15 Interesting Facts About Mexico

Mexico is a country between the U.S. and Central America and is known for its Pacific and Gulf of Mexico beaches and its sundry landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles.
Guacamole, Quesadillas, Tacos, Enchiladas!!! One shall not forget the mouth watering Mexican dishes which is popular worldwide.
Let’s dig deeper into the Mexican world to know about this exuberant country a little more.


1.  Official Name

Border - Roadsign pointing between Nogales, mexico and Tucson_3

The official name of Mexico is Estados Unidos Mexicano also translated to United Mexican States.
Source: justlanded.com, Image: travelabroad.com

2.  Gave Chocolate to The World


Chocolate was discovered in Mexico. The word ‘chocolate’ derives from the language of the Aztecs, Náhuatl (xocolatl : xoco, bitter + atl, water).
Source: wikipedia, Image: ebay.com

3. No Christmas Presents

little-girl-with-no-gifts_e9zrqq-compressed (1)

In Mexico, children do not get presents on Christmas but rather on January 6 since it commemorates the entering of three wise men to Bethlehem. It is called El Dia De Reyes.
Source: justlanded.com, Image: reddit.com

4. Location: Ring Of Fire


Mexico is located in the Ring of Fire which is a house to 75% percent of world’s active volcanoes.
Source: justlanded.com, Image: google.maps.com

5. Pet Name


The chihuahua is named after a Mexican state. Chihuahuas are descended from the techichi, a companion dog that was favoured by the Toltec civilisation.
Source: justlanded.com, Image: animals.chihuahua.com

6.  Paying Taxes With Artwork


Only in this city, one can pay their taxes with artwork!
Source: factslides.com, Image: pinterest.com

7. Pyramids Exists In Mexico Too


It’s an epiphany to know that not only does pyramids exist in Mexico, but also, it has the biggest pyramid in the world (and not Egypt!).
Source: factslides.com, Image: wikipedia

8. It Happens In Mexico


San Francisco was a part of Mexico until the Mexican-American War after which, it was a part of the U.S.A.
Source: factslides.com, Image: wikipedia

9. World’s Fattest!


And everyone thought it is the U.S.! 
Source: factslides.com, Image: weirdpetsasseen.com

10. For the Blinds


Mexico including Russia, India, Canada and Israel have braille marks on their bank notes to help that blind. Isn’t that thoughtful?
Source: wikifacts.com, Image: currencymexican.com

11. Mcdonalds


75% of the sesame seeds grown up in Mexico is consumed on the hamburger buns of Mcdonalds.
Source: justlanded.com, Image: bbcfood.com

12. Fist Fight For Rain


There exists a town in Mexico which organise fist-fight events to ask the God for a good rainy season! See the logic?
Source: facts.randomhistory.com, Image: fistfightsmexico.com

13. Most Congested


We thought most third-world countries shall fall under this category. Apparently, Mexico has the most traffic-congested roads in the world.
Source: facts.randomhistory.com, Image: roads.mexico.com

14. Population Shockers


About 60% of the modern Mexican population is mestizo (Indian-Spanish), 30% is Indian or predominately Indian, 9% is Caucasian, and 1% is other.
Source: spinfold.com, Image: mexicanfestivities.com

15. Losers vs Gods


“Tlachtli”, a ritual ball game played by Aztecs where the losers were often sacrificed to the Gods.
Source: spinfold.com, Image: flickr