10 Interesting Facts About Montgomery, New York

Montgomery is a beautiful town on the banks of Wallkill River in New York State, USA. Just 76 miles away from New York City, Montgomery is a perfect town for those who wander in the search of peace and nature. Each year, thousands of trekkers pass through this enticing town on their journey to North Atlantic Beaches. Established and inhabited in the early 1800s, Montgomery is now truly modern and famous for its farms and agriculture. Let us know some more interesting facts about the Transportation Hub of the Northeast, Montgomery.MontgomeryImage: unitedhudsonrealty.com

1. The Early Settlers

Montgomery was first settled by Palatine Germans from the middle Rhine region of Europe. Henry Wileman, who came here in 1710, is considered as the first settler of the region.
Source: Wikipedia

2. Who Is Richard Montgomery?

The Portrait of Richard Montgomery
The Portrait of Richard Montgomery

Richard Montgomery was an Irish Soldier who served in the Continental Army later. In his honor, the town Montgomery has been named after him.
Source: Britannica.com, Image: etc.usf.edu

3. Between Utica And Albany

Cycling through MontgomeryMontgomery is situated between the two New York Cities; Utica and Albany. So, Montgomery is a perfect stopover for the amateur cyclists and trekkers from Utica to Albany or vice-versa.
Source: Britannica.com, Image: ptny.com

4. Established As Hanover But!

As it is clear that the town was inhabited by mostly Germans, so, the town Montgomery was first named as Hanover in 1772. But, 10 years later, the Town was renamed as Montgomery in the honor of Richard Montgomery who died in the Battle of Quebec in 1775.
Source: Encyclopedia.com

5. Transportation Hub Of The Northeast

One of the first locomotives in America
One of the first locomotives in America

One of the early railways in North America was the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad in the 19th century in the region of New England, USA. Earlier, it was not in New York but, later, it ran through New York State and Montgomery became the center of it. That is why Montgomery is often referred ‘the transportation hub of the Northeast.’
Source: Wikipedia, Image: flickr

6. The Land For Agriculture

Farmlands in Montgomery
Farmlands in Montgomery

Most of the towns and cities in New York are industrialized, however, Montgomery is one of those, which are famous for their farmlands and agriculture. This place is famous for fruits and vegetables.
Source: netstate.com, Image: mcbdc.org

7. Take A Part In The Tractor Parade

Tractor Parade, Montgomery, New York
Tractor Parade, Montgomery, New York

The tractor parade is a farm show that is held every year in Montgomery. There is a long line of tractors that run one after another.
Source: orangetourism.org, Image: recordonline.com

8. Take A Tour To The Oldest Operating Winery In USA

Brotherhood Winery
Brotherhood Winery

Just 10 miles away, there lies Brotherhood Wineries in Washingtonville, the oldest operating winery in the United States, established in 1839. In 2000, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
Source: brotherhood-winery.com, Image: cdtrips.com

9. Never Miss The Storm King Art Center

Museum Building
Museum Building
Three Legged Buddha statue in Storm King Art Center
Three Legged Buddha statue in Storm King Art Center

If you are an art lover, do not delay to Storm King Art Center located in nearby town Mountainville, which showcases the largest collection of contemporary sculptures. Founded by Ralph E. Ogden in 1960, it soon developed into a major sculpture site.
Source: stormking.org, Image: flickr  Image: twi-ny.com

10. Have You Ever Been To A Nature Museum?

Hudson Highland Nature Museum

Yes! Here is a nature museum named ‘Hudson Highlands Nature Museum,’ which is one of the leading providers of Nature education. The mission of the museum is to create responsible caretakers of our environment. If you want to save the environment, go there and receive a proper education.
Source: hhnm.org, Image: hvhometeam.org