19 Interesting Facts About Rihanna


From a beautiful country, Barbados to making it big in singing, this feisty singer proved to be a true star. Started her journey at the young age of 16, Rihanna has a lot of feathers in her cap from Grammy’s to VMA’s to Brit awards to what not.
Wanted to be the “Black Madonna”, Rihanna surely knows how to leave an inspiring legacy behind. Known and applauded for her style and trend setting dresses, this singer proves herself to be among the few great artists world has witness and appreciated. Let’s dig some of the most interesting facts about Rihanna.

beautiful rihanna

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1. Rihanna is a middle name

Did you know that Rihanna is just a middle name of ‘Robyn Rihanna Fenty’? She was called Rihanna only after she became a big star.
Source: boomsbeat.com

2. Singing from an early age

young rihannaRihanna started signing at the age of 7 and also formed a musical group with 2 girls during her High School. Now that’s a star in making.
Source: kidzworld.com

3. Rihanna does shots before performing

Rihanna at Cologne 2013Well this might come with a statutory warning of ‘Consuming Alcohol is not good’ , but the pop star Rihanna confessed she needs to do vodka or tequila shots before her stage performance to calm down her nerves.
Source: indiatoday.intoday.in, image: wikimedia.org

4. “Rihanna Day” in Barbados

RihannaThe birth place of Rihanna officially celebrates ‘Rihanna Day’ as a national holiday on the eve of her birthday in February. That’s one hell of a gesture!
Source: popcrush.com, image: flickr

5. Witnessed exorcism

Rihanna once said that she witnessed an exorcism as a child and that is why she is terrified to go in Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont which according to her is haunted.
Source: atlantablackstar.com

6. She won a beauty pageant

RiriRihanna once took part in a beauty pageant at her school during her teenage years and won the crown of Miss Combermere. No surprise for this gorgeous lady there!
Source: magforwomen, image: flickr

7. Military cadet in school

Rihanna military cadetRihanna was not only into singing and beauty pageants while growing up but also was a military cadet in her school and singer Shontelle was the drill Sargent. Strong women indeed!
Source: popcrush

8. RiRi disguises herself and mingles in crowd

rihanna gangstaRihanna is known to mingle in the crowd with big hoodies and sunglasses and gets very near to her fans. Even though she does have security near her, the next time you go for her concert, keep a look out for her.
Source: 4music.com, image: deviantart.net

9. Jay-Z discovered and signed this sensation


It was famous rapper and producer Jay-Z who signed Rihanna for her 6 album contract. Now we know who to thank for all the wonderful songs by RiRi.
Source: atlantablackstar.com, image: wikimedia.org


10. Rihanna’s Ink

rihanna tatoosRihanna has in total of 23 Tattoos on her and wishes to have some more. Also she has a tattoo written backward saying “never a failure, always a lesson”, which gives her inspiration every time she looks in the mirror.
Source: 4music.com, image: alteredidentity.com

11. RiRi legs are worth $1million

Rihanna (2)No, you didn’t read it wrong. Rihanna won Gillette’s Venus Breeze “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” award in 2007. And after that, she insured her legs for $1 million.
Celebrities ….!!
Source: atlantablackstar.com, image: flickr

12. Water and fruits keep Rihanna smoking hot

Rihanna AMA 2009 Red carpetRiRi is believed to be happy with fruits and water and dislike having vegetables. She is also not fond of Chinese, Mexican, Japanese or Indian food.
Source: bettyconfedential.com, image: wikimedia.org

13. “Umbrella” topped the charts for 10 weeks in UK

Umbrella GifThe biggest hit by Rihanna ‘Umbrella’ from her third album “Good Girl gone Bad” shot straight to the top in 13 countries and what is more amazing was that it remained at No.1 in UK for 10 weeks straight.
Source: celebrityfunfacts.com, image: gifsoup.com

14. Most influential person

Rihanna 2012In the year 2012, Rihanna was at number 20 in Time magazine for “The 100 Most Influential People in the World”. She surely knows how to leave a mark.
Source: atlantablackstar.com, image: wikimedia.org

15. BFF with Katy Perry

Rihanna & Katy PerryRiRi is BFF with famous singer Katy Perry and was supposed to be the maid of honor during her wedding but couldn’t go to India for wedding due to some schedule conflicts.
Source: celebrityfunfacts.com, image: flickr

16. Believe Foundation

Rihanna believe foundationIn the year 2006, Rihanna created “Believe” foundation to treat the terminally ill children. A star with a big heart.
Source: abc7.com, image: hellomagazine.com

17. Violent encounter with Chris Brown

Riahann and Chris brown incidentIn the year 2009, Rihanna missed her appearance at 51st Grammy Awards and later admitted it was because she was physically abused by her boyfriend Chris Brown. Brown was found guilty for the felony assault.
Source: celebrityfunfacts.com

18. Rihanna has 7 wax models around the globe

rihanna wax statueRiRi has seven wax figures at the famous Madam Tussauds Museum around the world, making her a genuine star in the world to leave a remarkable mark.
Source: celebrityfunfacts.com