16 Interesting Facts About Subway


The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they come across subway is not the underground path that’s used for pedestrians but the yummy sandwiches which have become a part of our daily routine. But how much do we know about our favorite sandwich provider? Let’s check out some facts about the restaurant that’s focusing not only on our taste buds but also our cholesterol levels (to decrease them of course). Here are some fun & interesting facts about Subway-


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1. Pocket money ideas? Well, how about building a restaurant chain?

Fred-DeLuca founder subway

Coming to the first and foremost thing of anything, establishing… You would be astonished if you came to know who had started subway. It was a 17-year-old teenager, Fred DeLuca. Do you know why he did it? To pay off his tuition fee!! Wow!!
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2. 35 football grounds of lettuce!!!

Do you know how much lettuce is used by subway for its sandwiches? It’s 16 acres per year! Clueless, isn’t it? How about we say it in this way? Subway uses 35 football grounds space of lettuce per year to cook their sandwiches.
Source: businessinsider.in

3. Health precedes taste!

subway sandwiches

Can this really happen (apart from our New Year resolutions!)!!! Yes, it could, and it did! Who do you think has the largest number of the restaurant franchise in the world? This, you probably got wrong buddies! It’s not McDonald’s! It’s Subway.
Source: businessinsider.in, image: giphy.com

4. Who picked these olives???

In the subway, they use only handpicked olives to cook their item… now that is a lot of work we are eating away!
Source: businessinsider.in

5. ‘Come on diet chart, you can do it!’ Subway supports you.

Unlike most of the restaurants, who mostly give preference to satisfy your taste buds, subway prefers meeting your diet chart. Hmm… somebody has to do the right thing after all!
Source: dailyworldfacts.com

6. Pete’s super submarines

petes subway

This is not the name of a submarine selling company, dudes! It was the name of our Subway restaurants in the initial stages.
Source: encyclopedia.com, image: subway.com

7. Call it irony, but the name doesn’t mind!

The present owner of the Subway restaurants chain is Doctor’s Associates Inc. the irony in this is that the healthy recipes of subway keep doctors away from the customers.
Source: fastfoodchoice.com


8. Customization-world is revolving around it!

Like many restaurant franchises across the world, Subway also offers different menus in the various countries. The menu depends on the local tastes.
Source: fastfoodchoice.com

9. Weight loss treatment at subway-specialist is its sandwich!


There is a person called Jared Fogle who lost the drastic amount of weight and completely transformed himself just by following Subway diet! That’s inspiring. Taste and weight loss in one package. Hmm… time to give this a serious thought!
Source: fastfoodchoice.com, image: usatoday.com

10. See what you have done mister! And be proud of it!

The employee who designed the first logo of Subway still works at one of its outlets.
Source: fastfoodchoice.com

11. Yummy and glutton free!!

‘Glutton-free.’ I know what came to your mind when you hear this word, folks! ‘Depression.’ Right? But if we go to Subway outlets in Washington State, we get glutton-free sandwiches, which are tasty too! Okay! But, is it possible to write the words, ‘glutton-free’ and ‘tasty’ in the same sentence? Yepp!
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12. The credit goes to subway!

jared ad for subway

Remember Jared (clue guys…he is the one in the 9th fact ;))? He just thought that he should give a tribute to subway for his weight loss. Hence he advertised for the Subway. Talk about gratitude!
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13. If you want a full menu, be prepared to faint!

If you go to a Subway outlet and ask them to show them their entire menu, you would just faint away. Because they have over 37 million options to choose from buddies!! Can you believe it? Maybe we would just get confused and ask them to bring a PB and J!
Source: huffingtonpost.com

14. Jason Biggs! The sandwich guy!

Jason Biggs. Yah yah. I know what you would be thinking now. He is the ‘American Pie’ actor. But before getting the big chance, Jason was a ‘subway sandwich artist.’
Source: huffingtonpost.com

15. Wrap the earth up!

If we just start wrapping our planet earth with the sandwiches that subway sells per year, we could go on around the Earth for about 14 times. Now, that would be healthy too. What say, folks ;)?
Source: thelistlove.com

16. Even God is fond of subway sandwiches!


There is a Subway outlet in a church! The outlets also cover a Laundromat and a car dealership. Who blames anyone? Everybody needs taste (and a bit of health too)!
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