13 Interesting Facts About Stegosaurus

If not the name, what people mostly remember about Stegosaurus is three things: First, the size of its brain. Second, the bones on its back and third that it looks really cool as a plastic model for kids! Here are some more facts that will make the already cool Stegosaurus seem cooler!

Artist's reconstruction of a Stegosaurus that has just hit a Cer

1. Most Famous


Stegosaurus is the most famous from the group called “Stegosauria”. They are herbivore and often have plates along their back and tail.
Source: sciencekids.co.nz, Image: wikipedia

2. Name

The word “stegosaurus” comes from Greek words which means “roof lizard”.
Source: wikipedia

3. The Size of It

stegosaurus (4)

Stegosaurus were heavily built. They were almost 30 feet in length and 14 feet in height. Despite having a heavy body, they had a brain the size of a dog’s.
Source: sciencekids.co.nz

4. Plates

stegosaurus (2)

The plates along the back of the dinosaurs are due to raised skin and are not attached to the skeleton!
Source: wikipedia

5. Inspired Godzilla

godzilla movie

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Iguanodon and Stegosaurus inspired the look for Godzilla.
Source: nz.dinosaurusfacts.com

6. State Dino?


It does sound weird but the US state of Colorado has named Stegosaurus as its State Dinosaurs.
Source: dinofacts.about.com

7. That’s Funny

stegosaurus (3)

Some paleontologists believed that Stegosaurus has its brain in its butt. This is because they found some grey matter in its hip region but of course, this theory was proved wrong later on.
Source: about.com

8. Thagomizer


Its tail has been given its name based on a cartoon show called “Far Side”, when few cavemen say, “Now this end is called the thagomizer…after the late Thag Simmons.” The word “thagomizer” has been used by paleontologists ever since.
Source: about.com, Image: wikipedia

9. Rocks, Yummy!

stomach stones

The Stegosaurus swallowed rocks intentionally as a part of his diet. The rocks helped it to churn the huge amount of food in the stomach. Was it because of the dog-sized brain or …? It remains a mystery.
Source: about.com, Image: wikipedia

10. Cheeky Affair

stego skull

The Stegosaurus were one of the firsts to develop cheeks. The cheeks helped them to chew properly before swallowing and also increased the amount of food it could keep in mouth. It sure is a boon for a heavy weighted animal like this one.
Source: about.com, Image: wikipedia

11. Asians Mostly

The fossils of Stegosaurus have been found in North America mostly, but still, a larger part of Stegosaurus hailed from Asian countries.
Source: about.com

12. The Gait

stegosaurus (1)

The front legs of Stegosaurus were shorter than the legs behind, thus, making it not much of a speedy creature.
Source: wikipedia

13. Not Much of a Biter

godzilla vegetables

Being a herbivore, Stegosaurus had a smaller set of teeth as compared to its fellows. It wasn’t much of a chomper but still managed to get to smaller branches.
Source: dinofacts.com