17 Interesting Facts About Smoking Cigarettes

Interestingly cigarettes were considered cool, sexy and were widely enjoyed by many over the last century. Even the movies in earlier times showed the actor with a lit cigarette in his hand. But the scenario has changed and what was considered cool during the early days is now more of a taboo since its harmful effects on health have been discovered. It is a well-established fact now that a significant number of teens get hooked to smoking cigarettes each day without realizing that it can lead to a lifelong addiction and deteriorate their health. Here are some eye-opening and interesting facts about smoking cigarettes:Cigarettes


1. One Cigarette = 11 minutes of your Life!

Cigarette Smoking

For every cigarette, the lifespan of an individual is shortened by 11 minutes. Scientists also claim that an average smoker will lose 14 years of their life because of smoking.
Source: factslides.com

2. Smoke them but can’t buy them

minors smoking

In the U.S and some parts of Europe, it is legal for a person to smoke a cigarette but what is not allowed is buying one.
Source: factslides.com, image: wikimedia.org

3. You Don’t Smoke? You Need to Worry!

Passive Smoking

Don’t be too happy that you are at no risk if you don’t smoke. Just being exposed to second-hand smoke is the cause of more than 50,000 deaths every year in the United States alone.
Source: factslides.com

4. Hitler’s connection with smoking

Hitler Anti Cancer Campaign

No, Hitler didn’t smoke or support smoking. Surprisingly, despite Hitler’s apathy for human life, he became the first person in history to put together a vigorous anti-smoking campaign during the 1930’s and 40’s. Nazi scientists were the first to discover that smoking causes lung cancer.
Source: metro.co.uk, image: images.gr-assets.com

5. Meet the Fisrt Smoker!

Rodrigo de Jerez

The first European to ever learn smoking- Rodrigo De Jerez was arrested back home when he tried to introduce the habit to his hometown. The reason was that the people thought he was possessed by a devil.
Source: Wikipedia, image: wikimedia.org

6. One last cash windfall from cigarettes

Virginia Slims

Don’t worry they are not banning cigarettes (at least not yet). In 1970, when President Nixon banned cigarette commercials he extended the last day ads were allowed on TV from 31st December 1970 to 1st January 1971 to allow the television networks a last windfall gain on the New Year’s Day football game. It was for Virginia Slims.
Source: listverse.com, image: printmag.com

7. Flavor of Cigarettes

Cigarette Flavors

This is a rather disgusting fact but you must know that Urea is used to add flavor to cigarettes. It’s a chemical compound that is a major component of urine.
Source: listverse.com

8. Diabetic? Beware of Smoking!


Cigarette is Dangerous

Roughly there is 20% of sugar in a cigarette and most of the diabetic smokers are unaware of this secret. While smoking is deteriorating your lungs it is also leading to diabetes.
Source: listverse.com

9. Smokers immunity


Another interesting fact about cigarettes is that immune system of a smoker works harder than that of a non-smoker, therefore, resulting in less anti-oxidant. Despite this fact, a smoker’s immune system is more active and is likely to respond quickly to the attacks of viruses on the body.
Source: listverse.com, image: Flickr

10. A Way Towards the Adulthood!

Kids Smoking

It’s very common for teens to take up this habit of smoking even before reaching the legal age of purchasing cigarettes as they see it as a way towards the adulthood.
Source: listverse.com, image: topnews.ae

11. The ultimate gateway

Cigarette or smoking tobacco is considered the ultimate gateway drug which opens the door to other drugs as well. After the initial stage of smoking, very rarely a smoker will go for a cigarette to get high.
Source: listverse.com

12. Satisfying after effects


The after effects of smoking vary from every individual. For some smoking helps in calming and relaxing and for others it causes alertness and concentration. Nicotine being the only relaxing factor satisfies the brain hungers by providing what you expect. These expectations are then used as an excuse by smokers to continue smoking.
Source: listverse.com

13. Smoking Record

Ardi Rizal

Ardi Rizal – a 2 year old boy from Indonesia made the headlines in 2010 for his smoking habit of 40 cigarettes a day.
Source: factslides.com, image: donationto.com

14. Raining cigarettes

In 1917, during a siege in Jerusalem the British tried a new strategy that is airdropping cigarettes filled with large dose of opium. The British hoped that the Ottoman’s would be too stoned to fight back. Guess what it actually worked!
Source: kickassfacts.com

15. Smoking stats


More than 10 million cigarettes are sold around the world every minute. Ironically, every 8 seconds someone around the world dies of smoking related problems. Also smoking is responsible for 25% cancer related deaths and around 40% heart diseases.
Source: kickassfacts.com, Image: flickr

16. Cigarette conspiracy

There are 11 well reported medical studies which show that cigarette smoking can actually lower the risk of Alzheimer. It was only 10 years later when it came to light that all the 11 studies were done by scientists with undeclared connection to tobacco industries.
Source: guardian.co.uk

17. Insane advice

Philip Morris

Philip Morris in 2001 advised the Czech government to support smoking cigarettes so that the mortality rates would increase and the government could save on healthcare, pensions and providing housing to the elderly. It induced a very strong negative reaction and the employees are till date prohibited talking about it.
Source: bbc.co.uk, image: ecigarettereviewed.com