15 Interesting Facts About Silver

Silver is one of the best-known precious metals. The word ‘Silver’ originates from the old English Anglo-Saxon word ‘seolfor.’ Also known as “the poor man’s gold,” silver is more affordable and useful than gold. It is not only used in jewelry but also has plenty of everyday uses in electronics, medicine, paint, photography and currency. Here are some interesting facts about silver you probably didn’t know:

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1. Silver can make it rain! 

Silver can make it rain

Silver Iodide is dropped onto clouds as a process called “seeding.” It brings rain to dry regions in times of drought.
source: gold-traders.co.uk, image: cbsnews2.cbsistatic.com

2. The mirror effect

Silver Mirror

It is more reflective than any other metal. Mirrors are coated with silver because of its high-quality reflectivity.Besides vanity uses, mirrors are important components in telescopes, microscopes, and solar panels.
source: igentry.blogspot.in, image: larrykeiter.com

3. Scared of ghosts? Try silver!

Silver and evil

Silver is believed to be associated with the ability to keep you safe from paranormal creatures and evil spirits and bring positivity.
source: softschools.com, image: cdn.notonthehighstreet.com

4. Silver promotes hygiene

Silver has antimicrobial properties. A small amount of silver can kill bacteria by chemically affecting the cell membranes, causing them to break down.
source: igentry.blogspot.in

5. Money means Silver


The words for ‘silver’ and ‘money’ are the same in fourteen languages or more.
source: chemistry.about.com

6. Silver can change color

Silver changes color

We have seen silver turning black when it reacts with sulfur in the air. This is why some people don’t use good silverware with eggs or mayonnaise.
Source: silvermagpies.com, image: hermansilver.com

7. Costlier than gold

Yes, it is believed that for a brief period, in Egypt, silver was actually considered more valuable than gold.
source: www.bankbazaar.com

8. Close competitor to gold in bendiness

Silver bendiness

Silver is the most ductile metal after gold. An ounce of silver can be drawn into a wire 8,000 feet long.
source: kidsdiscover.com, image: aliimg.com

9. The Gods of silver

Gods of silver

Nelson Bunker Hunt and Herbert Hunt in 1979 manipulated the price of silver and reached its all-time high of USD 49.45 per troy ounce. This was a jump of over 700% in a single day. They are still believed to own at least one-third of the world’s silver.
source: bankbazaar.com, image: cnbc.com

10. The Silver Thursday

Silver thursday

On Thursday, March 27, 1980, a steep fall in the price of silver occurred. The sharp drop, on Thursday, was triggered by a failed attempt to corner the silver market and it led to massive panic in other commodities.This day is known in the history as “The Silver Thursday.”
source: investopedia.com, image: us.123rf.com

11. Silver in your car windows

Silver in car windows

Silver is a better conductor of heat than any other metal. The lines you see in the rear window of your car consist of silver as it helps to defrost ice in winters.
source: chemistry.about.com, image: fiat500owners.com

12. Where does all the silver come from?

The primary source of silver in the world is Mexico followed by Peru. The United States, Canada, Russia, China and Australia also produce silver.
source: encyclopedia.com

13. Silver in food

Silver in food

Silver in pure form is not harmful and can be used as a food decoration. In India, food is often decorated with a thin layer of silver, known as Varakh.
source: igentry.blogspot.in, image: zaiqatv.com.pk

14. If you wonder how astronauts get pure water!

Silver NASA

After testing 23 methods of purifying water, NASA chose silver as the purifying agent on the first Space Shuttle program.
source: amazingfacts4u.com, image: thesilveredge.com

15. Silver Jubilee 

Silver jubliee

We all know that Silver represents the 25th Anniversary, hence it is known as Silver Jubilee.
source: gold-traders.co.uk, image: shkcollege.com