20 Interesting Facts About Starbucks

Starbucks has become a synonym for coffee! For so many out there who just can-freaking-not function without coffee, Starbucks is a life saver! It is a giant in the coffee industry and is thriving in such a way that no one can beat it in any way! Let’s know more about the company that keeps us human all the day, without hurting anyone. Here are some fun & interesting facts about Starbucks-


1. It doesn’t need a freaking introduction!

coffee cups

Starbucks stopped printing its name on the cups because the company is sure that everyone identifies its brand just with the logo.
Source:www.businessinsider.co, image: flickr

2. Starbucks wines!

starbucks wine

Another example to show that we can see our coffee mogul expanding its wings is that the company is taking partnerships with other companies and is selling beverages like wine in some of its outlets!
Source:www.businessinsider.com, image: nmsa.ca

3. Two teachers…one writer and a world-altering coffee shop!

starbucks founder's

Starbucks was first started by two teachers and a writer. Later Howard Schultz had taken up the company and made it into a world-class business, but it was started by Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegel and Jerry Baldwin. Anyway perfect coffee is what we all ask for! Who owns it doesn’t make much difference (no offense intended )!
Source:www.thrillist.co, image: pinterest

4. They kept our convenience in mind (and thank god for that!).

Do you know what Starbucks was initially going to be named? ‘Pequod’. Yah that’s bizarre and we are very happy with the current and much-easy-to pronounce name (since we use it as much as we use our own name!).

5. Wild to gentle!

starbucks old logo

The Starbucks logo was also a bit different with a much wild mermaid until 1992, unlike the peaceful mermaid we know today.
Source:www.thrillist.com, image: picshype.com

6. Damn secrecy! We want our daily coffee dose!

The CIA quarters never allow anyone to know anything about them. That’s why they did not allow anyone to establish anything in their close quarters. Except Starbucks! Nobody is above a perfect coffee! They take extreme measure in checking the background of the Starbucks workers, though!

7. Let me study the menu in the time of having 2, 3, 4,…. Coffees!

Starbucks coffee

What’s your favorite coffee at Starbucks? Wait wait! Let me give you the menu first. Then you can select from the 87,000 combinations! Don’t you get astonished buddies! It’s damn true. Ok… maybe its safe to say that we better stick to our regular favorite!
Source: themost10.com, image: tumblr

8. Push your stomach’s limits!

starbucks trenta coffee

How much coffee can your stomach take? Ok, let’s put it this way. What is the storage capacity of your stomach? Yayyy! I know the answer!!! It is slightly less than the amount of coffee your ‘Trenta’ (the largest cup size of Starbucks) can store! But, since it contains our favorite coffee, we are gonna push our limits, aren’t we?
Source: themost10.com, image: flickr

9. 155 swimming pools of milk!

With the amount of milk used in Starbucks yearly, we can fill 155 swimming pools that can be used in Olympics!
Source: themost10.com

10. No coffee in Starbucks…only beans!

starbucks coffee beans

When Starbucks was under the initial management, they had only sold coffee beans. Which means that if we went into Starbucks then, we would be given no coffee!! Isn’t it too awful to imagine?
Source: Wikipedia, image: flickr

11. Employee care is as good as their coffee!

Starbucks takes good care of their employees and it spends more money on their health insurances than it does on coffee beans.
Source: Wikipedia

12. Beer coffee!

starbucks coffee testing

Starbucks is currently testing a new flavor, which would taste like beer. But the thing is that the beverage doesn’t contain any alcohol. They use different ingredients to give it the taste of beer!
Source: Wikipedia, image: flickr

13. Same sex marriages? We support you!

Starbucks is one of the few companies, who supported same-sex marriages! We already somehow got the impression that the Starbucks has a good heart. Of course, it has to! It’s serving coffee after all! What could be better than that??
Source: Wikipedia

14. Profit is as large as China wall’s length!

We thought that the United States would be the largest customer of a coffee shop, but Starbucks makes most of its profit from China!
Source: Wikipedia

15. ‘Cost’fee!

The costliest beverage ever made by Starbucks is of $83.75.
Source: buzzist.com

16. Secret agent Starbucks!

starbucks seattle

Starbucks established an outlet in Seattle, where there would be nothing related to the original company. They mostly test their new flavors there. Maybe we can name it as ‘Coffee shop #007!!’.
Source: buzzist.com

17. Stronger than 5 bulls!

The amount of caffeine in ‘Venti’ (a variety of coffee at Starbucks) equals to the amount of caffeine, 5 red bull cans contain!
Source: buzzist.com

18. More visits than Church!

In a survey, it has been found that the most loyal customers of Starbucks visit it for at least 16 times a month! That’s more than a person visits church per month and who can blame them? The life elixir is sold in their outlets!
Source: buzzist.com

19. Come to Starbucks and let go of your loneliness!


If you observe, the Starbucks environment makes you feel that you are not lonely!!!
Source: buzzist.com, image: flickr

20. April fool!!!

In 1996, it was telecasted that Starbucks was going to make a pipeline from Seattle to East coast that would cost the company, a billion dollars. Everyone would have got astonished if the piece of news was not released on April 1st!! It was so obviously a prank!
Source: buzzist.com