14 Interesting Facts About Russian Empire

The Russian Empire was a state that existed from 1721 until overthrown by the February Revolution in 1917, though it was a short lived phenomenon. Stretching over three continents, the Russian Empire was surpassed in landmass only by the British and Mongol empires. The rise of the Russian Empire happened in association with the decline of neighboring rival powers: the Swedish Empire, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, Persia and the Ottoman Empire. It played a major role in 1812–14 in defeating Napoleon’s ambitions to control Europe, and expanded to the west and south.
Here are some interesting facts about one of the greatest empires of all time.


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1. WWI


World War for Russia began in August, 1914. The Germans declared the war on the Russian Empire, exactly four days after the official beginning of WWI.
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2. Romanov


Russia’s second Romanov tsar, Alexis, had a reputation of being kind and gentle hearted. Tables turned when he got a peasant whipped, tortured and cut into half (while alive) for leading a failed revolt in early seventeenth century.
Source: wikipedia, Image: historylearning.com

3. Alexis’ Wife


Alexis’ wife Natalya was a damn bold woman. At the time when most women stayed hidden behind closed doors, she dared open the window of her carriage (just slightly, but hey, isn’t that wonderful? and brave?)
Source: wikipedia, Image: bbc.co.uk

4. Taking Sides

WW1 (2)

When Russia had to face WWI, it was with its allies, France, UK, US, Japan, Italy and a dozen other states! It was Russia vs. the Central Powers: Germany, Austria, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.
Source: wikipedia, Image: historylearning.com

5. Sister’s a Mister

|Monographie|Derer beyden Czaaren in Reußland Iwan und Peter Alexewiz nebst dero Schwester der Princeßin Sophia bißhero dreyfach-geführter Regiments-Stab : und was darauff erfolget ist, nebst dem ietzigen Zustande in Reußland und allerhand curieusen Sachen, so sich bißhero darinnen zugetragen, auch denen sich darinnen auffhaltenden Teutschen ; worbey eine kurtze Beschreibung des wilden und zuvor unbewohnten Sieweria durch und durch / mit Kupfferstücken gezieret und wolmeinend herausgegeben von Georg Adam Schleißing, in czaarischen Diensten gewesenen Capitaine Lieutenant|Schleusing, Georg Adam|1693|Zittau|schldere_PPN340722509|

While young brothers Ivan V and Peter I co-Tsared at the behest of a people’s revolt in 1682, older sister Sophia was literally behind them whispering instructions. Literally, yes! She sat in a chair behind their thrones and whispered orders.
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6. DIY

peter the great1

Peter the Great was a fox! He’d execute the enemy’s head himself while the other tsars just hired executioners.
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7.  Affinity for eh…”Education”

Peter the Great also had an obvious affinity for education since he took the opportunity of his mistress Mary Hamilton’s beheading, to show the crowd where her vertebrae, windpipe, and carotid arteries were.
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8. More Affinity

Lithograph After Painting by Daniel Maclise

Peter also had a great affinity towards dwarfs! He just loved them and even kept some around him, mostly for his amusement. Don’t understand the nature of his “affinity” though.
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9. Take Some More Affinity (Now From the Empress)


Empress Anna loved the firearms. Wild animals were brought back to her just so that she could shoot them. Very princess-y.
Source: wikipedia, Image: natgeo.co.uk

10. Cross-Dressing


Princess Elizabeth loved to cross dress others. She would love to dress the women as men and men as women. That was her idea of “fun”.
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11. Shave it Off!

Elizabeth, as a consequence of a hair dye gone wrong, had to shave off her lovely locks. This was so bothersome to her that she made all the women in the court to do the same.
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12. Young Lovers


Catherine had a weird obsession too. She dated men less than half her age in her sixties. Cougar!
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13. Mother of All

nicolas 2

Nicholas II was crowned emperor but seems like he was not ready to ascend the throne; for when asked about crucial government matters, his response was, “Ask my mother.” Mamma’s boy!
Source: wikipedia, Image: flickr

14. Ivan the Terrible

ivan the terrible

Ivan the Terrible is a synonym for gore. Known for ordering that his enemies be skinned, boiled, burned, and broken, he was the favorite Tsar of Joseph Stalin.
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia