18 Interesting Facts About Miley Cyrus

From a dear Disney star Hannah Montana to a young, vivacious singer, songwriter and an actress, this girl surely knows more than twerking and setting up bizarre fashion trends.
Even though many critics have said a lot of things about this star, here are few interesting facts about Miley Cyrus which shows a different side of her.

Miley Cyrus

Image: wikimedia.org

1. Destiny Hope Cyrus

Yes you read it right! Miley’s real name was Destiny Hope Cyrus, which was given to her by her father who thought that it’s the destiny of his child to bring hope to the world. She legally changed her name to Miley in 2008.
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2. Born left handed

billy ray cyrus
Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus

Well, Miley Cyrus was born left handed, but her father Billy Ray made sure she uses right hand and therefore she often jokes that the reason her autographs are hard to read is only because of her father.
Source: my.xfinity.com

3. Miley has a heart condition called tachycardia

Miley has a non-threatening heart condition called Tachycardia which means her heart beats faster than normal at resting stage. Miley’s fan would probably have the same thing when they see her.
Source: moviepilot.com 

4. Kicked out of Evangelical Private School

miley cyrus youngIn an interview, the young star tells that she was once kicked out of Evangelical Private School either because she stole her teacher’s motorized scooter or because she told a classmate what French kissing was.
Source: j-14.com, image: blisstree.com

5. A true country girl

Young Miley with horseMiley grew up on a ranch in Tennessee and started riding horses at an early age of just two. Now that’s indeed impressive!
Source: boomsbeat.com, image: lovemiley.org

6. Great foundation by Miley

Miley Cyrus 38th People's Choice AwardsIn the year 2015, Miley launched a rather great foundation by the name of The Happy Hippie Foundation, which devotes to help homeless, LGBT youth and other vulnerable populations. One hell of an initiative!
Source: popsugar.com, image: wikimedia.org

7. Very interesting first job

Well, you would be amused to know that this star had a fascinating first job. When her dad used to take her to the tours, he would pay her $10 to pick up the bras and underwear that his fans throw at him. LOL!
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8. Big supporter of gay rights

Miley Cyrus tattooThe star has always being outspoken about the Gay Rights and Equality. And to support this cause, she also has equal sign tattoo on her finger which symbolizes her support to the LGBT community.
Source: thefactsite.com, image: mtv.com

9. She was not supposed to be Hannah Montana


hannah montanaMiley Cyrus who portrayed the character of Hannah Montana in famous Disney show, actually auditioned for the part of Hannah’s best friend Lilly. Can you guys imagine anybody else as Hannah other than Miley?
Source: boomsbeat.com, image: deviantart.net

10. Arachnophobia

Miley is afraid of spiders and therefore has an Arachnophobia.
Source: my.xfinity.com

11. Richest teen in 2011

MileyEven though she has a popular country singer and actor father Billy Ray, it was told that she is even richer than her father and was named Richest teen in the year 2011. During her Hannah Montana show, she was sixth highest paid child star on TV.
Source: zimbio.com, image: flickr

12. Insane for tattoos

miley cyrus tattoosThis young star has an insane love for tattoos. Last known, she possesses 22 tattoos recent being the portrait of her grandmother. She also has peace sign, a heart, a cross, word Love and so many more.
Source: boomsbeat.com, image: vanishingtattoo.com

13. “Wrecking Ball” holds a record of most views in 24 hours

MILEY CYRUS WRECKING BALLWhen Miley Cyrus came up with a song “Wrecking Ball”, the video holds the Vevo record of most views in 24 hours and a record of fastest clip for reaching 100 million views.
Source: boomsbeat.com

14. Famous godmother

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton

Did you know that famous actress and singer, legendary Dolly Parton is Miley’s actual Godmother. She also guest started in Hannah Montana show along with Miley as her Aunt.
Source: zimbio.com, image: wikimedia.org

15. Miley sticks out tongue for a reason

Miley toungueThe famous Tongue sticking pictures and performances of Miley Cyrus have evidently done for some reason. Miley says that it is because she gets nervous and thinks that she does not know how to smile properly. Well who have thought of that?
Source: moviepilot.com, image: vevo

16. The twerking VMA performance of Miley was most tweeted

Do you guys remember the controversial performance of Miley in VMA’s? That event generated 360,000 tweets per minute making it most tweeted event. Well that surely was something to remember.
Source: boomsbeat.com 

17. She is more searched than god on google

Miley Cyrus AprWell apparently, Miley Cyrus has 1 Billion Google search which is more than Lady Gaga, Obama and also God. Now that’s amusing at so many levels!!
Source: suprtickets.com, image:  wikimedia.org

18. She never attended school

This young star is known to be home tutored in her Hannah Montana days with a private tutor and skipped school altogether. She even put a hold to college and thinks she is going to do at the right time.
Source: zimbio.com