sulawesi. It is located on the south west side of the southwestern peninsula of Celebes. Most people of Makassar are closely related to wither Malay people or Bugis. Let’s find out some interesting facts about the largest city on Sulawesi Island i.e. the city of Makassar.

city of makassar

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1. The Old Name

makassar toniji

Makassar was known by another name in between the year 1971 to 1999. It was known as ‘Ujungpandang’ or ‘Ujung Pandang’ which means end or tip of view.
The nickname of Makassar is ‘Kota Daeng’.
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2. A Unique Motto

The motto of Makassar is quite unique: ‘Once the sail is raised, back to the shore is not an option.’
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3. The Palace of Gowa Kingdomballa lompoa

Balla Lompoa, the palace of Gowa Kingdom is now a museum. In the Makassarese language the meaning of Balla Lompoa is big house. The main hall of this palace is still laid out in the same way it was done in the past for royal functions.
In this museum visitors can dress up as Royals and have a photo session too.
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4. Floating Mosque


In the Losari beach there is a mosque called the floating mosque. It is made on stilts and from some angles it seems as if it is floating on the water. Hence, the name.
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5. The Birthplace of Coto Makassar


Makassar is the birthplace of Coto Makassar. It is a beef soup in which along with spices and beef, innards of cow such as its brain, liver, heart, intestine, lungs and tripe are added.
Wanna have a cow?
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6. Becak


Becak is a rickshaw which is best for transportation around the city. At least it is better than the stuffy taxi and you can see the local life more clearly.
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