16 Interesting Facts About Morocco

What does the movie Casablanca reminds one of? The Arabic  “al-Mamlakah al-Maghribiyah” stands for the English name “Morocco”. Al-maghrib is characterised by a rugged mountainous interior and large portions of desert. It is one of only three countries (with Spain and France) to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines.
Here are some interesting facts about Morocco that will make you wanna pack your bags right away!


1. Sun Protection


Often referred to as the “Red City”, Marrakech requires a head gear and sun protection all year round. Yes even during winters.
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2. Might As Well Go To Europe


…..Since Morocco is just 8 miles away from it!
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3. Don’t Say No To Meat


In this part of the world, it is considered rude to decline an offer for meat while dining. Also, people in Morocco believe that food should be eaten with right hand.
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4. Whiskey, The Tea


Dubbed Moroccan or the “Whiskey” Tea is the national drink of this country.
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5. Water, Sir

Water _44[1]

Moroccans amusingly call their tap water “Sidi Robinet” (Sir, or Lord, Tap), and it is drinkable in most parts of the country.
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6. Profits Reaped From Marijuana

forbidden flower

Cultivation of marijuana is one of the major source of income for many families in the country.
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7.  Casablanca… Because The List Wasn’t Complete Without It


Casablanca, the film named after the Moroccan city, won the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture in 1942 and is considered one of the best films of all time.
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8. Descendant Of Muhammad


Any Moroccan man or woman who is sherfa (a descended from the Prophet Muhammad) is given the title Lalla, Sidi, or Moulay.
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9. Symbol Of Love


Traditionally the liver, not the heart, is considered to be the symbol of love in Morocco.
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10.  World’s Dirt In Your Pocket

Moroccan Money

One of the words for “money” in Morocco is wusakh d-dunya, or “dirt of the world.”
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11. No Privacy

Bathing pool inside of Hammam turkish bath Morocco

In Morocco, very few citizens have private baths, and a ritual purification of the body is important before Muslims can perform prayers, so many Moroccans bath at the public “hamman”.
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12. National Dish


Seksou (couscous) is the Moroccan national dish.
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13. Soccer Fans!


Koura, or soccer, is Morocco’s most popular sport and the national team is called the Lions of Atlas.
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14.  Travellers Themselves


Moroccans have been writing about the world since the time of dawn, beginning with Moroccan Islamic scholar Ibn Battuta, who travelled an astounding 5,000 miles over 30 years and giving an account of his story in the Rihla (The Journey).
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15. Oldest Active City


Fez, based on the River Fez,is the oldest city of Morocco. It is also the most active ancient city in the world.
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