19 Interesting Facts About Taylor Swift


A beautiful, inspiring and hugely talented singer and songwriter,Taylor Swift has earned lot of fame in few years of her career. Started at a young age, this singer and performer has shown wide range in her singing and great maturity in her writings for which she has been appreciated and awarded. The more you know her, the more you fall for her. So here few interesting facts about Taylor Swift you should know to adore her.

Taylor Swift Apr 09

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1. Youngest artist to win a Grammy

Taylor Swift GrammyTaylor Swift is the youngest artist to win a prestigious award of Grammy at the age of 20 for her Album ‘Fearless’. To date she has 7 Grammy’s.
Source: phactual.com

2. Wrote her first song at the age of 12

taylor swift youngThis talented star, wrote her first song, ‘Lucky You’ at the age of 12. When a repairman taught her how to play few strings of a guitar, this inspired her to write a song.
Source: boomsbeat.com

3. Novelist at a young age

Taylor Swift Red Tour 5, 2013Not only she started singing and writing songs at early age, Taylor also wrote a 350 page novel at the age of 12 which has never been published. She surely knows her way with the words!
Source: thefactsite.com, image: wikimedia.org

4. Taylor fears…

YouTube Presents Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has few fears to her list which includes snakes and spiders which terrify her. Also she fears death and not ending up happy. So she isn’t too different than many of us!
Source: taylorswift.com, image: wikimedia.org

5. Taylor is kind of blind

Taylor GlassesTaylor Swift supposedly has very bad eyesight which is like nearly blind and she wears big chunky glasses when not using contacts.
Source: tasteofcountry.com, image: youtube

6. She is terrified of tattoos

Well most super stars love having ink on them; this country girl is terrified of the idea of getting a tattoo. She says that she cannot commit to any one symbol or saying for the rest of her life.
Source: boomsbeat.com

7. Instrument queen

Taylor Swift guitarTaylor Swift not just writes and sings well but is very good with instruments. She can play Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Electric Guitar and Banjo.
Source: thefactsite.com, image: flickr

8. For her first job, she did bugs examinations

Well long before she ruled the world, this singer participated in family business during holidays and used to check all Christmas trees for bugs. That surely is an interesting first job!
Source: phactual.com

9. About Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The pop star who is known to write about her Ex admits in a recent interview that three songs in 1989 are about Harry Styles namely “I Wish You Would,” “All You Had To Do Was Stay,” and the perfectly titled “Style.”
Source: buzzfeed.com, image: wikimedia.org

10. Only artist to have an album hit 1 million

Taylor Swift RedTaylor Swift is known to be the only artist in the music history to have an album hit 1 million 1st week sales figure three times. Her 3 albums to have that are Speak Now(2010), Red (2012), 1989 (2014).
Source: taylorswiftplanet.com, image: wikimedia.org


11. Taylor Grandmother was an Opera Singer

Marjorie FinlaySo we gathered that the singing runs in Taylor’s blood. Her grandmother on her Mom’s side, Marjorie Finlay, was an accomplished opera singer and apparently, Taylor looks a lot like her.
Source: therowdy.com

12. First host to write her own monologue at SNL

The famous show ‘Saturday Night Live’ generally have writers to take care of celebrity’s host monologue, but Taylor was the first one to come up with her own song called ‘My Monologue Song’.
Source: tasteofcountry.com

13. Obsessed with Disney

Swift outside Letterman studioThe beautiful singer admits that she is obsessed with everything Disney and follows the Disney legacy.
Source: taylorswift.com, image: wikimedia.org

14. Won a Poetry Award

Taylor Swift GMA 2, 2012At the age of 10, Taylor Swift won a national poetry award for a poem she wrote, named “Monster in My Closet”.
Source: news.moviefone.com, image: wikimedia.org

15. Records and Awards

Taylor Swift 2012In the year 2009, Taylor Swift broke a country music world record by selling more digital downloads than any other country artist which was selling more than 20 million hits.
Source: thefactsite.com, image: wikimedia.org

16. Rich celebrity stuff

Tyalor Swift mansion rhode island

As connected as she can get to her fans, this star surely has rich celebrity stuff to flaunt. She owns an 8-bedroom summer house in coastal Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Also she owns a Dassault Falcon 900 private jet- and an airport hangar at Nashville International Airport.
Source: thefactsite.com, image:  trending.report

17. The Big Help Award by Michelle Obama

Taylor Swift By David ShankboneIn the year 2012, the first lady, Michelle Obama presented the Big Help Award to Taylor for her dedication to helping others and inspiring others through actions. Way to go Swift!
Source: telegraph.co.uk, image: wikimedia.org

18. Her Dad is her Best Friend

Taylor Scott SwiftThe adorable Taylor once said that she and her dad are very similar. They both love English language and read the same books. She considers her dad as her best friend. How many of you are saying, Awwww?
Source: taylorswiftplanet.com, image:  starcasm.net

19. Obsessed by iPhone cases

Custom CaseTaylor is known to be obsessed with iPhone cases especially the vintage ones. She loves the handmade ones available on Etsy.
Source: taylorswiftplanet.com, image: asset.zcache.com.au